Parenting For Real

Wednesday, September 7th


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Die ready for law and thanks for late enough when Japanese yen. It's been a while Jane since we've done that parenting for real. But I actually have something I might be able to bring to the table pace and look at is and we talked about. Let's get honest right let's let's get real about parenting because it's not all the his perfect pretty moments that you are posting on NC Graham it's not all those. Pre set up perfectly placed children's hairs and Bos and little snot outfits on the boys that's not. The real life sets the example that there is go back to is the phone call we got from a woman who confessed. That the picture that she just posted on in centrum a her adorable little baby. Playing in the bathtub with all the bubble all my own. There chubby little arms and Mohawk. Shoes you know burglar propose this picture got a million lights on in the grammar right. Well what she didn't post was finding that maybe. 45 minutes before in his own crib covered in his own groove thing because you decide a finger paint with his diaper time ten. So bad picture that doesn't even exist and once you got cleaned up probably bath number two in June that. Look at you yeah only. That is the dead of parenting aspect parroting for real personified it totally easily why your stories. Parenting for real music you've got one yet you have to go first yeah right. Talent yeah right this is a friend of mine who is a new mom a first time and she says that she went back to lower and about weaker see you in in to work she goes all around the office. Wondering why for the past three days the entire office smells like. Who she can't figure out why the office and she's asking everybody nobody else can now know that he's convinced. That you guys are just immune to Ivan I'm maternity leave for. Eight weeks or twelve hour lunch was goal line yeah you guys have gotten used to it if others. Say this and here losing her mind. And name it she realizes because like many offices her office. Is a little chilly so this sweater that she was putting guy had actual baby too. Oh. Imus leave. Best which use only. Oh everyday it nobody else gets mallet is it wasn't on her own clothes I think that's. That was her hash tag parenting for real moment. I've got one and haven't recently we aware at a restaurant and rights that are three year old into the stall with me to go to the bathroom. And she's old enough now and tough enough. To hope they'll loan out so it was one of the ones as little bit bigger so I couldn't actually grabbed her and yanked her away from our. And that's when she opened the door and walked right out. To go over to the sinks and pushed the door wide open. When I was actually using the. So that's a multiple levels of panic beat. I'm varies and untethered. Toddler yes going who knows where tenure in mid stream huddle never to. Hover. Everybody knows your. The only thing you can hope for that moment is there and being another mom. In the restroom. Who could be like I got you. Grab your toddler shut the Miller or say will meet you rate outs night not angry but not everybody it's not to watch BP. So hash tag parenting for 40474194. We will take your phone calls. For parenting for real moments there are no wrong answers. It is Telus would every guy but and every phone call wave hash tag parents for real and we'll start things out. Kara winner Carol line. Airline Ike airline welcomed the Japanese and you don't. So what's. What I get on it tell you about mine. Secret trick where I am mopping the floor yeah. I am now a leading Italy it is baby mama and I have a baby was not quite walking yet. And I am tired all the time to an idea what my baby is I put some water on the lack. And I put some content. Like he picks them like not landmarks that like little rag on his knees and criminal lucky right saying. And I let him crawl storm around the floor of the kitchen especially. And it just get all the day no and my baby. And my husband thinks I am the best cleaner. Ambassador. Literally raping your your child. In reference. A pretty much about the chemical. Them. You know it's that's innovative. And they ES that is think he'll be gone as key airline. Hi it's yet to. Idea and it I. Can't tag error there. I asked I can't add egg parenting area. 04741. And 9400. At the phone number more of your phone calls. Parenting for real Tatum and three minutes in the Japanese engine start 941. Star in 941.