One Hole in Jeff's Lottery Plan

Friday, July 29th


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Back to the drawing board it seems Jan. They've been talking for the past twenty minutes or so about what we would do. If we won that they'd powerful half of billion dollars of programs Saturday night almost half a billion dollars of the I've got a very detailed elaborate plan. Like multiples that and it city's right to live. And no time to transport the winning lottery ticket between places you know who's going to be in the inner circle and how you plan. And street and act college note all the planets ruins. You lose all your money. What I Iran Jacqueline. You never side. Day. Our staff. Lottery winner won a lot and everybody knows that side you're yet. Since. Eighty. Yeah. I. Don't soon. Everybody. My city you know Mike. I'm so gonna take that again. The object is an ideologue I'd love this. You can show star in 941.