The OkCupid Date Gone Wrong

Tuesday, May 16th

White lies in an online bio can sometimes be okay...but this?


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Star in 941. Learning an age old lesson about it complete dating profiles. Few people when they data online Kelly cheese leave some important details out from time to time yeah our they. They lie about their important details like their height it's just let this woman stories serve as a lesson this my own personal. Okay class and iron and I. Inside your Tinder app but it might as well they can't ever tell you could check goes let's I'm having dating lesson here for the group as she looks directly at Kelly G. Everyone else leaned up okay. Is it a series of tweets that rate we reveal what happened to this woman as she's online ticketing at. MG. I ever tweet about the time I went on tape with a 97 year old. It's my favorite old man's story. The idea to achieve them first page of this putter story that you and Sharon is a picture of this woman who's probably. 28. Issue what would you say. Yes is it Tonys for her late late late twenties yeah maybe 39. And 97 year old man enters the picture. I didn't know he was old in one of those okay keep it pictures of like the side of his face looking toward a mountain you know those ones. Impossible to tell anything from those pictures except that the per person possesses part of a face. If at. Let's be face system but tiny holes Saturday faces. Perry and that is file was interesting he had written doesn't it dared ask about all the places he admitted to but not in a brag UA you know. So I was like okay cool this guys seems interesting lets me he's suggested dinner at 6 PM. I replied. I don't eat dinner at that early I'm brown. And a half. I say let's just see instead he says okay so I go to the cafe around six. I look at. Nobody. Not days soul just a pilot codes on the chair and I'm like okay cool this dude isn't to a that's something we haven't come. I get a coffee and wait. Five minutes past. Ten minutes. To my everlasting. Horrors the pile of codes move Jeff. Great deals its taste and says in a voice like dry leaves rubbing together how are you react. Guys guys guys. We are not talking old like your dad. We're not talking old like George Clooney old we are talking old like doesn't get means olds. Give odd cat. We are talking all like they're sold Lazard shrinking back into themselves old like they're getting taller I guess like jelly fish. This marketplace and John him but my conservative estimate would be 79. Remembers soundtrack to seventies no 89. Each gesture to for the attendant turns out he wasn't drinking coffee and he was drinking came a mile team which of course he was. All eventually I relax I felt like you would if you were talking to your granddad by the fire. I asked him about his okay. C profile OK keep it. He gives me the most innocuous answer you give anyone I'm writing a book and I wanted to put something in about social media these days. I figured he was too old to understand that OK cupid wasn't social media I'll I'll it was a dating site. Like people meet for you know what it. Old people mistake. And media right anyway it's now 7 o'clock in duties like I had better get going so I was all solace dislike of chorus of may be careful out there. Then he delays and wise and hand on my arm. Both look at it it feels really small and cold and dry them. Like twig and we can you aren't old man's came in on my arm. He says. I live two blocks down. I don't really use my blank a lot but the women have told me they prefer my blank. Oh wow. Oh wow okay. OK cupid and I've met tonight and build an Islamic. I I don't remember what happened after that I blacked out sometimes human body does that to protect yourself from Amman. I mean I know I did something last in high pitched excused myself paid for the T even but we will never know what it was. Some words came out of my mouth I departed the coffee shop on the corner I dog how old pilot Chesley. That made sense to mean yeah. I went home took a bath and deleted by OK keep an accountant. Earth. Please state ever he uses his man's stuff like I use my waffle maker like. Not often but when I do how it's yeah. And everytime I use it I'm like I should use that more. Because I'm really get it back and an awful stuff. Right can you imagine ever getting on the. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough. Congestion ginger on starring Betty Ford Lola and.