#ParentingForReal: Instant Karma

Thursday, December 7th

Jenn's daughter Lauren learned what instant karma was when she tried to show off. When did your kid learn about instant karma?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Everybody tries to be perfect. Especially this time of year. At all the perfect little pictures of kids in the Christmas cars and perfect low blows and their hair in a perfect little fun you know and little kids with says. Jackie sign. Shark buried there is the best Christmas tires would be the one that should still without the outtakes before you get perfect wind Yang and the presence and all the little boys and their loafers and their votes guy that just look at all perfect all the time is now on their knows there's. Life food dipping down their chin but this was real that is real life and we celebrate parenting are real stories here on the Japanese and show. I've got one for you guys about karma. And I would love your stories to our numbers for a 42630941. If you wanna share how your kid to. Learned about harm at your cabin and instantly something else happened that taught them about karma and tankers. You're your god your older daughter got to experience and instant karma the other and so of course anytime you go to the grocery store during the season there's the Salvation Army. Volunteers out there bring in their little jingle jingle jingle jingle bell and get up there but red bucket. And so wanna teach the girls about giving them whatever so we're walking into the grocery store. I was explaining to her what it was solid and doesn't only come out lol I'm haves and changeable give it to the Salvation Army. Had explained her a little bit about charm she was like army does that mean handguns edges bear little confused there. But was that we talked about it and we talked about giving back and how it helps people in need and so we too are shouting come out she put some money in little bucket. Cool very proud of herself up as well giving thanks. And they give her a became. Nice one and a little ones and so. She's in the I put her back and cart's leadership cart and we are. Going back to the car in the parking lot. And we happened to be walking next to another family so as a mom and a couple of kids and mine as a teen and her hand and she goes. I had a kid became not edit and and I got to candy cane. And I was like oh like before I could even tell her like he'll show off about like that was a nice little spoke in its Beisel thing. But she is clearly showing off to the other kids shoes taunting the other Jonas commenting the other children that she got a can't can't. We're joined for 12. Did you think it that makes you look like an awful parent because one tiny candy cane. Is such a tree up throwing hard and I've prayed describe them of sugars semis rice not thrilled about it right well she just just do an allocated Tami she's bored she does it only known not to do that I can get it can against. And I was going oh no no honey you like about six or early and we don't selloff we don't do that that's not a kind thing to do. We practiced kindness all of these things are about to come out of my mouth. When McCain became a full lips out of the little plastic wrapper and smashes. Her all over the grounds. Perfect she wasn't all. And crying and could not understand why would not take a backseat and another one. I don't know man I was that we spent the entire afternoon like. As explaining that you know this is why you don't do value to show off and that I mean that's what happens you know. If he show like that you can drop it and then no we don't get another one you know that was just a token for your kindness so. And there we go through the whole lesson. And the good news is is that she got it. Because the next time we went back to interviews are a couple days later she wanted to put some money in the thing a giver can McCain says. Mommy. Instant karma right there did you explain is it a zero after the first time you donate. For today here you may have to pretend to put money in the next times. To have one. You don't do that. Now. Don't eat and don't eat your that you have to be joking but aren't thinking any team that Ernie don't. You have to do is every time. Cash. But the first time was a semifinal since. Have you gently can do now. Well this isn't about me it's your kids learn about karma. How we wanna hear the lessen its hash tag parenting for real for a 42630941. And she I'll star. For orange. As parenting over the only one I know when New York kiddo learned about karma instant karma for a short she's 6309 for a line. I James oldest daughter Ernie candy cane. I have made it alone donation ended Salvation Army cattle. We got rewarded or McKinney came and she was Conning some other kids were there and try to narrow down broken him a fifth set I can't change. I get a gaming gaming and an extra. Anomaly I don't. Yeah I'll the last unions and you can put Vienna says no I didn't move and seeing karma says Tokyo. As I don't have kids eternity in Woodstock welcomed them. Eight. I'd have a boy ironic area where it boldly really looking into grade I found out about it I can call. My hero you know my hope. Enjoying it and you know I do not happy how I get on it. I had a look at I get a few mixed if you look I don't know how much are you happy how I think it's around again and tell. A lot of ground. These are guys who dreams. I don't. Need it yeah. I think attorney I'm just curious why you what why you only about one of it's it's nice. Now I have at my umbrella. I think it is believed that BA. Rewards for bad behavior has been the studio. At Geico thanks bags or because you have hash tag parenting my own. I yeah we and he did it conversation damp basement how would you phrase it when Goodyear. When your child learn a lesson about instant karma he had just karma I mean. It was difficult to explain but I think it's Ed the example is like either one of those they get it. And I face for attack comic Jeff engine ship. 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