Orlando Vigil in Midtown

Monday, June 13th


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Thanks for being a part of it. So all of lost. So here's video if you wind hard news and analysis of that timeline of everything happen and Orlando and you wanna hear a 911 calls and you'll hear. All that tragic stuff don't listen. If you want to he year. Political discussions about. Constitutional amendments that may or may not have to be changed in elected officials who were. Politicizing what happened in Orlando in debates about whether or not. We need to build walls. That's gonna happen this morning and if you wanna hear some stories. Heroes in Atlanta Orlando if you wanna hear stories of people gathering in Atlanta. You remember the victims in Orlando if you want futures and it finished processing everything. You know it's still in forty years old right so you still wanna. Finish processing everything hinges and let it settle. And take operate from the FaceBook debates that are bubbling and talk shows debates that are bubbling up in just may be focus and it tiny little pinprick of light in the distance. Is it the end of the tunnel of hope and love and understanding. And that's where jammies and that's what I am and I think that's Friday to today's subject ought to be up front. Right and wanted to manage the expectations which it from the ship and we're trying our best practices and it is wise to you morning radio. What's hard to do we don't do hard news or not hard hitting journalist so we're not gonna cover from that angle will also. On our political talk show either so we don't politicize this and you you know like Jeff said you get enough of that on FaceBook with the debate that important going to be. An emotional place typically we're going to be an emotional place or make you laugh until you crack. The world crying today were all morning today as human beings and that's the place we wanna be for you this morning so hopefully will be able to share some of the good stories coming out of Orlando and human. It's touch and and part of that is. What David producer David and I attended last night was a vigil in midtown at the intersection of tenth and Piedmont. About a thousand people came together for a candlelight vigil to remember. And a mourned together and to show solidarity and it was a moving experience. And so I got to share that rookie David I'm so blessed that we. It was that together it was so much it was really powerful. And we walked around and talk to people and we just simply asked them. Why are you here tonight. Arabic. And that's the community we are united. There and ware and 300000 Orlando aren't I'm not Marlon and and the community if you look around. These people unite and link can be here in Atlanta Ellington in Overland that we can be an Al play it was today had a near men. Leaping anywhere I have her around the world on and we are you denying it community and that is because we have midnight this. As we know what is bills lying and he rejected the window and build my may not exact day. Look around we know what it feels like to have that kind of luck thanks and not me. And broke and they cannot meet its band aids cannot be stopped because this. That head. I'm patent adversity again and this. That takes says that the popularity and takes the spot client on the that kind of hate that says the thing that happened. I think that's why we're here. And that is exactly why everyone was here to just come together. And support the community and we talked to one girl who it hit home a little closer than I think other people. Thanks especially in planes leave aside from Orlando. I have a lot of friends and family there I'm very glad that. Found out very early this morning. Really high. You know. Also I'm very very it's. Kate club as very confused realize how about I think it's your reality and that's something that not plays I hold very dear to my heart because it. Somewhere I was able it figure out why Latvia. And that's OK let's see I mean it's not just club I mean there is space for LG BT community to. Really get together and experience each other and find themselves we don't you know. For a very long time and they gave me didn't have. Anywhere to go besides finds signs completely from society. And we just asked people when we were out there if they could offer encouragement for. Offer a bit of hope to someone who might be listening to our show this morning his feeling fearful. What words would they offer. And the face of what happened last night. All the support. You can't stop it is what it is. Love always live and love always break. There's definitely an emotional time and everyone coming together holding hands perfect strangers hugging one another lighting candles. There was a bit of a memorial coming together in candlelight Atlanta loves Orlando. The right next to a rainbow flag hands. It was it was really an emotional time and David and I were talking to people are standing there outside of ten Atlanta right in the intersection in the street. And we're talking to each other and we both look over. And I know David. That's mayor Kassim Reid right there walking in the streets with everybody else it's so David walked straight out to land and. I'm who were you in shock we elect on the right there Ellis talked for a second I was nervous to go out to them but it has did you contemplate throwing him for a loop and walking out dunk I talked about our Atlantic. Only a I'm not have them but he got yet a bit of it it was so. X exhilarating to see him there and see in supporting the community and I had to go and ask him what words do you have for our community right now. The community no is that to get today we're all together. Become one of the most important proverbs like live my life is that when every year. Whenever you have great happiness if you share were people that care about you it expands the the opposite is also true in every every sorrow moments of pain like going through right now if you share. That dissipates and hopefully become productive. Question for all of us is what we don't do what you want in an. What I want is that people look at Orlando than those we stand shoulder to shoulder with him in the city of Atlanta that's what today is all about and that's why I'm here right now. Sometimes you sometime the only people that talk sometimes. When you. Hurt. You see somebody sit would you. There's nothing that I can say they can change a horrible tragedy about what happened that day but I know people are hurting. And I know that one of the things that we could do to make everybody here safer. Is to remove the stigma. Often gay and lesbian bisexual transgendered question and people. And to the extent everybody is accepted and we come to the conclusion. That bigger inclusive than older is better. Then some sick person would do what he did today it's less likely to do it or somebody is more likely to step in. And say. This person is coach that is because it's all about see something they've done. Now here's the here's the deal we are obviously focusing time. The gay community because this attack took place at a gay nightclub. But we also can't discount the fact that this is an attack on America. And I and I know. I know that there are people listening right now though Larry you guys spend so much time are you in midtown Atlanta talking about that community use and figure quotes you know referring to it. The gay community. Ands. It's it's important remember that the gay community was was targeted because there's someone they got pledge allegiance to places to terrorist attack. The gay community was doubly targeted because this guy can attack America. And he DOS attack gay America be his basis is come out and say they don't they hate gays and they think that that the penalty for being gay should be. So that's why this guy created a double attack on America. But it you're listening to this saying. Wiry you know focusing and and the and that is part of it is that's not the the part that the we need to focus on Iran because. He attacked a community that is already fearful and that means that it any fearful any community. That felt safe is vulnerable a child in a school. A person in our church said this is not don't look at that the fact that we're talking about the gay community as part of this as isolating. Look at it as a way to explain how all encompassing news if you any place where you feel safe you. Could be vulnerable this is an attack on America we are very aware that. And this this particular terrorist just use they gay club to make it double. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.