One Line and You're Fired

Thursday, May 5th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you. Looks from world war so. These 400 thanks for making. Is showing 941. Cody and Woodstock. Say the one thing. And and was walked out of radar of the work tonight would you say Cody. I'd pull my slave labor boss what I was moving heavy table. He said come on it can't be that heavy table weigh in Q3 underground that they though. Like you work so hard. Oh yeah that was exit later. I was or off or. And I have been a lie by caddie out side by police 40474. Line at 9400. The census the need to finish his. And it's in the sentence thing it's. The stories overload of force what's the last thing you said. Before they said you're fired now this has to be late day that would Europe fight you know it's gonna happen in that this is what you said you storming the building. This is the straw that broke the camel's back if you will 4047419400. A came in Covington what's up. Play I told one a minute go where we're one of my co workers I just started Eagles for a couple months and I don't sleep on the floor and doing my job and they told me I was doing Iraq. I would like how much tweaking to sweeping the wrong way it's easy to quit tell me how to do my job. And not even five minutes later the manager came over there and walked me to the table outside my paper and tell me a lot of the dollar and acts of him. How my sleeping a wrong way you. Well no you said and you said to your boss. Nobody should tell me how did you my job and I think that's basically the definition of off. I don't pay givers and the story let us. Never heard she's right now thanks. Brian in Marietta without. Hey. I'll talk Iraq well. Formed my box look like sure Eric. Holder I'd prefer my older he sure they're way down there and I'm. And you Jim did you Abbas over here it. Yes you're Eric harder groups. Move like OK wait it out here. Yeah thank aha Bubba Bubba. That producer Kelly she's not you the story about one line that got you fired I knew what was that last line that you said before they say get out. I was working out law firm for a woman is a bully and missy disease. An easy believe me and I look fatter and she's at Kelly you need to do this and I said you don't have a Tommy Kelly you can call me punching bag because that's exactly what I am CO. And about two minutes later she called me into her office and she told me that she'd be paying you for the next two weeks but I didn't have to come in and I had to politely time to contrast. And say that would never talked about and yeah. The puck up. And I'm fired again I. What is she gonna do refi or you life and I cannot really. You said don't call me Kelly coming punching bag yes I did at the the circumstances were ridiculous the weather ahead. Held off a package that we needed and she insisted that I call these people every five minutes and leave them messages. And she came back every five minutes every five men call these people is in the delivery service right end and we were snowed and we are snowed into the office nobody was delivering anything anywhere Atlanta let's shut down and I was silence is over and visit after six months of this lady just. Bullying you have so rising maintenance. What are pouring out what one of those moments are like you wish it camera is on you're going to have. Dropped just might be a so what more time what was the line again the last line before he got fired was young have a Tommy Kelly you can call me punching bag because that's what I am CEO of Suzanne Mandela's what are you got. I got fired because I told they customer and I we're gonna talk as. And I get my life easier fan and I thought they need to go back into that seek out. Not all of although mommy dom. And how long before you got fired Obama stand pat and I think rednecks say. The online now bags and hit some seats down. Yeah next please. Phone lines are lit up so we'll keep taking calls for a 4741. At 9400 and I have a story. Hi I got fired one line and he got me fired from radio job. That's hard to do I learned the hard way it's always assume the mics. She now. One.