Parenting Your Parent

Wednesday, July 20th


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For making this list of suggestions. On stocking up before line. The question that we might hear answers to him way to view it as an adult. Have to parents. Your parents. When did you have to tell them how to be need. We'll kick things off waves where her. Favorite people. And I just want to remind you coming up in twenty minutes you can scores and to get to five seconds this summer come until late lead on Sunday or is chuckles I've Sox. We got 430 forgot that 8 o'clock this morning and inject intangibles one when you're gonna go backstage and hang with fans to stick around. Now the reason we're doing this is because. We heard a great story from one of our. Listeners. Named. And IA thought Wayne I call others issues c'mon. I thought she might wanna use a different name on the race. To protect her parents yes. And by the way if you have a story like this 4047419400. Windy you have to Perry's apparent. But apparently she's totally fine. Going guy so we're gonna call you. By your real name. I'm not comfortable. All parties in the nude musical that might not so funny articulate. I. That. I Kayla is the whole reason we're doing the topic when did you have to parents your parents. I. You like it here. They. Know. Say there is great acts by an art out his team needed and oh. And out right away. It. What you eat out for. Him. Right. And right. I. They ought not let. You know he got out. Little wasn't put there why won't I should. He called me back when you went and hit it and I. Or hard. You think he and I think we're back in the not. He gave you or your sister sat down with him and had that conversation. Don't ever do that again. I'd. Like I don't believe they actually I think he facts on the yeah I didn't say it that day you would seem that it would go ahead maybe I shouldn't. Air. He sat on the last night with some other. Like means making comic yeah but no it. Horrifying. It's a great story and very radiant so I'm sorry that fits your dad's on filtered. Analysis of the woman he dated as your claim to fame by. It's gonna lead us into a great radio topic of when indeed you have to parents York parent. You take your phone calls for 0474. Line 9400. Let's see if you can vote duke eight. When did you have to carry your parents. Or one. Jessie.