Padded Bra for Kindergarteners

Wednesday, May 11th


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Justin you joke just shell Vizio. Conversation I had 4047. Now before Andre are sorry I need all this shocking thing is it grossed out Jeff dollar padded bras. For kindergartners the off our thing. We get into that. So this Clinton joke when I read out how to read it two or three times over again going wait why. Pat bras for kindergartners. Are actually a thing right now it's the same style bras that mommy uses to. Make her breasts look Fuller. They're now available in toddler sizes it's a new trend in girl's clothing and moms are up in arms about this dads you. They're saying that these padded bras are now being made in sizes as small as four to six which means there for young girls can McCartney on while yeah so it NBC station in Diego has picked this up moms across FaceBook are really upset about this. Basically saying that it's a little girl lingerie is sexual life in children way too early. But it's sparked a debate because some doctors even miss one pediatrician and saying that the bras are a good thing. Saying that. Girls are developing as young as seven years old and she thinks that'll padding in their bras can help build self confidence. One's self confidence for what some. She says I think when kids are going through puberty they're often very insecure and being proud of their body doesn't mean showing off their bodies. She also says. That companies that make these like maiden form have released statements about it and they say their bras for girls aren't meant to enhance the girls figure. But they're supposed to provide. Modesty. Over figure enhancement. So I would love to get your opinion on this if you want to chime in 4047419. To 400. I think there's a lot of things being pushed Americans too early. Include one. I just I why I made yet for a foursome throwing 9400. But yen according to this article you have a daughter who's two years away from putting on her first Brock. What do you think. Well every child does develop differently but he added Barack for kindergarten or no when he. No way I just. I don't understand why you would need to. You know lift and push. Anything to eat your hair and you're young and didn't bush well if there growth development and different ages and they're saying that seven years old you might do you know he's developing like buds of whatever it can't. So fun all you don't. I hope hope hope it's at Kelly he's been here would you. Change I mean I think it's kind of discussing. Saying that if you really wanna. If your child is developing Matt early and you really want them to embrace their their body as they're growing. Put on a training brawl and we halted you know embrace what you have at five years old NB a five year old light wire you putting on a padded bra I mean. I didn't now I just can't I camera mamma MIA. Maybe I'm out attacks got to have kids right and I don't really I'm really bad at the kids ages you know. Every day between the ages sixteen and eight and sixteen is like a Latin thing you have to know what zionist terror on the governor and terrible it. But late at five and six and seven. Yeah right like. You a girl can do good be playing in in. The pool topless right now. And Hollywood vice that now I wouldn't have even data are all doing it now out in public OK but like if you're just with family. They didn't like from the neck down. The dirty and saying he sentences a seven year old girl and a seven year old boy current data while from the belly button to enact a a seven year old girl a seven year old player that not always. Now wait I don't feel like and after five you wanna have at least an end and on yeah I yelled one I pour yourself toddler yeah Adam. I would think past four yeah exactly five you won a cute little baby I can. But I wouldn't buy patted brain being Suton or are saying yeah no way there's all kinds of things that are making. Our kids like too old too soon ice this thing at Nordstrom too long ago. I have to be cruising through there they usually have good sales actions on flipping through decades sale items and they had leather like like faux leather black daisy dukes. For little girls you know things like little black leather sure it's another leg or did any other different. That they're doing and then. Field trip the first page of your misery of their phone with a heck yeah okay. AKU except. Hey. I earned my opponent will weigh in on the net I'm my daughter is fiction in kindergarten yeah we are very recently shocked saying. And actually god let off at coal and more minute. We've got to spark her did have padding. How seats however actually a picture world. He can't stay fit for the robotic or her. I'm and we get the grading. He collected and how you know I'm but if she weren't a white shirt you can see. That dark. I don't know. Yeah yeah you know you can see her at all. I OK I ignited and you stopping us. I'm about to leave the room this season and while I can understand my Achilles thing with the training bra and maybe has something it does or Smithson over you know so that you don't see the bumps right exact I can see that but at. But we're talking about padding in the bras that sort of lift and push. Yeah I like having Kelly is putting on our old man and a Thong or something I know. Well I think if you read page writing is on the tape case even say got a lot of thought into that he's got everything he beat by efforts. I've had my hands excellence out fifth fifth stop. Do you think that that's a back and she saw. Priority. Not. Dear Jesus. I know I am talking as much benefit food for them and I would entertain Christmas and Easter. That you do not give me dollars do you understand. And tonight I know people get older and that's and they start donating to church if you went down in my money he'd listening to me Jesus. Did not give me. These have little wedges for toddlers who knew Mike at should not be walking on when it first of all it's gonna mess at their feet right. All it. Why the girls have already learned how to walk in heels and yen on your toes it's just over sexual I think yes exactly hey yeah past man needed to. You you know talent. Yes sir I did bring. I do not think that little girl should be wary about it porn pictures all I had an eight year old myself and I would never let her Wear padded bra. They should be little girls as long as possible. Home office totally agree with Jeff looks so stressed out right now well yeah. How hot stuff. He needed an extra I can't even process. And and now. I heard well right. And I'm just really rattled because I got Lauren are ready for her for a birthday a pair of clear heels and apparently now. Apparently that's the wrong direction. And a couple of thank you for making this glitch today Jesse James Shia on installing no heat or water.