#ParentingForReal: Keeping Secrets

Wednesday, January 10th

If you recognize the phrase "Shh, don't tell your mother about this..." Then this is perfect for you.


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now. Parents you know you're land near alliance really sad yeah again. I noted there are lies that I share with my kids that we don't tell us and and I am certain that there are. Things that they share real secrets that they share that they don't tell me. And there's one that I have that is going to be a little bit easier with coming out of town this I'm candy can I noticed that keeps it secret quite as much. So this is a little arrangement the you have there's there's a binds. Based in a lie between you and your cheer on your for a world. That your husband has no right mind about screen time. OK if you can give Jen some comfort in numbers 404263094. Wine and tell if I'm asked this page and you're looking for parents. Who have little alliances with the kids. To either her. Keep something from their significant other young or the kids are allowed to do something with one parent. But the other parent doesn't allow it. You wanna know about those alliances exactly is it going to be so lonely if the phone doesn't ring I'll get a face I have for a 1463. 0941. And while Jane tells us. When she keeps from her husband. So we've things there stickler about out yep and he is a stickler about screen time. He doesn't like them watching a lot of television and he doesn't like our kids. Being on no YouTube kids to latch or an I pattern whenever there's too young to have their own devices so we monitor how much time that there are a lot of tax. And he's very very very strict about. So he has a ruled that. You gates. Twenty men and Sweeney finisher assures end when he minister for bad and that's it in Delhi a lot for oh ribbon because that's that's can how he sets the parameters. That's how he rolls like a camp yeah they can only have at certain times of the day and very very limited. To where they're not even getting to wash like the whole show. So I am less strict about holding. I get I am blow whistle on this why and so is his rule is fifteen minutes and they turn around a thirty minute show. He'll command fifteen minutes later and say all right. It's but do you find download exactly my cell I think it's okay to let them watch a most unlikely. A kid once and you're in the cartoon that I like try to watch it with them so I can you know we can be on the same page with my little pony in the Keating marks and you know so I know what she's talking now when she's playing with a mild unease. I'll like watch a whole show and I get it once you're invested in the sort of anyone know how that wraps up so. Right and you know did you know carry you really goes in depth. I and you know now kids watch on Netflix of one thing rolls and the next really easily aren't so before I can pick up on it if I'm not watching the show with her. Netflix a roll from one. Mild pony the next the next and act yep we have to kind of keep denying it. But I. Yet other things going man. I'm cooking dinner what am I just not as strict about it like it's there and your show I let him watch up and finish up the challenge house when the show's over we'll move wanted. He's a Collison turned enough that they're not. For freaking out and pitching fits because they're missing and have story. But of course they have your husband comes down rank him Solomon says hey how much TV very watched today well he won't ask it like that I just make sure to turn off of fortieth time. So that's. Comes sang it well I. Well and our whole seek. I had the good news is Jan we do have some phone lines lit up for a Ford T 63094. Line. And you little alliances between kids and 11 parent that you just don't share with the other parent I hate and welcome to the shallow. And I I know one of my children L that night great boat semester. I never found out we had a whole thing of course old and are they're following year in Europe today. That it publicly. How dill. Know how long ago isn't. I don't. Guess that is unbelievable 'cause he was lost is not right. Say you're trying to protect her from the wrath of dad. And just. Push her to get your summer school with that. That's so alive now I don't know how long ago that was that at some point do you think dad to be proud that. That night she doubled down. Haitian flags ninth grade she doubles down over the summer you do it. Okay it's held up agony as mine and a meal like lately I hope. Oh yeah ME Zandt holes summer they lie aid yet when he's like hey you know what I'm gonna take two weeks of vacation. I think we should rent a house down in you know. Near Savannah rate on the water. There like no we either stay here I think we believe in week. I have to lie I had threes say in Marietta. Any aid so what. Glad thing. I'm. Like one half year old no not supposed to have got to her father. Feed her only nutritious organic everything you know look at all he can come and he's not around and has she called our but he preferred caddie. So when he's not around she knows that's not legal out she gets to go up but don't tell a lot about. A and I OK and see it that is the lie I think he tells me is I'm a stickler about sugar and I'm kind of like her husband I'm Mike. China B all organic everything get the veggies and sneak in the vegetables and all all that stuff and I think he will let them just. Go to town on cupcakes. It I whereas I would be like if you only have one can miniature one because he's got a three to themselves. Oh my god Jeter's ransacking an actor shall slipped everyone's while Billy how was the thing you guys went to and she'll come home and say like oh well I got skip. All on the way to hair and then I got a cupcake and then at the party they had me at them like. You had all that time I'm. Raza really good Gary green drive during the they have four O Schwartz he's 630941. Comfort in numbers. Jan once and know what little white lies. You have an alliance leader timeless. And CN HL all star. For parents or Sharon secret to their kids that they don't tell the other parent I can best minds all about screen time. But I am shocked by Tony easily confession Tony incoming welcome to the death contention out there. A you are putting your child's life in danger error Janet zero. Cell upset about this when when he got. So. No one ever gotten this sport coat my studio. I'm I'm as the attitude in part in a lot. And thought they meet on that boat on the net and that night the eminent they remember it is a Colombian. I. Say remember and and his response is don't tell how many. Yes sir come on January Norah ball are you got a sports car. And so we'll go to about a couple like what kind of empty lots where do you guys go. Usually eight on this them back. You know there are there like you are due out early in the morning. The site it and go out and so. An empty street Hollywood area and where he knows that his wife Formby shopping refuge if I hung out. At and that. And I loaded up and done. I am very that is requested to your daddy jury did donuts and remembered downtown Honolulu in Athens. Thanks sunny. It's Chris and that lands these conspiring with his kids. To keep mom healthy. Good morning I'm pileup or my nine year old daughter and I love the low. And I like eight bit cheap little repudiated so when I make it look I can't even keep up there I'm Bret in her. Eight. I get to audit its eat but my daughter and I just cracked up every and make it. I. Sushi your wife's things that you may meatloaf for you. And your daughter and hamburger hurt. Yet he says it enters you do it delicious. And it's got to xanax. I see it didn't. Shoot I. Hurt my little secret well. It's awesome thing Bieber sang it that's high premium you turn. Good morning when I can act close shopping I actually. Read our with me. And we will actually lead in the car and you know not to tell badly let shocked are you eat now. I'll have her bag and how entered added that it can't ignore she Greg how. Look like not her arraignment out your lawyer. Tough talk. No. Idea yeah. It's like until it to lowering your four year old walking upstairs and Victoria's Secret I have to ask you can get a they are you can hide anything in the target bag. All local folks yeah the conversation continues league championship on things look.