Our Social Media Challenge for Jenn

Thursday, January 19th


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Are you an awkward it person. If you have. Awkward weird oh tendencies. I'll do I'll have awkward moments of people are just like how can't believe it's at that rate that hurt faith. And I mean. We've revel in those moments he'd be proud. I'm here awkwardness we need your phone calls this morning at 715. Help. Kelly cheese feel better if she had an awesome really awkward moment. We have to celebrate and we get the salary into she did I laugh very bright eyes out if you're down. There she is dead daughter's an area that your job as Chicago all relate Ali you'd think you're awkward. You'd think that was a weird situation happen in the middle operate a lesson that they would do that and FM team. And that out of her comfort zone now gonna talk about that right now I'm. Already Pam making about the this I need some instant help. Janet committed yesterday we had a meeting. And we were just talking about all things related to. What are the things they came up was. Social media. And we're like we should I'll just a better job of oceans that online and dean and whenever agendas nobody cares about me she says. And like that Alec pity party right just like I felt weird filter on the stuff I share right. You're over you're over thinking it. Everybody shares every part of their life and maybe it's generational thing I did something new and interesting enough to share yes he's a self edit everything like that's done. Dense and you're still I mean my inner voice is so negative when it comes to posting anything on yeah. And what I try to explain it I'm fascinated and by yard line late and fascinated. By huge you're just talking about it Matt ago juggling literally juggling two toddlers. And you've got two kids and other mobile. What you do all they keep the youngest one who once injure herself at every time. Rice she's at that sixteen month old. And no fear right. Having major surgery last month was a now now that all that flight if there my pass the torch is covered in bruises scratches and bumps whenever she just goes for all the time OK so we've got. We you've got you on so you I enjoy foods you cook you you'd look a lot unique interesting meals yes implemented in the carnage and I think making them even batters and when you go out to eat you always try to find only restaurants some time. Thomas sushi restaurant I'll go over so. I would like to see pictures of that and your husband is ashen. He is really escort I'd definitely married he. He's lag of six out of duty on that I could just post pictures of imam at it. There's something so. Weird about social media it is. I light sharing and Alex and unease about most of the time I think you almost anything that people share a mundane you over thank. Yes so here's an idea of I think on Monday you'd think her interest item faxing him so here's the and I think some you're things that you those that are basic are interesting like as opposed. Your shoes I'm like oh issues right but I would never posts my own shoes right I would always be like those acts. So the challenge we have issued Dejan is that tomorrow. From the moment she literally from the moment she wakes. He set a reminder and are found every thirty minutes on Friday from the time your eyes are open. The time you fall asleep at night. Every thirty minutes yet to post the picture and create an instant ram's story and in this story. And you can use that Jeff and into instant Rampage to do you can you post every thirty minutes you to post a picture of whatever and on the view. With out questioning. The value. The entertainment value because. You'll be Greece you'll be shocked if possible and not. Consider. What question you've already committed to doing it's we acrid yes and I'm gonna do it I just think that can be. Will you have questions so let's do this I didn't have a couple of Davis. The Forte at day plastic payoff on star in 94 yeah. Our GM billions and. As. The word is shock. Text the word shocked to step into any one. You've got to about 7:15. This morning it would be a thousand dollars richer fell as HOP. Shock. News 728. Line and app please don't text and and in drive and am message and it rates do apply by that I don't matter when you got a thousand dollars. I'd just protecting the workshop with 72881. All right let's hear your question about social media what challenges. Are you worried. Well I just tried to start into grand story yesterday and I personal page yet I got a funny little boomerang because. Our older daughter Lauren was just screaming. For no apparent reason perfect she just would verse and the screams and I thought well back to be a funny little 32 boomerang Garrett like going. Yet at the top of lungs yet kept saying. That hurts mommy's users please pop can which made her just due out her yet but I couldn't figure out once they reported that how to get out of that. Speaking so I felt like how it's probably about load seventy pocket trying to figure out. That part of its parent out there then I found somewhere and now be boring periods points I just need some help with that a little bit. And then if you guys are gonna give a category of things that are. From most interesting to least interesting interesting PG goat throw me some categories I would you mind and it's great for me it's moves food groups. Well I don't have any boobs so that eliminates that act. And we can just move on okay of food. Jane and I and our producer what do you think. Categories of things that are most Anderson new people's. I'm like I think at that point it literally whatever your focus on. Otherwise it is proposed that. Point. Make yourself feel better about liking things that you already. And realize that people think as late honestly if it's just a picture at Butte lightning in the middle of where each. And this and that and only. Technical. I don't know why it's cool I really don't. About got Hannity and whatever I can to fight the new cool. It over used word by. Three with views that. Whatever you're genuinely. How about grant in a match. As any of those I purchased ports my XYZ. As meticulous as. I. Say okay logic here. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. To search starring 941 Atlanta.