No Lyrics Karaoke

Wednesday, June 14th

Because regular karaoke wasn't embarrassing enough 

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For many of these days. It's very possible that we Arab vowed to do. Go worst or radio. Broadcast carriers jammed but this is an experimental window yeah. Intel suvs looking for a seven solar. Can try new things here right yeah and this is technically Jen this game here which you'll be playing Kelly cheese will be playing and everybody will be playing along at home. Oh OK I. Our idea. So. Ideas you thought at JP and I just been messed up okay but you said on the air and it's not the and I can compete but at some point. Last week. We were talking about. Just the songs that we liked and they were plans are right and you mentioned you love this on. And thank you mentioned the youth singing that's non in the car. Every now. And I have no idea with the words are yeah. All lyrics and do. I okay. I well we have an instrumental version of the song. OK I have a karaoke version if you don't we also have. This lyric sheet that has a few clues on its hello you then and we. A former I was insane yeah and we also have brunch on nights against that will give away after this segment to kind of bribe people to listen. Hate us lose less than. I think Jen here a year lyrics banks to cast on the hill by Ed Sharon. And you're the first contestant have today. And it over the me yeah. Are you ready gents I think sell things to help because they really really don't know the song I like this and we really don't know at dinner Carlin. Anti lonely you know France nobody likes you know he's answering your calls its U. And and and this on comes on the area okay. The first line and we'll saying. You sing oh OK good OK get it I ice does Jonas after that just goes as far as you can. And yelling for me. Constraint FK. On of the song I hope you make better than you sang. That was much too fast and all the fun parts are over. Slow it down listen okay listeners and is it ginger is not moving quick. They got it I know these meandering through I. I don't know the song you guys I'm so bad I wish it was a song and they knew a little bit better. You're the one he said it's. We'll do another one I can try now I was pretty only song thanks for. Use. You did this to yourself. Time is really bad song cheers all right I really don't know it I really can't even attempted it. I can achieve here reading. I can't think yeah. Almost all of the everytime Bruno Mars this on who's on their area counties like all of my. Arms in the energy. I mean those owners I went downtown and it's kind of feel like I mentally gaming time. And an expert but. I. We're karaoke you tell us afterwards whether this is Gator banners. And I can't you people can now let me yeah. My eighth and. From a tiny little town in a part of Jersey you've never heard that he. Kelly genes. He needs to dug owner of a camp. She'll be singing a song and how bachelor like my brother miners in this round of. Hate JP no reason this less. Erratic out yeah. I got talent in the patent baby girl Saturday and you and it doesn't guidance O'Donnell made him captain. I've lived I'll play up did mommy stand around and I'll have I'll meet them and the M Ammon. These house in my hand me. Then I. Being. Don't lock their pills then I'm angry I'm. And Cadillac. Ellis has some I'm comment. And it can't. Me and then on I. Starvation I mean yeah that's bad. So what you think he hasn't and a nice. He's not you match at a. Saying this really makes you realize his own now. Reportedly that was a bad. The entire room gigantic offense change yeah. We ignore option I would song you want you can like when he you don't karaoke bar you can really scroll through and pick the one that you think you kind of know how. Our what's on the you know better than any others. I on the spot right now okay come piling that that cold by Maroon 5 song I really like he did and you know the weird sense. I think so. I don't you got until the sun in my to study in my. My game I see him more options. For making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.