Parenting Your Parent

Thursday, August 11th


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The jet engines shells its OnStar and not before one. In every. Mom child dead child relationship. A shift happens. And you've become the parent you start parenting your pants in the relationship. You'd have to explain some basic things to mom and dad they just. Stop embarrassed with themselves after embarrassing you and the. And we're bringing this up again it Vijay is Jen actually had to do this to her mom recently I've felt bad about it Cuba. I couldn't let her teach my kids on the calls were so great last if you have that aaron's your parent. 40474. Line 94 and here's some of the calls that we guy. Last time we did this. We were going out and you learn like that look like he's not giving up body by. And I had bullet inside news can you put a damper on something else that the so inappropriate. And a parent thinks. It was rock outcrop piper. And. And that line rate there is something that every parent at some point in places to go upstairs and that something something else and we got this column. My mother black Wafer and led packing quite a bit. An illegal but it. Leaving the edit Oliver car and like in the pocket and it that things like that. And for what ever read and he would convince my mother that it was it what it really quiet. So I twenty year old sister and I had keep it out and explain your brother what at what. And why she probably should be on the upper back. 40474. Wine at 9400. We need your stories and while you call general Telus. When she had to sit down Nancy. If I just is economic nightmare because. A case of growing up I was little more out Dorsey and I am now and I spent every summer and summer camp where we learned a lot of great things and one of the big things that I took away for two big things was. Obviously don't litter integrated into other people's litter is you're making nature more beautiful and the big rule was leave it as you found. I hear a hike error if you're out in nature of this if you're an outdoors person if you bring in and take it out. Yes and you leave it as if and it and so. That means you don't take things. Out of the wilderness that are beautiful either take them home with you right as a mom you leave it is it your mama moment apocryphal baby squirrels nest. A but we are recently taken the girls on when their first one of all hikes and where plane in the streams and stuff and she was telling my three year old Aaron. To pick out her favorite rock and bring home. Those like this is just the beginning. Teaching philosophy at this stage of the game if she can do it this time shall wanna do it on every other trip that we go on every agent so he can't thank. What's your optimal and tacklers hide. I did parent her in front of our three year old but I Butler saw items like come. You got to leave it as if you if we can't teach that lesson is the first chance to do it right and he came out wrong the first time. On top of that channel because no news for over ten years estimate clutter. And I don't on a shelf full and there. I didn't it's. Rock or wherever. I thought this could steer. Everything in the wrong direction. A longtime use Grecian rock they've really been my rock. On care and Carrollton welcome to the channel. When did you have to carrots your parents. We did not mine act to quit playing a team on a lot I. Where did you being. And back here now but well yeah. So funny that you really can't Kara 404. 741. And 9400. At the phone number eighty your calls for wind you had the parents. Your parents. They just get jealous. Ansari not before one.