One Line Got Me Fired

Thursday, May 5th


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Jen shall we go it's. JNN Lawrenceville what was the one line that guy you can't. I tell my Abbas that he did not have a real degree. And Steve did you have a real great. He got to our lines won't let me have a complaint saying see you in effect a critic. She can't like Ed young guy hi Chad can be a hot Charles and eat you know late pick and other workers felt like there aren't like you even have a rare degree gate you got in line. And how long from the wicked wizard from this nice gentleman. Who. And if fired Allen a much he. Really. Anybody that are named Billy glad that you kind of Smart about it we've got a whole day kind of know where academy fell 5 o'clock now and then. Fervent thanks to hacking it and he. Paid Jessica and then that's the one line that got us fired hit. A and that's okay. Hey what's up. My. Suck Dick cramped piece in the might add that I. We were clothing Iraq's got and we have a couple different manager yeah let's cut our competition as we get out early okay well we told the other candidates suck it cracks me my social media I. And I bought by inspired me my new brand. Alone so let's agree story out. I don't. That is not sound felt a few people though with the idea that story. Four might give it a small town that's his name now. He is now how crappy I might not really that the online got a fired I think that there's a whole other topic of how did social media get you fired adds absolutely they had noted that it was her it was a one line that she posted it on line. So when I was just a little baby radio person working in Syracuse New Yorkers were in various Asian golf wide ready for FM. And the program to Iraq called what kind of music you play adult contemporary K okay so bag ban it was an I don't know swing music Rick asked Clayton nanny and that her probably right. And the oldies saudis and millions of this but I was very wide Eddie Fuller SN. I am and air chat sessions are basically. Performance reviews for radio DJ's and you have them very frequently when you're a baby DJ. So you would go in every couple weeks and you sit down with the program director. Or the sister program record and they would listen to one of your shows and tell you what you can do better and what you can do. Where you can improve on areas of proved. Ands. The guy the assistant program director who re viewed me was probably two or three years older that. And he had big Shaq has yet to title. He was sick Merrill smug and he told of these areas of improvement I was nineteen years old man I was basically Casey case. Yeah I mean yeah I name everything. He rips me apart. So I going to production studio apartment buddy's work and and I am. This get what is he knows he's Tony do you does the everyday or checked himself he's barely done. And they. It dead dad and he walked into the room. About sixty seconds later and say hey. You know if you're on the air you can push the monitor button and listen to any productions studio that has open mics and is Ike. Associated ass clean out my four as they can't. Help but I. Hey Justin you could be our last call what was the line they got you fired. All of working at a collection agency and I called a customer who is past due and her daughter informed me that she had passed away today before. And without thinking I so she's not going to be intraday the maker Taylor. Oh god I hope what a lot of emergency on auto pilot yeah. Could that add is that many different customers to connect assignments that they again past due for an. All still ahead this morning its passage and this just adds to the alternate. Final line that's. Out the door. Things I netted him moves and a woman out of Alabama spirit on the radio and she just had enough he quits lives on the radio it's. Awesome. The senior adult yes I have a. Here we did it does not matter if it means we'll have played a whole thing Gloria and Jeff. She now. Or one.