Olivia Gets a Limo!

Monday, March 7th


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The extra mile blog today. I'll talk. Any more blood. It's 829. On the Jetsons and show and it. As we promised last week when we started this show our third episode of the jet engine failed. If we promise an episode one we're gonna try to use. The radio platform and our show for good when we can. And we got an email about a very special young lady named Olivia. Olivea is twelve years old she's in the sixth grade she loves to hang united church and church activities she plays the clarinet. She loves Taylor Swift she is a big Tennessee vols fan and I loves watching football. And I just let's spend a similar family and friends and Olivia is a typical twelve year old in the sixth grade. Until you know about her battle with cancer and she has been battling very hard for the last two years. And has had a lot of ups and downs this some highs feeling like she isn't a better place and some lows when the cancers taken a turn for. A tougher road and so I'm we learned about Olivia. Through our friend you're Tiffany who has joined us and studio and through Tiffany and vibrant or both and here with us I think you guys are bringing our attention to Olivia and and everything that she's going through the she's about to head back in the hospital iMac and of this month. For a stem cell transplant which is going to be a pretty. Tough part for turning. She's a strong little girl and worked really hard and you guys are here because. You can do something really special for Bolivia and we need the stunning 41 listeners to help us make it even more special. Yes harper Riley and the Amanda Bradley foundation. I'm thirty set up a shopping spree for Olivia next Wednesday. And we wanna get her there in styles are looking for a limo company in the Atlanta area that we'll pick her up and surprise her and her family. And taker on that really kind of venture before she has for this next round of challenges. When she's in the house and how Long Will shift to be in the hospital for for the stem cell. Treatment is that something where you're in and out in one day here. You know she went for a while four to six weeks alone yeah okay. And that's just in a few weeks right yes she's still in and the thirtieth and December since the eleventh to march so this is something amazing for her. Before shooters in the house was all you're asking for. It is it this way and they're next Wednesday the next like that coming Wednesday asset sales. So believe the ninth seed Justine a limousine for a few hours on Wednesday the ninth to take this beautiful little six greater. To you where where she wears the shopping spree town center mall to take into towns and Amal and wait for her. Which she is a young woman so key takeaway. Take a long time. And so wait for her while she shops and then take her home yet. Guess cameras so sweet and her so special just give her something to think about when she's. Going through that afternoon a bit later on in the months so nickel are able to sit on the phone number so anybody in depth health. 4047419400. Does the phone number for a foursome 419400. Ends and while we're waiting hopefully won't take long to tell us about the your foundation which is named after your daughter correct. Yes yes absolutely. And our foundation and was established amounts five and a half years I can attack and minutes is named in honor and my daughter Amanda. I'm actually seven years ago yesterday. And my husband and I received a phone call that no parent should ever have to receive and that wasn't my daughter and I. Diagnosed with cancer. And she not only had cancer but she had stage four cancer wind and tumors in her lungs and ends and planner. Designing an energy and treatment 42 weeks of treatment. And and finished infantryman the end of 2010 and and her life instead of convened happy go lucky sixteen year old playing sports became a day in announced a hospital and clinic. And she finished treatment the end of December. And has declared cancer free. And timeless. Looking toward general life back but unfortunately three weeks later she relapsed and passed away. I'm April 9 2010. Bless you Barbara. Thank you well and can I can't just let cancer still my life as well combatant. I ain't. Can Carla in a corner or I can't have made a difference in the world. And I decided to honor my daughter and to keep her smile lines by helping other kids that are going through what she went trained. And such a beautiful decision because I I can't imagine going through something like that and then having the strength to turn it into a positive for other kids I I. Honestly cannot imagine. Well I have to look at to Florida and I've got this Angel on my shoulder saying mom get up to do something inside NASCAR daring. And we've fared since then and hundreds of kids and we are very very excited teen plus Olivia with a smile. And we started a new initiative and Janie Mary where we are 191000 reasons to smile. I'll tell you we have three wishes in the works in the next week or so and Olivia has come in and this week can sense. If we can just get a slim it was just complete the wish that we have planned for her. Hey yeah I Jesse James are stunning 41. Hello. Such faith and good morning guys. I'm an historically when we've gotten into cures. A year ago thinking. Who won't crusading Caroline is interest rates are. VW energy transportation and thank you guys show it is our. Film schedule wanna do something very special for him. Now this going to be super cool Lindsay right. You really impressed I don't think we're all out and really campaign. The very nice stretch limousines and I'll roll out red carpet. And they surround sound in wherever she wants you to individuals special. Some that's the main sound Einstein it and that is going to be great now Barbara tell us the name of the foundation again in case anybody once again involving a find out what you guys do and his. Like you said there's a lot of surprises coming up plus events coming up ways that people if they've been thinking about one to get involved and to. Dagen right here in the Atlantic community how they can find out more value of it is CMA under Riley foundation. And the website as Amanda Riley foundation dot org awesome. Easy innings here great work that you guys can tipping thank you for talent is all about because otherwise it wouldn't you know and so they wanna know about everything going on in Atlantic. Especially organizations like this in such great work so thank you. And thank you are currently at Tennessee transportation and ask them very Volcker played very cold lake Olivia de we'll put all the information all the details and everything you need to know. About this on line right now star 94 in Atlanta dot com.