Our New I-85 Billboard

Monday, May 15th

Guess who got a billboard right next to the I-85 rebuild? 


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Star in 941. Given I 85 commuters in the eye candy today now. Middle last week Tony comes Andy's our our boss here at the radius if she says hey eyes so if you guys want it. We can get a billboard raid over the new bridge that week that don't come home yes please I guess that means cool cool. And so we ate we bandied around a bit. We gave what we should put on the bridge on the billboard in out is obviously want people know about the show and all that Mike. We got to do something that's. That honors everybody matches that the listeners of the Jeff intentions starry 41. That honors everybody would soon sort of public service so. We thought you know what about just a simple thank you to the Georgia Department of Transportation. Are we were thinking and maybe redo like Atlanta strong breed strong. All right you know like a bunch of remote g.s or something and he'll strung a Medicaid. Bet that that that seemed a little too overly dramatic at seemed a little too. Yeah so. We just decided that a reminder. Would be nice now pilot the only your funny. C'mon he's funny isn't it. So they stand up comedian got a seat funny so the team behind her that is on the bridge. I as you look to that to the size you go over the bridge that gets northbound. Say is. Hey. No smoking please. No smoking near this bridge yet said they got we just don't need to do that all over us and that aren't requirements saying that any time. So no smoking near this bridge so please this year cruising the interstate take a look one side or the other and you'll see. Our our public service announcement as a thank you it is a hat tips and everybody yes in Atlanta so high fives. For making us less. It's just it's out on star not before one.