Tuesday, May 17th


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I love rejoices in the morning and we appreciate that. A star in 941. Parents I'm and I'm guilty of the tube. Every picture we post on FaceBook and your kids is the perfect one. You've taken fifty of them they're sucking up all of the memory in your Smartphone because took fifty pictures to get the perfect one. And in that perfect point that's the one that your posting on FaceBook. But guess what that's not parenting for real and outsourced hard hit in Kiev where. I want to give just a glimpse into my life on Sunday so I took a picture myself. With vomit all over me and my guys that got them out the reality of my Sunday night that brought in show Jeff on the air. And we do know what I was just online feminine spin this one. Emphasis on. FaceBook because this is hash tag parenting for real so it was the worst picture seriously ever play it was. It was Jane. Standing in their bathroom obviously about takers sweater off because from her left shoulder. Across her boob and down two or needle it was like somebody poured a bowl of of instant Quaker oats and and if that's not the worst I've ever seen it was just one captured the anyway it's now what I image you breaks it out yesterday on sitting in the CO eating my yogurt. She's like hey where this is what Eric things like. I want to share is that we're all struggling it's not easy. Just funny moments in all of it in there that perfection just sucks. The perfect kids in the perfect like look at me I'm so perfect. It's like it's so knowing so that. Posts in the perfect pictures and join me I want this to be theme. V campaign. Change the world this parenting for real hash tag okay. And we started it yesterday jet took off at suits yet so many different posts on different pictures encourage you to come and share your parenting for real pictures and stories. With us electricity out some of these screen grabs for Jackson he can go through. And Steve to pick holes grab what he's look at that and read the comment this poor little girl and even have their. Onto these parents are proud you have to have me out of held that currently she's probably three for four okay picture of a four year old girl. Wearing. What looks like based paints to think that they just kind of smeared all over her face a guy with their ice crunched up issues sad. I'm Melissa Morgan who is the proud mom says my girl hysterically crying after she painted in all caps now polished. All over her face and couldn't wash it off with the now positive. And kids getting this up so fast nine month old and daddy's shoulders this looks like a portrait like they hired a photographer. To take this picture and the nine year old is leaning over daddy's shoulders and nine month old or nine month old and has a fistful of mom's hair the pulling it mama's wincing. My daughter's face all. I want you to imagine grumpy cat food we put. Allergy imagine grumpy cat and put it on the face of like a five year old. My daughter's face the first time she met her baby brother and he made in ways that the it's so funny we've got demon bar first on here. The two and a half funerals my two and a half ago this is athlete Watkins. My two and a half Euro having an epic meltdown at Lowe's. Because the automatic door wouldn't close because she was standing in front of it it's a little girl. Lying on the ground that defeats and hands feet in the air hands over her face. Clearly. Making him significant amount of noise. All cracking me up so I know you've got them on now. This one. Jeff hi Ed Dickerson. Let's just say it's not chocolate and it's not dirt. Fifth. Awful. Opening comments under it we believe that it oh my gosh. Now for the faint of heart childless people I wanna make this the thing was back down to post is perfect pictures anymore or don't do it. It's tempting and everybody I think you have the perfect family. But you don't I don't nobody dance what's ahead stay yen hash tag parenting for re keep from coming in their. Found a look at. Now. Starting may be forewarned.