#ParentingForReal: Jeff Asks Jenn a Question

Friday, May 27th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Jobs saw people want jenkins' day here a week or two ago we have a picture. Her youngest daughter's stomach contents could help you. All over the lovely shirt and was and he said I'm gonna post this on line after this year today and we use the hash tag. Parenting for real. And. Everybody I expect. All post the most pictures of our kids something you spoken out into sicker haven't it's like everything is wonderful guests lack. Parents you know that's not what's it like that light you know that you searched through a hundred pictures have. You know you can stick their tongue out of our. You know have been a bit or whatever else and he posted the most perfect one all we know that that's not for real that it's like. BS. And not that your. That's that's filtered it's it's it's show business and people are showing the best eyes of their life. It's why the whole world has fall homo because we've all blows that's perfect moment to highlight the guest Latin. Like the perfect and the iron perfect parts are what make life really funny and so I was acute and let's pose hash tag parenting for real and that the real slice of what it is really like the Yankees you know pullen anybody with that per. It picture. So. This year because that picture and then everybody starts responding. Wave and I'm with like these these stories of kids either having a meltdown army can master destroying something. Obviously did you have any C have their branch who comes on starring 41 after us posted a video that someone posted. Documenting their journey. To give their child. Breakfast. Fifth sixth. Thinking I out I have no idea if it dated as it is a visual. Hands. Apparently I guess I gestured and from watching the video toddlers are changed their mind a lot. A lot you never know where exactly. You're going I mean from 12 to the next they can go from being the in the best mid ever to the worsening whatever the literally able flip on you on it. The video we're talking about is a it's a woman making a piece of toast for her toddler child we never see that child. We just see what happens to the toes. As the child progresses through breakfast so start out is. One piece of toast and a blue plate and it's a piece of those I'm. Yellow plate. Oh yes colors the plates and cups very important seriously ES. We have a debate we have to ask every time. Okay do you want in San Diego covers city and the absence of a decline in this country this. And she gets to decide about plus Matt meltdown. How about this. You wanna live in this house than you use this good luck and so wait till you children that we blatantly threw all of the the NC. Nimbly struggled late colors yeah and the pieces has and it's got a little bit about that has got more about a year. And that's got a lot more about it. Bennett's got no butter. Because the case changed their mind that it's cutting do you have that it can and quarters that's and to triangles then it's active and it's separate federal bench and and none and that's how the whole video. Hash tag parent inferring a hash tag parenting Korea and here's where I wanted to know if I came away and soundness hash tag parent and for real. Because. Parents develop I think. Different skills that none children's. Caves. So I think Jen for example you have a scale okay that allows you. To be fully engaged. Mean it. I. Mean conversation conversation phone. No matter what noise is coming from the car seats. In the backseat. Well. You can do is drag. Right but but but parents seem to have this ability to keep on talking. About the psychology and yesterday. It teller at you know put an old radio Fran you had them. Good idea. For the Japanese yen and Heath and I think you should try this and I I heard the incidents and you gotta tell Jan this she's so good at and it. Color. Screen accurate conversations and they. Again. I. And it just gonna let you know. I don't look at. I would OK so. I had forgot why I was home. You and sad about that range it's as. Yeah which were anything anything anyway Mike into usually. Yeah you know what I'm. Why don't we I'm. When elites and when we talk again when your kids. Yeah. And then and then I'll talk paper and you think she had gone on in the bag they. She says I'm. Like hungry. And I hate to give up one and I have they ever. You're in the congress Tyson what do you what do you need to do is I mean right now I'm in the car and I just think she's unhappy with issues. Oh yes I sent out on issues. Animators user to tighter there are currently strong on the wrong color or whatever is wrong with it they got the phone now what am I allowed to do you have to parent and Perot 'cause I just wanted to get some compliments. You guys gave and by the end of day. I just wanted to it. I at a hey Ernie. Allen got screwed in the basement with every power tool I have. Running now you see why I have such a love line who I. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.