Our Top Hip Hop Hits

Monday, June 5th

Billboard released their #1 Hip Hop song, so we did too!


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jessie. Now. He's so magazine has a list of the greatest hip hop songs of all time invade declared this on number one. Grand answer flashed the message. To move the. He's always been. 1980 true and that one was out so I think Rolling Stone when they dig dug into the archives it was on earning. The pioneers of pep talk with their lists and cash but I think everybody has their favorite hip with the greatest hip hop song of all time. And they're in their own greener on on their own. Music library are we have we as everybody and they showed a cement there is we have some of those right now so. I can start with yours Jan. Okay this is my hit and I this is an owed today ACL. Admittedly but I really do think this is the greatest yeah. I mean. I'm Jim is designed to get their kids get this son and everybody's news. Chaos how did you fake it just whining. I know prone outcasts I was gonna say who it was between a lot of. Outkast song says I would hate to miss Jackson or or roses you yeah all three came to mind is seen as I thought praise about so much time had passed. This is Kelly cheeses number one hit proud son of all time. Think Danny Ayalon. I'm kidding you know that sun. I made and go fast. And it's helped me yeah. And as well educated as it did you know Jan song I outcast okay. And though usually to school gene a little bit on what have she's missed and that was Dr. Dre featuring snoop dog. I I am not a I didn't. Influence closer I got. I've been told I did miles and the new cousin that he'd like to look inside. I ain't dying I. Never liked meg the only have public scenes I had a until I moved here was was making an edge. Is that you're a proud son ugandans. Well. They missed any Aggie and then I got I don't know I got on the that I had a big package on. Obligated. Email under the age of thirty to know the words to one entire and acumen outshine sounds heading down and I must do you ask here. Intel Maggie says yes to hang in agreement there that I feel about it now. Here's my number one hit ensemble time. Needs moms are good. Yeah and the storytelling. In that. Here again. Storytelling. Yeah. That was made a movement rate there and so yeah so. I'm I could've gone I think if you're a white dude in your forties you have to love them and these these are. I'm still getting. And you hated sellout. I didn't put my. I'm not excited things JP was similar to him about some volatile man they sell one million a good mood or buses out of our. Please don't really see a straight gay yes ladies and it's a classic. I'm noise in my life. I notice I went around the MC cancer waved Cali was yeah. My wife and I mean I was saying it every sound beginning and raid the middle of a hand in the air and I would look over her and she was like. So serious that we mentioned Janet she's very DNA humanize. And young star ready for a one. Yet there rapids this top hip hop son of all time debates. We all went through ours after Jan reported and the number one according to Rolling Stone magazine out. According to ruling soon it's great master flash. Come close to the it's a tendency. They do. So we went all through this channel and edgy jeans was an demonize well. Kim well Cleveland. Oh yeah we realize that every woman under the age of sort thirty needs to know and it's human ash on beginning to Anne's yes and zero quiet yet and that one was Jennings. JP LO run DMC out of his system. It's a smiling. I'm Kelly she's called the doctor. And I went live one Dr. Dre is proteges Eminem. Dan kept in Atlanta I'm. Please share a hard time deciding what Outkast song did you. Jackson. Goes up RT. So maybe. I'm so sorry concerns wanted in on the action in my prediction was that these are both just featuring sons. If you guys how they Maggie I am to a need to do and how the Iran ends when he gets so I was I got it comes highland Glen twice the time. But I'm Ron many he would which your son. So until little unqualified to talk about the topic and talent and he not huge hip hop listener so I thought of the proposal they write makes me laugh so let's get back. You know and god. Envoy yeah I'm Robin what was your and my pain was placed in the head by EC and others. Yeah I do know is when they come yeah. Knuckle hey ya now look. A nicer and. Are your classic. Easy for. Ever were the ones I had memorized and I. Yeah. Content just came out obviously lots and seven times and I knew the song but it was I watch Indy Lights on more. And you can through our hands up when. So you don't like them slack. Very nice it. Is that I generally candidate thank you Maggie Enron and no problem match isn't it. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.