#ParentingForReal: Mega-Tantrum Edition

Wednesday, March 29th

Did your child FREAK because you gave them the wrong color plate? Then these stories are for you. 


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Star in 941. There was a period of time. Wayne I did have a lot of conversations we've chant while she was in the car. With her daughter Lauren. Who is the most beautiful. Adorable. Sweet. Shy. Quiet little critter on the plan. But I swear to god they are sometimes I was on the phone which can I say I I asked her to look at their review Amir. To make sure there wasn't something in the backseat and biting her. Good god knows she just and delicate and Gingrich and what is going to run I'm like. Agent in this and hit a few minutes to sit down tomorrow with Tony we're gonna talk about in the background. It ignoring. I think it's much and what's going and she's. It's just a mega melt but why he pulled Colbert right. Off and you're she's just mad because they couldn't find her bloop and yeah. But when you talk about tradition geez she's coloring with a red and as a blue when was gone we had to get out about it. Yeah it and it's about the simple list smallest things and parents of toddlers totally. New and give them on color late. And you are in port. I YouTube's ad went and shared Malcolm Geeknews. Her up. Or sit recount was the pink wine. By way in Miami gives the company has to be the green daddy you're paying one Miami gives it away when the other day. About her imaginary friends. Oh a couple of all she wanted her all to have dinner with her was also all plate. If at all. And she flipped out and it got back at me because it's a didn't have real milk and so if they like pretending to pour milk and two. Adults up and should not that there. That girl. In my life and needs why. Back. So we thought that sag parenting for real. Is beautiful perfect. Pictures you see in your face the news feed them all of the kids looking. Perfectly equal off in all the southern families with their smock perfect dresses with those stains on amendments. In a little boys in the romp Ers and the whole thing go minister's comment because those pictures are about to fill up right yearnings made those are not real. He sued a little poison in their church suits that is not parenting that is not parenting for real I think this the other day ago if I see a little boy. In in his church suit. Or a little girl wrestler. Princess Diana princess I might just give my while here's nylon like I need is gonna target by you every so cute. Not real life until you go to these drag on. I think at. Written off from all yeah. Carry out welcome to the show in tequila. And listening. I know. My daughter threw an arm that because she did you look like she belly Friday shoots a clear about. OK or not what the deal looked like. But before you guys see went to the zoo once before our. In the lead and we never got my mom had gotten a check that I take you today but look down on Friday that was okay thank you. I. Can't even get to go to our op practice because they were just tears. Yeah. I love that I'm saying that they seem staying in the parking lot. News. Mall of Georgia winning around Christmas when I forget where did you do about it rodeo yesterday when they ran out of your flavor if nothing. Fifth with a and Cristina and woods sat. Learning how shall I. I she reached three at a time where Kroger and I haven't changed curse filled with like 110 and she wished. Breaking up our timber interpublic and she can hold a brighter shirt and I don't know pray gash that changed course on the ground and the Kenny why it's freeware. And I was there to check out crowd here and I told them cash at that aren't gonna have to clean it I against you right now and I walked out of storage. Until show gadget you know how annoying it is. We got an easy as Madrid and. That it has. Every right there is something annoying about picking up a penny a problem but she changed. At least that to Japan and Nickels and dimes and quarters. There amount in. Its work you can at least get a badly it's easy ruffles in the vending machine yet. It pennies on the grounds like trying to pick up a unit gel right. And what. This would be a tough when she was it Covington mall and security intervened on all I call. Hey it's it'd ban along their shopping. I'm not I toddlers ran a double stroller. My daughter decides that she has had email out and starts. Leaning. And why screaming back. Trying to get out of her. Scholar at the scene terrible and just. Backing couldn't even hold it down other marine block out. We go to car. And heard that and trying to pull her while I'm holding her in our. And then there. And it's basically over there. At this point it's a legal kidnapping but it looks like you're trying to reference to the front. Yes and her brother saying mommy can you please make first of all of a meltdown. Journey turns up and then there's the problem that and I like. Yeah they're the rock. You. Get a little bit of time in a while you anybody want extra. I am happy to get. A letter that he could bring back in the car. This event I actually no good luck this. The security started cockpit and Obama and gone to. Food court and drink. Trying to get them and that RC AR arching their back and throwing that it is nearly impossible that it's super human strength. It worst than trying to force it into about. You cannot. What ball are you at all. Actually we lived in Southern California and angering large mall in how I can question of I was gonna say that's where you live in Covington now because he would get away from. Absolutely. All right we're gonna come back here in in three minutes we're gonna get some more calls rumbled for a fourteens X 309 point one. We're gonna come back we're gonna talk to Tammy. Who that a four year old slap a stranger alone well. Oh. She still.