No Lyric Karaoke

Friday, June 16th

JP, Jeannine, and Jeff try their hand at it. And one of us DOESN'T suck!

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jeff and Jeff shell ol' ball I'm for debris and now we are yeah yeah and then. This actually what's he doing your car while your sing along with your favorite son we just remove all. All the lyrics include singing and it is terrifying and difficult though. I look I'm buying my house. Omar may again that's where did you posted Kelly via video of the by Jan yesterday and means I'm. I'm hanging in horrible Leahy himself is on these aren't any floral won in Atlanta FaceBook page and the. Jet engines have faced the pace Jan result like I can do this and this is her son. And so Hershey guys. I hate to sound out from accusing advisory would their size JP and I. As the ones who put the segment together I had to pick our own sons and I'm like this is going to be so easy. Him now. Another good. And in Maryland a blank piece of paper. What song did you pack. I hit again Marty pat. Yeah. That. I can't let ever. I so bad that they. Well I already feel like again in a church with no pants on right now and yeah okay just dollars version of knowing or karaoke singing Bruno Mars three trips in Atlantic now. Yeah well it's what you're trying to do. Well I mean. They are yet. It did. And boom I was using. Just out now and again the and the color red balloons. The money in my market. I do eastern. That's uncomfortable is so why is that feeling comfortable. If that wasn't chosen then there is of where they Ito saying it's. The bar. In years not only do you use your own and unlikely. I see it saying that it. Those. I'm supposed to hang. And let it does producers mean you have you're gonna be fine I think Maggie should come and sit right next here that we needed a closeup of this OK yeah so a pretty good cannon faces right yeah this is going to be easy for agent and. It's not so much in the. I got him. Then I mean that's some of the words yeah but thank you David Perry get your first two lines gets out of your new car. January target. Traveling at top park place. Radios and. Mean these are. And Tanzania like. Alan did good last every game meg yeah hydrants hold. You don't even know. And our hands clap. Make your hands well. And then now this many in the. And then and then and then and then that's. Where is baby and and then they're they're always good good good good to wrangle all. You don't even know. Nothing could drove it. I didn't make yeah. Landis says them. And many only is Simpson Simpson there around the and probably. Tired and cold. They had so I'm loath. And yeah yeah. And when Japanese yen. Mean that's I. O'Leary here and he. Those closest I've just OK we give out. JP did do it because. She's gonna crush these amazing is that they at all zionist last. I'll still are. No Lira karaoke is what happens in your car when your favorite song comes on the radio. So Jane sang. Maroon 5 colds. We'll buy stuff from you get the instrument the way we set the answer loud did you get the first line of the song. And that just isn't the karaoke version you're on your own and I'm here because when did your car right everybody. In their car thinks or Chris Martin called by yeah. I know. Or whoever right you think I got jammed I'm generally. It can be totally build this out and yeah. Look isn't in the that voice isn't there to sing along with the words just disappear out of your brain O'Leary. Really. Yeah punishing somebody is just waking up right now. I've says he can't have it in dragon room trying to. That's terrible I take a drag it to the front aromatic. Terrible thing Kelly Cheney's an attractive that's what I'd like it was terrible. I Geneen. Kind of stumble their way through a hand claps yeah although they seem better than precedents that remain as adds JP's turn and this is JP's sounds so we'll give you a preview of it JPMCC tenth start to feel it. Right. And so it's so easy right now yeah. That along with that. I JP during a car you cruisers some Cornel tournament volleyball practice or whatever this song comes on the radio you're there alone attorney doubt roadway is that I'd say it's. Heart is beating so fast enough and it's only in your head you. Mile. And you do. Thanks so I'm. No you do them better. Thanks so. Thanks for making this wedge it's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.