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Wednesday, September 7th


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Going 941 okay Terna Nande. Justin Jan shelf all the well taking your phone calls a rate now parenting for real Jane that just talked about the dramatic battery experience that she had a lowering. Yes it was in mid mid cover. And Madonna decided to open the stall door and just walk on out into the bathrooms and everybody had to. See me do my business. And and I talked about a friend of mine who went back to work after maternity leave and complain about how bad the office this dunk. Not realizing Egypt had her child's Cooper on the sleeve. Of their body that she brought in our offices so cold. Take your phone calls right now for a 47419400. In view of that to contribute to parenting for real. I have me toddler. Right and the terrible his situation. He of that will own money. That kid will not eat and eat out. Broad and not thank you Wear. Red hall though. With Google so the other. And Brad. Pitt during the day and I'll cook is a multi brand that need to be there now. I'd kind of like pick up the mole and that it Iraq. At tag parenting for the rails. Hair. Hey thanks to a definite show what you got. High calorie yeah. K. Now I get like it wanted to meet it Arie cleared out here in. People look at my side. And TV pictures that won't make it and then there it ain't. Happy RE. Let you read it. I. A week now pretty much every hour hour and having more. Like I don't know. I hours in total of three and how long. I'm. Not anti. And and different route back to illegal act and act. They'll it looked relaxed and happy in pictures that it not betray. It's just tired. What was the hairs if it. In 1996 my dog is out every hour on the hour. It's an added Nnamdi. That's hash tag parenting for real hash tag it's a big sunglasses at aka the it era and. And and a Starbucks gift card brackets that attach tag parenting for help thanks to acog Lisa thinks they know. They Jason guaranteeing that for real. On the jet engine in China. Hate to. Yeah it might get like I'll copy machines crazy for avocados. Serb you know she'll like destroyed only program and that you know like with all the problems. I mean she did and the other. And down. You know I was just. And rarely want a clean up. What that normally and you but but the dog liquor cleans. But. I. Aren't aren't being real perfect. That's fantastic. And it works and the dog gets its neck and that it has any dog. I'm not. Term but yeah. That begs the companies in regional jet engine show parenting for real. Oh parenting area is. They're being and I find myself feeling like minded things to beat higher. Certainly acted it it. Copy. In the that the and guess what milk in my. And the kid. But it's. Oh my god that's my worst nightmare I hit a toddler on copying. I'm. See you mean. And to rates all need some sleep. Tat sectarian thinker out. The ethnic. That is how hash tag parenting for real or X if you got more that you want Aggie always had is up on social media we'll be looking for you on FaceBook. His you know life in perfect step up and. And it's often disgusting the ethnic. Still traumatized by the hoop and that's about it. Hash tag parenting for real jet engine start nanny for a one. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.