Our Listeners Fell Asleep on the Job Too

Wednesday, June 1st


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Thanks for being a part of it. So. I gonna do three things after we talked to mark we're going to. Hear what Jan used to do to the interns who fell asleep during Harold radio channel. I'll take the story about when I fell asleep during them my old old old radio Asia. And then we are going to put that in. Fear of god in anyone who's ever send their child afield than. It is we have when teachers can admit that she's through most decades field trip and mark what's going on your first. Yeah eight. I we used to work in the private security. What quarter after choppy shopping area and in my patrol. Check to check military background and secure and and set my car and so leak. Well while I was asleep to court that will connect it to Mexico two doors broke into. It can I woke. We'll have realized that it happened the police were there. So I told the police. I would hope that point. And couldn't. Couldn't get really. We're in the robbers. It was pretty bad. It took medical report down so to record a couple of you know she stated that might ought to sit and overpowered me. Well in the stores and permanently yet and I. Let it happen and call them as sort of backed. It would. Bears some. For. Although I don't work out at that particular that either company relate to mark and it look like ten years in order in the North Carolina so what. I. A little while back. XL my idol out. That is lines that it. The one and another one and another one and another one and then you've got this like crazy story to keep up plants. Exactly tech yet it lights. As you know that woke up on the off man on my dinky little doubt that at the cops are coming home in the park where we're at the ticket to be like political. The play caller. You know ten years water under the bridge to the point that I hadn't had a talk about it title talk about it but it's who's been there and pretty. Different appreciate. It so my Serena my interest in comparison to mark's story that our interns that are farmers out. And hours than I do morning show and entertain the only people have here and it's falling asleep right in front which happened quite because they all stay out late party in college and roll out in the morning. So you say album and make him to take. Early on its the eyes are manager. Duke duke and anecdotes. And the idea it was like one does that mean I'm like a lack. Denoting that you like PE class like take a laugh like. One year with people. Like I don't get get. I would make him an army and of that after you left and fine them. Immediately so disrespectful your falling asleep like. Our jobs and thirteen year inning yeah. And like what is more humiliating. Our crumbling. In the people here as we ain't falling asleep the live audience. I can't imagine reply to 85 goes and out drive and ended its. Problem at an Asia south. That's just. So it could have Adams and they showed you guys know it's going to be take a lap and when I was and I think working overnight radio back in Syracuse new poem my head down on the board. And one minute in Abuja. During a song as a country stations though. I put my head down while Jack and a man yen and an is like one Alan Jackson go way down Yonder Chattahoochee. Allan weighed down on Saturday dream line. There's remembered looking at the lights hypnotic lights of those. Old school CD players and music used to be in human it is and that is that Dan ones with the arts and had all those. Hypnotic flashing lights and it was just. Linked. Link. Seizing. I two hours later. Did anybody catch you just look upon now much like the show here nobody paid attention to the fact that we are completely out for two things we can discuss that rate. I just wondered if she played where and that's their lucky. Elizabeth you can be the last call and probably the most horrifying call. I'm of the school teacher and it happened about one month ago I me. Led I don't feel exactly like classic which actually need it then. And we were at a mean TM and it happened yet Friday. And at that lately hung over France and going out the night the water. And pray and read it in the upper hand on cheer me. And Dan and I hope that hair on your bed I'm gonna be heading back. Me my intention aimed at giving instilling in them could be either. Definitely. Black. And he is quick little math plan. Well non racial way it ended net and on for hours. And yeah kept in terrible at army and could be two and a half hours so. They span the all time looking for year. Yeah I am at the end apparent not hear it turned out she had Kourtney per hour. But by the second hour at me she called and the ball and she got security museum different looking for me because she is concerned. And I ended up waking up on my own and locking out. And not security Grambling from one. Which are incredibly. Entire thing. I can't actually my Cole and telling manned I was stuck in the back and. Perfect. For two hours for a few hours and nobody came in from the UConn held for. You know most people don't believe that story. Well they don't like not I would. And saved your job sure. That you for the call. That you are action that candidate in fashion. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.