One Line that Got You Dumped

Tuesday, May 10th


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Do you make this switch. Today Jesse. Business here on the show. And you contributing so we wanna hear now the evolution of that the one line they got you dumped 4047 or 19400. Yeah. I don't think they do to you how was I was really. Digging in my poor memory I have CRS. What my grandma called CRS can't remember. I'll. Yeah that's six legged and I was paralyzed. That's great pinnacle of any of these that we definitely got some on FaceBook already yeah 404741. At 9400. Dean is the telephone number we're just looking for the lying the you said they got you dumped. What's the first and they got on FaceBook and a producer down isn't studio pupils and these forests. I got I can't believe he won't iron my shirt from me and she said I'll show you how to do. And then he's saying this is why my mom don't like dumb tough I. Jaw. Affect Fat Tuesday down. Here's a nice short one. You're a waste of life. That's it no contacts. And it's from Lisa web I wonder from did she say or did he say that. I'm wondering whether whoever set it the other person responded with. Out the bad can it online from Dan ever hearts he said I'm gay. And she says it Dobson. The fact that. When he got down there I have Melissa walker I have I have never let you never will know me well okay. Dumb. And it okay this is round Michelle in her last name is real hard pronouncement and built super. Kirk if you're serious on the I want a party started packing everything will be on the court when you stop by picking up Pacquiao for tonight. It. Your kids stress me out to do it's okay Amy and our trust that one line that got you dumped. Her mother. I love. I caught up Obama. Even on full line this is three words yeah. Forward is how did that how did that come about. Hello that he showed up at my equipment out and having date night one night. And ended up staying like two hours and went black he he was in argument that effective immediately it. He does that make. 88 like I hate mother. Bat that ended it let's listen now. Yet he's allowed to say it that year got a lot to say at. The track. Lesson learned. It. We gotta keep the phone calls coming in 4047419400. One or two more from Facebook's him. You'd be the perfect girlfriend except for one thing to me what camp I can't tell you. Yeah not to know me. I fear out. 4047419400. V one lying there is bad it's got huge jumps from phase out the bad. Hello PLO peace I don't know a lot I he said you need to lose weight or buy bigger shorts. Have her chair dumb to see. I'd energy too as the size ones she said I was a size one at that time and float there has doubled them there's a zero right and you can work at a pace. One teenagers sizes. Com how would this ruined their odd numbers racket him I don't want you here anymore. Dumped on. Producer Donna has won from her real life experience what he had to act. Which act. I do not cook. That was the line that I you don't I don't cook. I like CNN and I was like amateur and the baca baca baca. Food is important to him apparently are coming in off of Twitter from Kimberly I got broke up at me for saying he doesn't like peanut butter. Apparently he loves. Peter muttered just not how she makes them. We hurt yup hey Heather what she got. OK after a night. You know to drink gating and we were in today I called my boyfriend. My act has been name. Oh we. And how he got he would go there and that was it let immediately. Yeah. That amount of time from saying the name to the door close and how long. Let him Biden's. Did you even try to ask him to say no all. No I think he would look at a greatly there were no bickering no. Regret it yeah it would. You know yeah yeah it's. Another thing here. Hey Chris. Say hey let's not. I told her to insist they had a much better personality. Oh hollow. Look at it. It's great effect that the Dixie downs. That's thousand how much time I stand between you saying that and heard saying get out. Are probably about thirty about thirty seconds Diana thanks to share in the stereo and as we appreciated. Thank you take care. Thank you for making this switch today Jesse.