Friday, June 10th


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You want. Jessie. But it you're operating at about four hours sleep for the whole week you ports. I've really this week I've been operating I give you stay up really really like cramming for a test. You only get a couple hours asleep in the and you get really jacked up on coffee and take that test and sort of that. That hang over at that sleepless hang over the infield rest today that's how I'm doing all week we have two sick little ones in our house. And one of them is an ear infection which Anderson and his torture for a little guy is especially in the first 34 hours before you figure out what's going run with them so raise our little nine month old has been struggling with that. Our oldest son Lauren had a different infections she's had a fever all week so we've been basically living at the pediatricians office and not sleeping and. Now because there's comfort in numbers here's the phone number 404741. And 9400. We wines. The champion Jan show listeners to call Jenn in make her feel better I would appreciate about fifth about. It's parenting for real moments that specifically. Sleep deprived parenting for real stories because porridge and was torturing her dog yesterday. Support Carolina. She's last on the prairie as she probably had gotten bad like skipped a couple of meals and I was trying to get hurt come over and see that I put food a ball right and I was like. Yeah it prosecutors come over and eight. I realizes using Lawrence. So they're looking at the dog leg boring promoting it. And simulate what I'm I'm calling on name. This is ridiculous. Your. What's wrong if you come and go and go take a nap. Hey how agenda out helped Janet feel better with your parenting for real story. I yes I was tired that I want to my iPhone and fridge right next and baggage it's. Oh yeah except then the next day. I went back to that restaurant that we'd done given the floor and got into it screaming match it's a manager at top. Is stolen my iPhone. Manning has been the turnaround by my act on that order saying it and it was in the rich. Are. Exhausted. With his with the ever resist with your first child. Welcome apparent that yes. Egg theory for real hash tag parenting for real which a guy. Yeah I'll. And when you have and that reform that he. I am actually wearing should you can achieve what. My adorable. Street. Unfortunately 1 hand the morning to only at rich. Thank you wouldn't dare I wouldn't do it needed should be it is slated that your very unique incher. He stopped. Grumbling that IA. Called acute attention. To it. On her and her. And I had I I they even likes them she. Yeah. I mean in that. But they've that they. They're paying eight and O line is I mean opt outs in the why and it is a completely different colors and other pretty pretty. Well at. I feel you Jessica I helium hash tag editorial. Our real. And she hash tag parenting for real stories keep them coming in especially this sleep deprived ones early. 404741. At 9400. Major and feel a little bit better and we will take your phone calls. 4047419400. Its hash tag parenting for real hotline and the Japanese get into. You want. Did you have the engine shop.