Occupational Jokes that Should Be Banned

Tuesday, July 12th


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She doesn't change out our turn of phrase this right Jan and it actually came from something that your dad's. He hit okay. And then I realized I'm guilty. We want to ban. Occupational. Jokes that your sick. OK so if you're in a certain occupation. And your customer whoever happens to me or your friends and family make it seem joke about your occupation. Reliever. A little over there have to have allure again into them it's hilarious play because they only see like in your dad's case. They only see a bartender. Once every month it's him. Bites the bartender. Is around this June 20% of what Richard adds my dad yeah yeah. Well ways to light at restaurants ever a bartender. After he had to be here he says. One out of Poland. And he's joking that he drank. But it's like that's that's. And then I witnessed one time and Spartan and not get the joke and completely through the glass and that's. A. 404741. And 9400 we're gonna create a list of banned projects. On behalf of your occupation okay 4047418400. IE can tell you that there I'm guilty of a couple of which ones. And I apologize if you ever. Run me out. Any store. When you couldn't get the item this. Again they purchased or or both of them or or at a Macy's a tank or wherever. And you say. Communicated to stand must be through and mostly. It's terrible or at year the barber new person like he cuts there. How many times you think they use did you know let them cut. You do need your hair cat here for America. I. Have a crack. Usually Larry victory rate there I may the other day. Emailing alum from the American Heart Association examiner like. You know my mom is an image and it's not hard and very well aware of all these things and I said. That's that this is the cause really close to my heart. Thought. I was like I'm Jerry her. Habits and every email she. Some media person whining about 40474. Line. Four and Melissa in Atlanta today in Melissa what you do for a living. Therapist and okay and what's the joke you hear over and over again. Larry I'm any below it that. You at all. You are if you are. It's a very bad that yeah. I I thought I was of rate as we have on some friends and Steve. And I. An argument there. And apparently people for. All of is it surely. I surely that's coming in this morning. I so whites is you're. Joke the exit. Terrible caller are you tired of hearing meant. At their client would prefer to have it hit me I really think that they should not joke about back to back in May have to create a. All of these you know an oval and out there. So people that and outdated. In normal. So yeah ones. Since she doesn't change well.