ParentingForReal 11.16.16 Part 2

Wednesday, November 16th


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Ariana here and all over eighteen yeah. A little girl and I. Just NJ and Shia and starring Betty Ford Lola and. Fashion bags parenting for real on the jet engine can only I think enough that filter you've been on top of dancing with the time and get real with your story. These are just areas. And gotten a couple of them. From social yes it right yes the earth them. And thin green stories and great patriot Marie actually at the picture of there. Toddler I cannot believe in and pavlik definitely left an NC town now we you can't see most of the body because public. In Atlanta change her. Enemies then they almost all the fire department diet and leave you with buying climate a painting for real knew he'd get stuck. And it's topical lamps. You have to go to try to strategically got stuck in something that's humiliating phone company isn't it. And amazing one perfect. End zone with greatly knew when you love your kid and you don't realize that outside of your agent. And ethnic. Hunt you mean every parent everywhere yet how we. I was getting my four year old son out of our many and it's school he had all of the stuffed animal friends on his lap. Those taking them off his lap and use it in Dubai. Knows savoring this precious moment in time sweetness isn't of his aides. And on the other side of the break not a saw father helping us to adorable girls out of their mini and and as my son is getting out of that and I hear one of the little girls of the other. They'd daddy that's the blade that scratched my now huh huh. Hash tag at juvenile delinquent for me. I tag little double for Rihanna jet engines are preparing for real what's out. Dad ballot calling about your hacks that iron in real tiny tiny et Al are you AD and gray. So I have a one year old and 830. And I let that we know Beatty at the ten year old are usually. One Ira and my doctor about it is about one minute left. You need to be a problem. Well let's look back on I came back. And my little one he can't know how about Bob on her head. And I hate senior out you know there are like when I don't think I thought. And I played the and my whole pulled at bought into all. Out. He would cut the hair I'm like no no I'll let you. Around back. And eighty. They are ahead. Little barber. Recalling how he buried knock this down a little bit and all of he wouldn't say that okay. Did she has are raised to Moorehead. Pete I'm near silent be an actual clip there are quite. I you remark all and he wanted to be like that out. Portable and a bad back back the trick here deeper. Laura log under the shadow. And got more and I think year old daughter decided you wanted to be a superhero. And go I'll let you know a bit and sprained her ankle and I was deeply about their image out there has acne in rural. I don't think I'm fine right now while and yeah. It can you take take me into the moment because Jay Jensen moms I'm sure she's experienced something like that but you go into the bathroom for. The Rain Man it's hot. And you're sitting there mean. Project and ultimate crown and all of a sudden you hear a crash or a boom or a scream. Where you see the flash of an explosion. From the other room what. What are the first three senior my high. I can't say I'm sure there's lot a couple out there that are relative to other radio this morning. I may get laid I mean as the year up 8880 my god or what does apple and in what the cut to go to your line and out of about about. Well I appreciate the mystery leg the the I'd discovery of what might and I appreciate you. Eight that you say that they yelled out overall brother so you know it it's always interest in the market. I'm never a dull moment. I'm our wrap it up for. It girl. High on turns the exiles. I don't think I had a good day that you assume that he. Ash tag parenting for real hotline jet engine or what's. All not me and I can't grab. Had an extra. On the bad. And a predominately lightning little lady down the night were played at an apple to let it. All I'm a woman held matter apparently they did a little and a pot and later I do little black light that. Lack day. All of the little orange I can conduct in the pot there and grab an. Cook up a little wanna die let them. In your. And I got a great. Heart. I. At. It Ariel. The bags that thank you and I Japanese and show what's up Angel. On Halloween night my three year old who we are on the Spanish completely potty training. And I answered the door in their preteen girls they're running out of her ell yeah. Oh that's written all one can do you know of she wasn't wearing any big hit me so he acts like it at all. Yeah. I think Leo because. Hash tag somebody called defects. And oh thank you James not. The conversation always continues I and social media and either comments on any of our pages of course using the hash tag parenting for help. Bloody minded and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.