Our Weekend Trips

Tuesday, May 30th

Jeff and Jenn both had pretty revealing trips this holiday weekend!


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Before one. Through late get. Thought of you so much this weekend and Jane because. You're traveling. To Florida. On a plane no big deal. You're traveling assure that a plane without grant. No big enough to think that you're traveling on Florida do Florida on a plane without grant and your two kids under five. Huge hero. I that's where my Memorial Day weekend trip like some people do going up Mount Everest a famous if it. I was tied were tight rolled all kinds of different toddlers things ready to go like I'm my equipment. It packed I had one backpack so I had two hands available for children. And they were perfect. On the flight. I was sound. I was so excited I was looking around playing going up everyone notices my really really lovely children now we bought our our youngest isn't quite juicy get a free flight if you fly with them in your lap but I was not doing that we bought tickets just yet easy to wiggle around and and I'm receiving great it play with stickers and they didn't pitch tents and and her being relevant WikiLeaks which. Everybody expects and any she was fantastic but here's the funny part yeah. A flight home where my husband does he joined us later and Florida. Was terrible. Bonnie. We had that kid on the flight. So where it was Decatur has been grant. Hole it was three. Those are twenty month old I think the good news was on landing but she was the night weird kid on the plane it won't sometime. Screaming screaming throwing a temper tantrum fit did not wanna sit still the flight attendant was yelling at us to keep her in her seat. Well like yeah you're trying to add buddy. And I think clearly. Not someone with children. Or any compassion for people with children. If he kept telling Issa put her in her seat belt and locker and I'm like she's sort of having a temper tantrum that's not possible we're gonna hold on heard. To keeper six. So it was horrible on the flight home with two parents flaw is on the way down with one parent so it's gray grants fault it's when he had a I'm gone with a song Garnett now did you pass that year did you pass your goodie bags. I didn't goody bags on the way home. Goody bags on the even so I didn't even though not on my back thinking organ. Any perfect and it was terrible so. Yes so. You got some you lose some revenge 5050 how was the rest of your. And so has sent blessed for the whole thing in my mom retired we had a great retirement party for her. I see my brother and his wife who came in from California and they're expecting a baby so it was all kinds against. Almost feels all the good family feels I hear you run a vote right. I was kind of vote all weekend and I learned something about myself based on one line it Calley said to me and I might. I've really been very introspective. About it since Friday. You know you're life is like that. She can dropped some wisdom where you'd never expect it coming this was a wisdom this is a dig. Pucks or maybe it's whiz maybe should see it as with them. As ever wants a mile like tallies Holland like snap chant an incident in her hair looks perfect didn't know us and she says something super wise. And it knocks me back and wait a minute who's this old man and young how'd Bonnie yeah. It's really crazy like two minutes. So I go up to the lake and on Friday we go to late on Friday and there is water in my vote. Which I don't know how much you guys know about boats and that's not a good thing. So I don't know if you are seen Titanic know how it ends just not a good thing right so I I. And he's going all the credit. Does it he's currently on the door right now I'm not only just play. So I I am trying to find the source of this water. In my boat and I am so upset like I'm like oh my god does. Leaks aren't cheap. Yeah I'm saying like hey. Beckham though that some big hits from really begins on a flat Larry can be a big big deal so I am losing my mind trying to find this boat leak and all I can determine is it's in one little compartment and it's not gonna sink the boat the boat is still gonna float this week floats hash tag says that about Titanic has taken float if I. In theory it's going to be okay behind and and I Kelly says to me at one point hey. Listen. No matter what's going now the boat jagr and because we had friends coming up on Saturday morning she is yeah very crappy all week and I like you know. And NGOs I I just don't need you lock yourself in the room being a romp. All Powell and others say okay. I thought about that every single. Aisle worked for the past four days. I don't lock myself in my room again romp figured you'd four year old Olivia she means like a. A room when oil went in my looking for like not literally locking yourself when you're eight years since rim figured since. Room in your own brain maybe we'll go in that tiny town is why his own my own C Johnson wins the money and you're like weeks she's meditative and sinking boats. I think it and I just Al. Thanks for making this way it's just it's. On star now before want to.