Monday, August 21st

When did your kid mortify you by repeating something you said in public?


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell ol' ball I switch gears here to a hash tag parenting for real and the stories talk about this earlier yeah. Even though. Is on the jet engines have because. Please scroll through your social media feed you with your face that's your answer and has always perfect pictures of kids. Every once in while you can snap that perfect moment you live isn't perfect this is not how life is so we can take the filter off of parenting. So real life stories. That are much more rock real and very funny so I've got one from this weekend and would love street at call and if you wanna share your parenting for real stories 4042630941. If your kids have ever parents should yield. Back to year. So it is like I'm public figure out after he said some things you're ending your kid dollars in out of the mess. On an opportune time since. And yes so they they take something that you have said to them leaving the ease of fact that you say it in public when you don't want them to look. Would love to you this story some about to tell myself. This happened this weekend an exciting 10 weeks little one Alaska's Reese has just started talking. Actually sunshine city and I'm excited to see where you are savvy and serious she's innocent kids and definitely coming from the four air and Smart and wise and thrown back at me. So I was very fresh ice I feel like I have to set myself vibes to tell myself. So Barry frustrated. With her why she's young super duper whiny and hang on yesterday morning and it was it was whining for everything was whining for breakfast and as whining after breakfast it was when he getting ready for church it was whiny. On what you wanted to bring to church it was what I was just not non. Mountains trying to get you know we trying to get ourselves ready and it's because of the so so when she does this is res can I follow suitors as recent promising Americans they all eyes look kind of like what's wrong Lawrence is solace and yeah. I pick up on each other energy. And so I was trying to get her in the car and she was whining about something else and I was just like. You have to step up. Whining I can't take it any mark. Thank S I. And I met everyone's mind Alice that hasn't handing her eyes and then Tim Curry out. And I just I can't take it anymore and you use your sweet voice. If you take away voice. Finally get on the currency we editors everything is fine so fast forward to a little bit later on in. In that church service senior trying to say and they say things in whispers. And I was trying to make sure that she stay quiet and that she was you know working on her coloring or whatever was. And she was asking me for a different color crane on. And I was like I was like this is. A who tied behind my whole bush to. Here's how different chemicals group I had green Kalla. Thought he got great hair and she was like money I can't take anymore columnist. It's quiet community church. And I aren't close yeah yeah and it extends. I need hurdle because I did yeah. Ehrlich that adds ads thrown it read back that may sound so that. One of those times or the rest of the church is kinda sell off thing 'cause they just look at her like oh OK look clearer in the balcony so it was then everybody. It'd just the other parents nearby and I think they definitely had a did get at my expense I remember so many times being and I grocery store just like hanging out when I was at a friend's house church again shopping was the most opportune time for us as kids. And we would just refer to say whenever mom and said yeah. Yes you look and I think. So that and the privacy of her own home and now he's more excited not a yeah yeah Sherri does abuzz our Floyd CC 30941. We'll take your attention for real calls Erica X. On the definition says stunning 41. Star in 941. Perfect parenting stuff is just crap. This is a fills her. Yeah not enough we'll share their real stories we tell it has sent parenting employer realizes told myself. That is again consultations. Until my daughter I didn't get any market with her whiny voice and then she threw it right back at. Me and certain she is her she didn't she need any color on and said mommy I can't. We're asking you those. Basically what can read. When did your kid repeat something that you said and totally mortified you and public Angela and Buford and joined the Jetsons and show hey. Hey good morning Brian actually I had thinker and I plan to mart and I anticipate seeking sector we want this guy in there he wouldn't get him. I'd that was this situation to start bringing out during a painter. And Wal-Mart security had to come and call me an air I had my I don't want him. Let that danger to this great program but they eat or walk. Since this child. Hurry out. Then and this club that its own hides aren't at that terrifies me. Berlin my kids say Ben class okay CNET in Atlanta's got one of these taking them. Actually what. How would I am not really why why her coworker to come home you are different. I don't want to pitch to add a huge amount are here. Well she went by her color so it's like I'm an hour I. Mean. I'm like that since it's. And then why can't I can't. And I definitely. Because I let it so struggle the last time I ever thought he. I take your portfolio. Hey mend CNET that is so funny that's a permanent mommy doesn't quite fit I'm Melanie and melts and you got one of these has checked parenting for reals. Absolutely. So my little girl just started kindergarten and up all week but forehand at its air to know. It on around. Him onto your girl that you could you picture a couple water to actually get into. So on Sunday when we're getting late and I am strategic. And her attitude kind of funny and you go to the party by yourself. At that you get it. Since the fact you're gonna get out. So she basically right back at your mommy know you could be a big girl. Everything John. Little girl. At bats and has sagged hinting burial awesome as always the conversation continues. On that face but you can always share your stories with us there when your kids are coming you said and then totally mortified EU in public campaign. All loan or share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.