#ParentingForReal: The Baby Jesus Edition

Tuesday, December 19th

Some kids just don't know how to leave the nativity scene alone

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell ol' ball. We're on our parents saying give me a challenge on regular days I'm. On the holidays that the parenting channel challenge is real real fights the struggle Israel's. Especially when it comes to your nativity scenes co parent so us. I want you to confess your stories you just have to end it with hash tag parenting for real 40 Ford C 630941. Ounce honey what happened our baby Jesus I don't pick us off Smith from. Well I think he'll give them Marietta neighbor who's gonna take jobs somebody at church actually called the facts on her. All well and I mean is I just in Iran Holbrooke went out tell you. About a huge mistake that I've made in the past 24 hours. You know the cookie competition. Is been going on here at the radio stations are brought in my delicious homemade from scratch go to Eads and nobody accused Jeff of buying them from the storm. And I don't believe you can Bache and so Kelly. Was in charge of presentation. And started a tournament a chart report I'm a human and an amendment Needham on a plate they don't look good. So she put a man has. Gold platter which is make sure you bring it home. I can't find it. A part of a sect. So you word is the one who won it it's BP's interest worthy yup. And then you left the plate behind I do I don't know I had in my hand yesterday but I'm sewed it. Hell hath no fury like a woman. Who found out there man lost some double where is ready tomorrow wasn't Tupperware was a platter partisans that's fine. As part of a set a wedding guests platter no you know it's fun because of the sat here and travel. I headed in my hand and I was so proud of myself. We're gonna let your wife Kelly sorry hash tag marriage for real you know this guy got this latter instance I was her foot up your note you know we only chunky little. They were homemade yeah. Our nominee Kelly does not believe them. Kathy in Marietta. Hash tag parenting for real. I. When my dire wedged mall. All eight yards and trafficking got to. Picture communion I had to bring her late night Michael R&R spec sheet. Kiely altar steps to try to take the day he retired major. And yeah oh yeah. Well then you Eddie cue that light street liked it right under by the collar holder back. And then she dropped to the ground it would spaghetti are likely not incur up screaming that she wanted to eat. And choose what we do you car spaghetti arms. But he trip like Eric Q gloomy economic popped out there are. Yes and so then I can track at blocking out and you still screaming and I was. You cannot park that rates didn't bat an athlete not to me that worked at church and she said you cannot yell at your trial bike back. I should. She did it and some are not yet like I believed that you don't bring your kids the crew stroke I like that but TD that children. You can get tight unit are they male. God. I tell us started to be okay how they're tired they're winding down get the baby Jesus that's all. And then he called the fact that oh they carried out how to get hurt now that not keep the church lady. This all happened and shutter panting for real gap out I can't think right act church which are doubters and Larry Chloe Chloe just wanted to hug the baby Jesus our audited and grab it out but maybe it. Maybe these aren't all do it happens a lot. Mean these actions. Borrow Ford G 6309. Shoreline hash tag parenting career all live baby Jesus addition. Because it tis the season. And they cannot leave the nativity sets alone here's the scene in my house little nativity that it's like. A plastic one of the camp breaks so it's at their level now allowed to look at a whenever well. I have four year old and a two year old and her two year old is also walking around with some sort of snack in her hand okay. And so she's also often trailed by the Dodd. Because the dog noses and she drops at the dog's gonna get a treat as our dog Carolina Henry's gonna go hand in hand run and around the house with each idea if this involves Carolina chewing and baby Jesus and does because. It comes a lightning speed. And that. She's got a cooking and the and she's got a baby she's isn't the other and there are she goes to run around the house of Madonna following her and she did not talk to cookies oh no sues old none of that entice you drop the baby Jesus that wish point guard dog picked it up. And I went. Diving forward to catch the baby Jesus of the dogs out. And that is the scene in my last check parenting for real. I mean I feel like making baby Jesus. And Hannibal piece of the nativity scene might be beneficial to your household. His junior program. Did you just say make an animal maybe dean of Jesus yeah oh it happens all the time you know people may allow Michael sausages and stuff that you can not even. Edible baby GI. Made that they do. I feel bad debt Dell ease them all kinds of yet had a little honest. There's all kinds of at a there's one made out of fruit cakes that I saw recently and it's hit and I nativity out a friend K and he uses energy aid of fully eight of baby Jesus says annually time is keep replaced lead actors are just you could gummy bear. As an all out on any bearing in there in they make the larger ones are peak pole on the as Iran's main and I. This I I Lou I'm the first one to may get Jesus chair that was raised Catholic I had a lot of rules. I'm okay like making jokes out again which you guys are tired about making gummy bear Jesus. And that is a hole that's a number of. On new competitive on it there out there that I had a little nativity scene tests every antique pearl what is your baby Jesus made out of out of I. Jordan and let's. They Jordanians and they Jordan welcome to hell I. 00. Go ahead and I have stayed current drill baby Jesus burden. I heard so my parent coming into anything interfering. And every time and my daughter everywhere. Maybe you get out of the crib in the nursery Terri remainder are. Little carried it around my head a little cheap and maybe you know out late in the crab that she big. The Rangers it's in the Manger not and I can't. All. You called it up and. Passionate parenting from. Kate Taylor Carter's now. IA. My children decided that they cared they were born or hide the baby you at least. Why am I but there. Called me and thanking you ask your children are can you let your children Albert they cannot buried maybe in the backyard. Kabul. Digging up all hold to bury them. On any need to be resurrected it. Now holds. Taylor you miss a terrific opportunity to let them bury Jesus and name I Annan Monday after Easter you go dig Jesus back company just leave a hole where I'm. We're a little tiny piece of fabric that has a little sketchy you design it. They just yeah. Historic day even everything out oh my mom looked like they can't do that. This went sideways I think. Yeah I think you are right. I'm with the Florida. Sure there. It gives you have the heart and it. Bless you and where calls have saved parenting drilled the baby Jesus they've been. I feel compelled to move on right I'm gonna be with the word once. All like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.