Parenting For Real 9.21.16

Wednesday, September 21st


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Guys are making this wedge. And Jesse James shell apparently aren't. I guess I didn't have parents and her over here. Many real. Gray hair. On my dogs now I'll talk about you the I write perfect little family according to the Internet. So Reese's birthday it was wise on Sunday one year old and one year old. So you go line. You I'm giants faced a major. On the photo album that's on the FaceBook page and there's will smash hit a unique you'll Avian happy little family. Right. Five days before that. Who had an upset tell me. Who was standing in a room with no shirt on because they got him down in the game. Where the pictures that. I didn't have my aunt and diet I would throw it down thrown out by. That rate there is a parenting for real. Eight we see all your perfect view it pictures we see you. You took hundred of those to get the perfect line with a smile playing in girls I was just I little boy's eyes. Is just perfect little smog outfit looks. Divine and they just look angelic I and it's not real life so we want. Stories of parenting for real like getting really honest about us being covered and. And bar if you know I felt that a week ago that was actually how it started it was I think. One of them. Lauren word Reeves had an upset tummy in and surprise you yes and you posted a picture of the shirt you were wearing. It's outlaw all. And I got another one and your kids are great if I look at it and you said that you went to a parade. That started later than you thought it wise it was that lantern parade in UN to the lantern parade we've IE year older daughter and and neither are mom and her daughter. And because the parades certainly the first half hour and it's a. We. Turned them in. Light and logistics. Lights mean they act like and a light so words yeah isn't great. I've ever. And bad as the second half hour it's like okay this is still five meg we got obstacles to that school. And then by the time the parade started both moms are on wind tipsy and the kids are buried in debt. Moms phones were watching YouTube because they're exhausted because you missed and it parade or. We missed the great and the girls started fighting over Garrett their toys in wanna share anymore is that militants strollers wanting you to it adds. On earth on. 404741. And 9400. And you just got to explain. The moment it didn't make it and social media. Then puke on the on the floor. That he would throw in the interim at the parade. 4047419400. Is our phone number and you just have and every phone call. We've hash tag parenting for real bats and in Europe first. Okay now my husband really bad about pulling always had back to adapt my daughter. Eight the past. You're getting her back one night and I can't let it pay a lot of attention. If they're asking pattern under a great at what an. I go in the back and something jet. Eight late dollar in. And I looked in the hub and commit all the police. It 201801. And and that's all look like that I had hit. All of it play out clean all of them. You can bet that and I lied about handle this. And yeah. Back in the mid like Barbie as a present for you I can't yeah. And that you. Look we don't lie. Hoop being in the minute. Yeah. That is something that needs to be on my radar yeah yeah is is don't give you warning you don't really know and that's not just the right. I think her opening Bethany. Odds that hey Angela other image of contention out. I fell on my I was about a year and a purple you're on vacation and it was a rainy day. That they shop they. Kind of running around the town and we ended up out for dinner. On air Robby dare he started that kind of lose and we contracted the. I got a little cranky and by the time that brutalized it was back. Late at Maggette they know are you really wanted to double. Out here I think example of the Maggette and early. O'clock ever looked lived it right onto a woman's right letter. On the Harlem. So after I bit my third literally are jaw off all these weren't silent for quite. We oh lead guy kind of got out then and at how are. You very I didn't and we need to reject it and. That's you know if the person the victim. In this in this line or is that you know if the victim has its. Super cool about it and I have their super annoyed now. Yeah. We would slowly that's what went out. And. I'm attending Julio. I'm okay. Hey. All and and then they had a panic any. Look at. It to send. And all of the sudden he could start sorting out all over that that Clinton and it's so hot at that I was Mickey an odd. Ellis grows and how to start a look very tricky. And then he just let yeah he's like are you money. And your heart melts down yet dinner anymore yeah well as a little bit diluted net. I was at him. Yeah I mean now. It. All back. I think if money hash tag parenting for real. Hey Paula you have one of these. I'm Dave I'm. A daughter first time parent ignited this you have to match our standard and I was thrown at my airplane and Asia to Europe in my in my house. Why. All in a way. Out. Why. You and the greens. They even in Bala. Under ignited an act you and the baby that that would happen this is also quite a bit. Apparently you don't like him at you they don't. And I had and I don't even have kids matches I think I'm a human being now. Oh yeah look yeah. On some hash tag parenting for real hey Kelly you're going to be alas columnists. K-Fed I had not hit and then went well this weekend and they and a cooler of beer could conclude I look now when you're out this issue. He died and my eight year old at back at the refrigerator and knowingly and I'm not eighteen and that they are. I got caught on on the teacher was really collected by Kate and I get it have been called. Your eight year old took a beard at school. He didn't go to Ben that they didn't. Oh. Yeah I did he pull it out again and confers no sequel about a ticket site that it is your own gig you can get oh. I rabbit out. Saying it crashed on any Internet. Thinner and. You have any similar to re we'll open up my basement beneath him. Leave your comments and your photos. Ashtanga financing from real or imagined him to. And young star ready for a one.