No Hairy For Harry

Friday, October 6th

Kayla the UGA Cheerleader is willing to SHAVE HER HEAD for Harry Styles Tickets. #dedication

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell ol' ball. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah it's safe to say you press had been in and gets the very silos. Our winner is in sync. So now or is it out literally in the wedding night. In just 12 I guess so here. She's clearly. Meanwhile those die hard Harry style. And then ever learn how. Ascension Island time for a while I'm not concede I. And then candy and Kayla nice to meet here on CNN your hair is beautiful. Seem. Like really I noticed in the programs I don't how can I expect them blinding curly. Pastors shown it's okay. Kids from single and so you really have gorgeous hair. In with a great smile on the ground so. Oh so let's start when the important stuff that's why he is Harry styles this future mr. Kayla. Georgia. I may hound had in a mental Google initially named Izzy and she's father is so it's really sad but I I don't Christensen tip. You haven't you could it's really funny everytime like I play inside Iran supreme stop check. You have a dog in the amazing birth certificate. Most. It's the law and in the you know line and the neurosurgeon against where you adware and says who's the father you planet and it's nice you know why can't it stands for. And all amazing how. Okay Roseanne. We aren't so yeah. How about yourself how old are you weary from Boise girl a hug itself I engineers all I'm from yeah yeah resurgence and Steve respond Tynan returns yeah. I insist I ends in three years and I just Chancery of the men's or zionists and men's NC it's is really cool and then I got. That's an and three PGA. Pre law yeah he'll let you come fashion designs pretty I am incensed that cook. The. Hey how many people do you think we'll hire you as their lawyer knowing that you made a birth certificate for and I. So it isn't this. Until you do that front. Mind anything. So what would it mean you go see Harry styles. Yeah and you didn't think I easily so let them and you finally saw him. I really decompose like silent yes follows me. And I keep what followed at a screening present so nice you know I got and keep it together and I am trees TI announced so late I can't even think about what I. Sun is confronted so you're convinced that at the Roxy on Sunday will be in the crowd that Lou. And then he's gonna look at USC got her and the like bats my doggy baby mama yeah it's my mom that we have. Yeah me that. Getting island three dollars so maybe he did originate. Command warned there yeah Giuliani getting out of here addresses. And that he didn't. And if so did you originally tried to get concert tickets now. Come I assurance that an un I told my boss and no they're really stood English so I was like this to get Terry silent in the it is just like okay. And I like when Sebastien like tidal and then when they went on sale and Allen and to get them on the went on sale and they sold out literally a descent and I. I'm Chris exceeded and I am I don't garlic like trying this year I had these like weird things on hand. A ceremony and then I into sixteen different contests in different paints. A anything in my eyes yeah. And the islands in the top five iron. Isn't winning anything until this is the man you're losing and yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I sing my class housing listen I'm not really changed his life as a anyway like. Let's see what I can do and I was like I was do you Sonny and I Lilly was a slight. Is tied to the right thing and another and I don't lend you and I don't see my hand and then struck me I was like oh my god. And you have to get back into school an exit enemy turned three you. I think sitting on the I had LSU play friendly both governments Wednesday night. And I lessons for safety from studying you see here some like running on coffee are you gonna bring her to the concert if you and are necessary amendments and Fuzzy and movie but a transcendent and missing out in economic choosing sides here EJ. You're a year earlier this year earlier. Is it a little yeah. I've only compete and like if I Wear a lick frozen. Our management bottle. I don't understand about Sunni candidacy. Obama so are you OK I can do. I am so much confidence came that in view met Jerry says you totally be able to hold it together. You really look all go online now. And her chin up. Now when you guys I'm signing has some serious issues and that's what I pay. Idea how important a woman's hair is tumor. I'm not sure you quite get the attachment. I'm more hair Jan. She needed birth certificate to dawn. That's adorable what a crazy she click here Stiles is the dad that's just Smart you know what it is. That's just used in the secret. This just put an all out there right poll on the energy towards you and that's just let's milking your future happiness in existence so. This field what does this is destiny. Then she is meant to be. He hair and shave her head and meet Harry's death wish draws attention to our he's like all my guys I look at that girl with the shiny bald head and what's your friend's name. Laney and NEC's Delaney next Iranian side while deleting these cute and that you have him in the lean year MagSafe. I. You know. Pretty. Series though I know very very very new and happening and Freeman and solid on the. And she all star. It's Palin's twenty years on the long beautiful blonde wavy hair and she's. Harry I don't think she is about to shave it all off for go to just shallow issues lest you must flexible. T and US yeah. Marion Atlanta. This girl honestly sounds awesome it is her head but give her brain she. Got a beautiful hair and I under item. A. She is the under bottom I even though that is that doesn't sound like something we can. Well I just as essence is any ears and got her clippers she's ready to go. Though we've got to drive costs down and Kayla. Dear parents or anybody NATO and that's because the air. Let me this is right I think you mean I don't know if this is a sweet about me. And then yeah if you tell us on the incident. We'll see a picture of Kayla now a sentence and sour at cern and for one Elena a key chairwoman of the shaft. I Gagarin to get this again these days ousting its and I. He gave out how I didn't stay in our opinion deeper undercut it better hair on dirt that. He sat. And basically around the bottom part again here today that Obama. Are you need to cut at lower actual. Plot where she can't build a low energy grounded out you'll be able to keep it safe. Wouldn't you are Taylor's favorite person I. Is it. Saved Greg three times and I'm really really I can't I'm an out. Don't lose it all and you really cute and yeah no I think teens tiny. Mile and gadgets. There today Davies bought but all for Dean Foods is one thing I mean. Kelly she is try explained suggest NJP in any guy like how much a woman's hair. Then we saw her. So that's I would do in the kind tag I here's the thing see things Alanis we'll Kayla is right behind you and I have to explain her. My relationship with my hair and I used are really bad because I love my hair. Like I massage my here in the shower every day and I. My hands Nagle loves in my area are being yeah. Dry and does all that when you have a good hair day it seems more and every every game that is why don't you man but what we know. That's why it's this is the night and I'm tell it is because I don't know if we can do this. Week talking about. I just think I can be responsible for Kayla. And made her answer. Jack and salads are no Mary for hayride our idea. No it's actually an offense as a easily Cunningham. Yes and that's do we blame. And that isn't engines and whom you seriously. Turn around and look at her you know even looking manner because you have right now I'm on a chair. Just McCain Dallas. Totally out I heard yeah. Or give her a break you hit it are you. Are re just like her I day. Well I guess her price. I think I'm loans segment segment. It okay. I like sickened that contest because it is now hairy for Harry that's the contest down but she just had to be Wheeling. To cut her hair. You're looking at me like you're so disappointed. I can just as the tigers ass on my report and I know. This to me. I just Ari is this how you gonna raise your children. Is this how you got rave. To just being handed her participation. Trophy. For showing up and not actually going through is this what the next generation has a look forward to it and learn and race. And my own wine and Jan I can't believe that you hinges bring up well and Teresa's relationship with her hair out that's true. Go forward Jen that's true do you know how heartbreaking it was when she lost her hair and she just may be shindig you really have any hair Janet indicator. I don't cut her hair. But wouldn't even want my day I'm it's gonna turn it. And the I thought it written about it. Have a name don't you did this girl well. Jennifer and Johns creek. Do you not had a baby yeah. She not know if not worst days. Don't do that. CEO Jeff is getting more Hamlin it's everybody gender divide though because Jed is gone from Dallas AJ. OK guys sit there. He's. Yeah pretty. After I lost. Elliott if you things are discussed in Providence. He goes because the calls I think we should take. I think we should fundamentalism or you're only saying that he is when he called the committee in nineteen after you don't do it. Star in 941. For Harry. Anyway if you're just joining Jennings and Jones and line Kalin is when he she had law. Beautiful. Flowing hair. She wants to go to Harry styles so bad that she's willing to shave it all off we'll look she's a huge yea pretty much and she is she. Well. Double stick yeah. Candle wax chewing gum in the. I know. I don't wanna make her do this Ashley welcome to the show. I know. Oh no and good god if you have to eight and they did they test it under it. A man that antenna sock. Current yeah. This. Arms well what have you made a lot of judgments of and it's. I had an early in Woodstock. All gone ahead and just tie it thanks he had regulation ended tied. Yeah. Confronted. It was. I gently chides noon. Explain why we've discussed that in the hall. Really just don't. But just says that we ended make a trade. Why don't you. Look directly at Kelly we'll let her see her decision we'll see whether or not. Far below my knee and I can't so. Really early early early this morning promising viewers sales news and bad Kelly she's told us a story about how. House she had a Golden Nugget of embarrassment that would seem. Nearly eight Jack. On the radio. I'm handling out in the snow so he told me hallway and we just sent out a second ago. He would allow us to not save Taylor's head. And still give them tickets and so give yourself to get let her go and go with her hair son Hank if you don't embarrass him on the radio. If you don't humiliate them you can never bring her on the air and you can never tell the story. Put yourself in any yeah. And yet you're so evil genius RA announced snowman. Why should it KOA I can't. They'll let you log over there where I was fastest feeling is currently Lang. Yeah. Because I feel closer close up I'm looking all the Paulson has slipped on the middle Condit. Undercut it don't cut it cut it cut her hair and her man throughout you don't peasants and what's the what's that thing called that she's wearing. Smock a Smart she's that she's last month and the interns have covered. And pictures that hairy and her future husband use her husband baby daddy. Com there is a sorting integrations and that picture to do is go to short hair and down the street from new short hair. There's long hair I can't do sir I can do this American Jan straight. We don't cut her hair cell you know it calculates doll analytics to act she was willing to get it and that type girl I get what I want what Howard said that Mary dialed I wanted to bury an. I marry him and I would ever granted it the next day at Merrill deal if. Yes always what you're saying you should still be single anniversary and it turned out when the name. Harry Edwards sounds that is bad she just don't have any hair while she has had urged the. Sandy my final answer yeah now don't give it to me. Get into chaos. I know let you. Can your cells are happening here. I'd say you've. Here's those here I. The way yelling yeah yeah she's away from my clippers on Claire's mom. Brain and a jump hug me having earned a hug from me. Everybody who called him so disappointed at city center back from an Alley she gets. I've known one girl who wanted to do it. Justice so man. But he's kind of relieved that he's not gonna get humiliated on the idea that same time yes. Officers say congratulations. Are you splitting. Saying it. I feel as killed in that until it went down inside. If you wanna see a pile of hair on the floor and. He had that's creepy picture. I thank you for coming and had me. Let's break this down play butcher opening line gonna be when he makes you backstage and. Also this is your kin and Syria are Canada doctor. I cannot. You definitely know how to get locate. Congratulations. Yeah. Get up the school for him it's. And jumpstart. It before one. Okay. It is now lost I mean don't we are just having the debate with the gala about her. Hairy for Harry meg and Kelly she's invoked. Raise your job. Lost some of her hair when she went through key mouse who's making a valid point badge jets out. That is jet down in front of recent Laurent. I is because James raising lousy kids can she's got the call. Off the club had you seen Reese is here it's beautiful are right in vein how about Erica. Who points out that in the Bible god didn't make Abraham kill his son after all of the 88 what you went old testament and low. She did. And ask them Bible Belt so Fred actually just compared our show and gotten so. I got a matter how well the way you interpreted. Oh okay so alone blank and people are mad at us. I it's. And late late. Who I Cali Lewis Russa kept America so we had a hasn't come in hang have you gotten SN owns a salon and mantown called Ceylon chamber Jiang so if he wanted to get your haircut and not bald. Essence we'll do that you so they summoned her. As soon as CEO every now some. Are all local share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook.