#ParentingForReal: The Back-To-School Edition

Wednesday, August 9th

Parents confess how great it is to have the kids back in school. 

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Thanks for making this wedge to the Jesse James got one star not before one and. Yeah. There are real. We want to hear from you why isn't happy that they are back in school. I am burning ring of fame tell us why you're happy ending she and that we is fresh tank of parenting for self. I'm happy and I can't imagine dogs though does not eat everything is in my mouth. Maria oh yeah. Is so sure amber do you ever Selig as soon as you're done with breakfast then they're ready for lunch and as soon as you don't want lunch they're ready for a snag in it's easy though is that they're ready for dinner like paying us. Paperwork that it martyr Al. My I'm so with ill and so at the on they are either grow little humans they need dollar and nutrition. It's a constant battle. For a full speed of the next 404263. Phone nine at 41 is our phone number I hash tag parenting for rail which. Exposes the real side of being a mom or dad. You scroll through your face at beating NC Graham and it's always perfect pictures. That's perfect children looking just so delicate and quite often smiling and happy. Really sick and filter off of it you know talk about the tantrums Somalia really happy that they're back in school this specific question is. Why are you happy they are backed out of your house Adam and it Madonna has a similar comment Amber's annum. Well I'd heard Sri bill has been good in it yeah. Whom I think the real. That is so that your little is now the schools get a pick up the line agents Mac snow is someday yeah perfect 40426. 94 lines if you wanna be brave and it made us why you're so happy kids are back and Colmes I only. We'll segment we golf cash today guaranteeing victory over the jet engine giant external influence. She I'll star. Don't even try to pretend that your life has apparently is perfect ten. Her big stories passion and parenting for real Britney and Douglas ell look into the John Jenkins and Jack. Okay. A hi Eric. Yeah yeah. You just want and that you've just been counting down the days of summer. So you can take and Matt. Exactly yeah. Yeah. Aren't out each. Hash tag your parents saying it for real. In an area. Why did it now. Old. Did what I am so tired egg each looks. All. Like marred its. Low iron. No more Avon and I am sick of saying it. No you can't watch that is limiting screen time is a constant battle it's a constant argument and I have a four girls says she wants to watch. And I imagine with older kids what's it's like. It's constantly and MySpace I. Have your current to have your eye and I have the TV on to and I can I get no no no no no I'm just sick of saying no also. That's why you sign up for when you become apparent you sign up to be a really good. Housekeeper and clean up after other people's messes and you sign him to say no for years over and over and over and over again. How about this when you sir saying yes to the screen time than they won't move around so much making a map making such a mess and then of these zombies. And whenever. And then they when they turn eighteen you sent off for the world love great Jamie Alpharetta what's up. I'm happy that they are actually look at let's immigration is still are without spending AAA Internet and. Because they're calling everything off the child I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this. And Jamie they wanna open every single box that you played in the cart before you ever leave the stork. I didn't know yeah yeah yeah. They need to manage Khartoum where the kids sit in the front of the car but it somehow they'd keep their hands universal shackles that gloomy we're shekels. The print hands and you falter here and they dancing rabbit thing. I mean Canadian women. I can eat bread eat better and a week marred. I think there. This data in some cash it's right there it's a hall. All coming back to money in the pocket and so it's true they leave and homer what's out. Made by house as early quiet my daughter left and went to college. Yeah. He's he's. I'm anti Syrian Stockbridge. Okay I'm glad that they can add up the computer you. Yes finally back to the books back to the classroom. Ash tag parents king a for real. It. If you wanna continue this conversation we'd always do this on FaceBook yes face Jeff and Jen says if you go. That's your comments photos. All the reasons why you're glad that there yeah backing still. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.