Our "General Manager" Talks to Bethany

Friday, August 12th


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Jeff shell. On starring Eddie for a lineup. Are a quick. Very quick recap because we can't even on hold any longer but this woman has called up with a complaint that's freaking ridiculous she complained about gratitude he freshen fruity. This segment where people call up and gave. Thanks on the radio she complained so it she's mad about everything and so she's asked to be transferred to a general manager. Which we are going to do now except that we're not gonna really do Jeff is going to be did generally can't transfer from request signed to a corporate office and hopeful we're gonna do now and and Tom are you gonna pick a photo he sent April and Jessica. Kerry. How started for a while and this is Michael Fowler's office. So how are. Yes what I don't manage the Michael Powell like you file a formal complaint. And I can pass. It. And Bethany I just know when he's on the phone just picture you're nice and lap clear he's a bit hard here. Oh OK you just pitched three. I. And. Michael Slough. I'd like to file a formal Greek and about the morning show. They're broadcasting just terrible terrible thing mindless nonsense. Wizard profanity. No profanity but you're just. And they're not. Not tackling the nude that we batted at. Curry in the nation stay in our area and I would really like bands you'd be real journalists. And not these stupid fake. Broadcaster. I can assure you. Ma'am. They are not real journalists and I don't know if that makes you feel better but there's nothing. Even close to journalistic about them. I just don't like their morning show and I just tried to make sure that you knew that that. That their listeners are not happy with their morning show. Would you like me to transfer you back to the studio and you can tell them. No are even on the phone with them and I I have X. Expressed my displeasure already. I just wanted to and as their box I just wanted to let you know that there Laettner. Are are unhappy and actually when I spoke to that they were very rude and condescending need. Dave Dave what they thought I was joking. Was it Jiang because Janice terrible. We have such. Hang out of both ways. Sorry I just got a peek at you. And I would both of them actually it anywhere boat. Just. They distant from me furiously the reasons I wanted to speak with you actually. And you give me some specific complaints that you had win them. I played it. It capped the bit that no one wants to hear it doesn't make any and. Did you hear hear about that adds that was found within its rectum. Outside of its can't body. Did you know that was impossible. You know why you might not appreciate the cat sounds. Our human animal person. Not a cat. And what is your cat's name. Fiona. Like and that's not like apple. From the letting go distractions from Shrek and Fiona promising. So well who's. And what's the owner like. Also very much like her name she and back. She did very weak had a great great caddie I rescued her and from living on the street actually so. She had a pretty good right. Where is her rectum intact. As I've learned ask that now about tax. Who were found. Rescue. Yes she lets. Yes you would find your certificate is living on the streets actually by herself how long term and how long have you and the tournament together. I'd I'd be on our first seven years now. To see everything he retreats. I don't. Let all due respect I I don't know what that is what I mean. She likes cute little crunchy but I don't understand sir I'm just trying to file a complaint. The indoor cat indoor outdoor outdoor cat. She lived indoors that I am just trying to file a complaint against your morning show. On. Quick question. And then we'll move on. I did she ever get on the net. Catnip not brass to. And I wanted to make sure they are are you married single mused is it just you and Fiona. And you know. I'm wolf thank you for your column I've got all the information I need I'm gonna send this. Down to the studio right now and they won't get to work in Kyoto we'll have her cats on. Probably in about 24 hours maybe 48 hours so thank you don't have. Thank you for calling Bethany we appreciate you know. I don't need I wanted to Bethany nobody needs a cat's gone. But everybody wants a cat zone. Thank you for Carl Anthony and thank you Bethany for making the switch to star 941. I'm gonna transfer you back to my assistant says she can disconnect the call. Okay. A a oh OK with the with the able to hear you okay. Yes he went on I guess. It's okay what thinking you know. Okay who just think it's free to his voice. Yeah. I didn't know added it's just a. Thanks for listening to Bethany and thanks for making its way it'd have been Shenzhen sanity Worrell and just didn't show it on sorry not before one.