ParentingForReal 11.16.16 Part 1

Wednesday, November 16th


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Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. Ash tag parenting are real started when I decided that when he should be honest stories about your kids it's a whole lot on your penalty. It's perfect stories right take up the population and their aides have a reason to always put your. Best to look forward put your real look forward. I have a couple stories for you today one of I have to tell on myself OK right the only time that I've ever watch the national Clinton's Christmas vacation right. Chris yeah the response right. Only one of the two greatest Christmas movies of all I know you look at my husband loves you and inking tend to average eighty absolutely handsome loves. I never watch it on TV you know on TBS or whatever a carry you know it they're running around the holidays right those versions are all. Edited for television broadcasts OK okay so fast forward now we're in the car and a friend of mine gave me. But dvds to play for the car better in order long trips or whatever sort driving the other day. And my daughter Lauren allies during half she's going through all the deviation is not analysis and I want. And I was like well assemblies and I it's a movie about people thought about it mainly Christmas goes I wanna watch family Christmas was like OK it's night and and we're driving down the road right. And then I realized and not the best parenting decision and all kinds of S bombs. G deep bombs. Start well I. And this. You really had no idea that a National Lampoon movie and profanity in it I. We can. All asylum medicine and winter's more and clean cool shall behold there. And bathroom and being a chemical toilet in my sewer. And yeah. Ray movies flags of all time. But only watched on TV so I know that fateful line draft. All the bombs and that's when. Yeah Lawrence starts repeating some of the line that's an enemy and yeah I'm worse and the year hash tag parenting or not tank and a friend of mine told me a really funny one yes he ready for answering an act. So. She has a three year old like just tag so like you know two inch. Her agent to make a difference for you but if you have kids you know and I mean there's that. Significant difference between two entries so she's just turns three and mommy just had a new baby and I breastfeeding again so she's old learn about like. Babies getting milk from mom OK she's witnessed this happened a pretty open in their house it's not the time privacy even newborn. So three year old daughter has learned that this is where you get milk for. Can't protect hey I authority hearing a couple days later daddy takes daughter to target. There in line at target and there is a woman. Who is right near them with fairly large. Breasts. To which the daughter points and she says. Daddy you know who count. Cash to take climate you'll hole. Parenting or did you legally walk away from your kid at that point and I know them. Is that possible. Ahead hey. Maybe welcome to the damage and show and parenting for real. Arrow my. Theory and you'd potty training. My dad about it. And out. And data Tyler are. I am not an. Art. And we yeah. Well. Why not all. Well aid. And it might Colin somebody else to clean up that late shift companies. And on it. Out of hand and I had I. Eminem battle through it like it well and. Now. That's when you say. Oh yeah. They jet engine sheriff asked like parenting for real. It last week I take care of my daughter Ali each unit they egg. God save the bag. Or eight that mommy can hear her and she and her guy. Hear her actually say that now I import is taking here kids at that way it. There are outlawed. It's that you know it's hash tag parenting for real once somebody in the house get it. Her back against that we had we. We got me where I hate that Matt liking it. Now have to have the call. We had this conversation last week because Jenkins and and casualty. Shares in the way that only a terrible casually share light up. Pay guys in our house. Geez and I backed away from her I'm so quickly that adds a tacit agreement but it says that in your sand and and then you have the is this parenting thing to Wear for the next 48 hours. You have the paranoia like. Is after you said that yeah all out but I'm a miser to answer to leaking out of touch I after the yeah. I guess that's hash tag parenting for a all right. Here's some care. Thank you I will use that all now on the phone lines are open if you wanna share your hash tag parenting for real stories we wanna hear from you. For a 47419400. Is the number and. Your calls are. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed that colonies on enhancing the recovery of the jumping ship show and star Nady for a one.