Thursday, April 6th

For all those oh-so-sweet moments on media, there's about 20 messy ones. Those are the stories that we call #ParentingForReal


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. Typically when you see pictures of someone's kid it's them looking absolutely perfect it's perfect moment of raising children well guess that is not what parenting is all a tax code it is messy it is ugly and it is hilarious so we like to celebrate. What's real about parenting right here on the Jeff didn't show and we call it tag parenting for rails you all have the best stories. Jeff exact joke parenting for Rio without. I. In my main external and called police on his ten year old brother. It it would chairman popcorn. I know there are asking this is great hi what's your name. Again tonight Jessica and what's your sense name. Parent and our rights are harassing her dynamite column here and called the belly and I remind I only. And we didn't know until the belief in the door. So it added hairs and learn about 91 man adds cooler at home. I cold tackles they taught him all about it he's like I'm giddy because this isn't justice. Are. There would not so there aren't so did the police really like well what part of Tammy and gasket. Over the tonight at Georgia all right so did the cops. In scenario and knocking your door and go hi we have a report of stolen popcorn. As well he's big and just because they had do you read it. And they. There are likely that the check on them and they don't hairpin I you know I will let the circuit emergency calls. And maybe a totally convinced that that was an emergency. Oh my god are you lose you I don't know how long this takes it with the proper process even is that a lot of go to this happen. Am about a year I wonder if the audio of that phone calls still exist. I love being there are I don't know what he did all right by somebody smarter than us will be listening right now in one though. How to access 911 audience so hold on OK Jessica. Yeah I we're gonna get your information for our way out of hand that added Jessica Jessica I didn't have to end it right you got and improperly Jessica what do you say. I did yeah I. And real parenting hash tag parenting for real. Branding Israel has a very big burial are. I AZ tree and. Yeah roll true god. Good morning Richard I'm. I Arie and a good luck of the house side parenting Ariel. The pain. And glad we I don't look into my three year old I think of the doubt. Do you think about a minute there I think she can not yet been everyone had been watching you sometimes you wonder locked up there that literally can't look and I. Like I hate. Then he walked. The dog double. And I learned that I. Did anything you can bet and I. And bad parent inter. Back at the thought about it at that ended at odds of. I hope he's at the pictures that. Absolutely did anybody in that I don't know what I know why am I a lot into it. Think I'm a little. Old. That'll be great when you know I'd a decade or whatever from now a guy comes over to taker prom and you can say let me jays pitcher errors. Absolutely. I'd bank did not think about it. You give is say I it was a hash tag parenting for real. And think and hey Jennifer are welcome to parenting for real on the jeopardy champ I ate the eye and are you great thank you it's gotten bigger and. Well with my Bert Stein I was at the earth doctor's visit bowl and I had never met the doctor before. Bird breeding so I'm seeing him getting hungry. The other guy the blowout in my time blow out I mean it it covered me from Arne yeah. Oh. And so in lock the doctor never laid eyes on the wall and in my life as a new mother. I'm breastfeeding election and I'm not exactly. Talent that they get sick there's more showing then I would lie AT. Am covered he took. You just laugh our wedding he'd. You wouldn't. Well laid back you would take a look at the situation. And pat on the shoulder and says that handshake. With little ones. Act at any data not survey carried out I'd grab a parenting their real. And and. I know and need to out welcomed has sagged parenting for real. I hang on sound. I'll send them aren't Serbs there and we went that hit the mustang after he was taken at that. An illegal in the room. He is 200 include. He smeared. All over the place and keep from the train sees fit man laughing. Current or they you're standing there late. Here plaques they're mouth glad open and in the display. Oh my guys did Google I don't risky. Talk. That's the that's the raft cleanup but that's that's at it yet I just yet that is and I. There are that that makes. It a Melissa welcome to the Germans and jam. Hey orient it has take parenting through with that. Well. I have a daughter who is about the eighteen when she was little she asks you like ticker diaper off and play and it. So I got tired of buckling in Europe and director diaper on backwards and I got that silver really does need that solved every problem. And I just kicker guys around your waist. I compared to get her real. Listen in and destroy her skiing. Oh sure I hold it over the top you know I just put it right on the planet are tired right I never I never did donors. And I've shown my it's those little diaper tabs as those sticky tabs aren't enough for her. Date you know an and that tried to them on backwards and she would literally reached behind her and uncorked it. It's like and there are tryout with the in the air so. I'm just sort of go out to get deducting possible. Okay you're gonna come Lester. I. Janie welcome to hash tag parent in for a what you got. Now I badge here at my eighteen month old daughter rollover in the middle of the night when I am anxious steal something I know something. Thank you normally in she had diarrhea. All of that our entire batted in my hair on my agent in my now OK and so we had to change the IG we all have to think about indices higher to get all three of us patent that. All of rested Dodd sitting here trying to about the bad that it crashed like painting burial. Is she now I'm beds sharing by herself in the garage. Good note. Got her own don't. I think he'd dig into thinking I didn't sleep in their buyers tell me. I'm guessing you didn't think take any commencing to get your husband to get her to sleep in their prior to. Are you got you got Nike would immediately know lies she's not a bad kid and and you are at. Barbara back guy hash tag parent and real hot line Europe. Adding to explain to a zero to why they're browned one in Attica and when they are no brown spot on the outside the banana. And then refusing to eat a banana. You get rid of Brown's spot but I am not individually but and they did not advocate and a. Ole. I'm Ariel. That is my lying if I am with you Rebecca. How old was. The banana victim in this case. 30 okay that seems to be the age. Because we have on the schedule. A melts down addition hash tag parenting for real and where. All the phone calls we just feel like you idea that jacket when Jan and you have and a jacket issue where is. Lauren a couple months ago. Yeah I'm sure I did and why had one where she said I was pushing her in the swing the wrong way. OK so and shed a meltdown total the way this is gonna go in the meltdown edition would basically be. We pick up the front ago hash tag parenting for real Jan. And then you would just say. I pressure in the swing the wrong way. As a pass tag panting for real. And that's it. I love them meltdown at Trammell back from doing the everybody was children between the ages of two and four so Rebecca squared me up thanks for the cholera baca. We're back does that mean that banana out west and hole. Ash take parenting for real I love it that's that that that's and the Germans and show parenting for real agenda if you have a parenting for real contribution and you wanna shareware this. You can always do that using social media. Yes this up on FaceBook and send us your parenting for real stories and you can get that right now until as star 941 Atlanta dot com and submit your Magid tantrums videos. Can be worth. 500 bucks from mega floors. Thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One star not before one.