Our Interview with Andy Cohen

Friday, November 11th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for ten songs in a row every why you're today. On starting the fourth line you love him on his late night talk show watch what happens live you love all the shows that he produces. All the housewives every real housewives of every city everywhere. Hey candies and he's charged by the housewives I think he had any Kelly and joins the Jeff engines are now on star and Andy for one. And it'll last time we saw each other it was backstage. At your event here with Anderson Cooper ball. Yeah I mean I don't I thought you backstage before the event I had no idea what to expect and I'm gonna be out of the I was a little skeptical. So why it was. Autism are. So not yet it was just Anderson an anti and they were on a stage to Stalin stories about their friendship I just through friends. Hang out dealers rolls right so much fun. You're really good time now that we we always have a good time and and we're having a blast on this tour. And yes it's going to be even come to Atlanta without Anderson many many many. My right hand politically can deal. So I UN Anderson and closer now after the two hour or when. Leave it. We aren't probably guy rides they were closer absolutely. Which you know coming back to Atlanta with out him. Mainly for the book event at the GCC and. And they took part this interviewing me which I think it's going to be fascinating. That's a flip usually you're interviewing her now. Is there any concern if you thought of anything maybe. A creative way the edited three drives that she might use this opportunity to its roof and. For sure and who knows I mean this could be. You know retribution and I don't know. If he can really cause we can't get literally caught in in every because in the times that. It we've talked to you is part of radio or that but you know. Seeing you. You watch what happens or anything you do you did you really have a knack of just turning everything into a really comfortable conversation. OLA county egg you know you're really great. Storyteller. You do you know I'd love let me not that might might eat late new book is. All it's a diary of the year now in my life to end its. It's all stories basically. I mean you if you like downsize throughout the book if you don't like outside so loved the book it's just. All funny stories from my life. About hosting a talk show what about. Loss and friendship ends and running around with famous people and everything else. Have you always been a person they just attracts. Stories because there's people. Here's re I can't yes it's. Right at me and that is something that Anderson these estates immediately liked. It's fun because we get Ken Ehrlich who can only regular week and then I'd you know we talked to each other about what's been happening is like. Wait one happened. So there's some replayed again it's just like I'm walking out my door and stuff happens or rented to people that I'm quite. Winters Woody Allen to try to my apartment building and we just talked like you don't what ever it is. It's like every day something different and that you know. Much less than a posting this talk show there's always drama going on there. And producing housewives which is not. You know as you know very volatile Roland volatile and dramatic. You know themselves. It's not busier any bankrupt our. Guess right on. I think it's because they love every single thing I'm doing so it plagued. You know it doesn't feel that. Horrible because they mean. It gave them right now I'm really just pumping this book and going out on the road for a bunt. I love it and I'm excited for the book and I want people to read it I wanna meet people and take pictures you've done so. It's a pleasure and everything they do this is really a pleasure in the fact that I'm still paid for doing something that I love is really really cool. That's awesome because it's not really work if you wake up love what you do Jeff and I feel that every single day every. Are any talk just real quick about watch what happens live. It gives you get everyone on your show who let their guard down. Thank you so I wanna know how much of that is influenced by alcohol. That's up to the gap between this and we offered up a charitable that they reluctantly toward whether they accept it is their channel and just but I mean it's certainly encourage citizen isn't the only live show it late nights and we've really eat. We really easy. Pride ourselves in fact that's. If you were at 11 o'clock if you come over my house at eleven the first thing community who has offered few drinks in them and try to get stopped on the. After I. Got. Well Andy we got all the information by your Atlanta appearances. And your new book superficial it's all up online right now for everybody to access it surname for one. Atlanta into account. Thanks guys I appreciate it thank you is always for coming hours and. Yes thank you so I'd stay. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the company's gone enhancing discovery of the jumping ship show and star and 841.