No First Dance at Jeff's Wedding

Wednesday, June 22nd


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Thanks for being a part of it. So oh loss got a very nice text message from the Jenn hobby on Saturday afternoon is a message to my fiance. Cali and myself. And copy down it was our friend Garrett. Dance instructor yes change ends. You guys. I have arranged for you to have some dance lessons with Eric. Here's his phone number reach out to hand the first fancy wedding days. So. It. Well that was our engagement gift to you guys and I put in the cards that we give you some champagne it's your engagement party. And then realized it today I was like crashed that it can close out for quite some performance from today. He had you were talking about I think that what a week or two weeks ago how nervous you were about. You know their first dance at the wedding and how he didn't feel he had any rhythm I was I need to put that wireless so contact you dare accuse like here's how we do it. And I was like perfect and you already know him certainly be a little bit more comfortable around him he's a fantastic dancer yeah. And does instructions and lessons for people all the time he asked me is like to they wanted to choreographed to answer to some light moves to look like. A little bit better than me. Shuffled back and forth and I was like that's gonna be up to them. Grant and I just my take care of the first and so we gotta set up and fired it. I'd like toast and visualize. This at everyone visualize this closure rise UK and visual not if you're driving now. I'll close my eyes I visualize. You've all seen the videos America's funniest news. Of the horse trying to get the person. Right yeah. Front please backers of product comeback from back from Bagram and for supplies and in the course. Just takes off running but it's called bucking every few steps it is about right yeah that's meet fifth. Well I just thought and action were on this. I so that we an executive decision. Ways possibly reach last night. In the bedroom of my hands they can. Sounds little like you giggles advancement here on thing Allen now it's gone down and we have decided ha Vance. We. Oh. And to that nobody special for everybody. People look forward to open ours. People look first. Is below that average of food. People look forward to him seeing people they haven't seen in a long time. People who for intrigue going on in the hands and. It's about celebrating it's your first thing together as husband and wife. Italian presented at the reception. Is presented. His. Term as she's ridiculous name right and and you come out and you do your first day and that's what. And I have a wedding and. That's what happens from those people but Cali and I decide both society came to the realization last night it's not something that we. I think boycotting this idea I boycotting your executive decision. It creates. Anxiety for me because something. So good and I hate it I don't like that. And answer. The rhythm now. Now and Kelly doesn't love. Like being a senator. She the spotlight the league and much of rye yeah. He used on one day you're sitting right in she's fine news. All and that will be out will make some remarks whenever but we think we're I think it and it currently. First. I just like you punched me in the gut and I got the win not count me. To eat hot day. Let's get like whipping out of it or something. And if it's not say if this is supposed to be our big game more specifically her big day. And it has in the that we love she might just not wanna do it because she knows you know one deal. Home now I think she doesn't mean if you really wanted to I said let's start the lessons out there tomorrow in the let's start the lessons. Can you please do a couple of lessons first and then decide rather than just sort of like cowardly getting out of it it seems just like. Still be in the sixth graders not do you like an adult man can't feel it when you get married and you are her husband he. Maine you hired her got out. His standup guy right Q she saw her. Any person sociable hours about that and this week weather related to answer rock aid. What if it's against the spread of cancer since he admitted that some. Kids who think that's benefits and prevalence pharmacy. Saying is it I assume lining it took a Andrea Andrea from India. Hey we think. Well I kind of wanted to keep you or I am all for the opener. In my fiance and I don't like hey. So we decided to cut I not having a wedding cake and our women are are eking out. The case. I think people look for is the case are you gonna happen. Are you gonna have another desserts. Yes my mom's going to make cookie it better than you'll have a bunch of dessert that's actually kind of freaking out how that tradition. People wanna see you beat each other factors that he could that it won't let out I want to learn that you have to do they want your day. I thank you so ARIAD on that. And and I didn't listen if you aren't canceling plans found if the writing printing and not let this happen if the writing group and don't care for K right. The game. At the. Your party for every one. I. Everybody takes the words you don't need a little. Barbara Candace and a I. But I am absolutely essential. Thing that gets the party started. As everybody else now that hypocritical on the warranty right. Thank you very much Barbara how about this one if we just said. The dance floor is open everybody can go out and dance and then that he today please the wobble. Out there waiting for that there before they. And at this Barbara she's right. The this is this remember mad right now witnesses at a faux wood terrible people ask hat in Lawrenceville. Yeah. On. The left and even if you decide where you do you're. Taking my daughter she need to achieve. And in Italy are more memory or you can turn on our pre. She's got a point there I can't tell me it's more about the wedding day it's about. Some of the pictures are are of are for Steve's favorite. Of the whole wedding day inquiries shots at him framed house you're just not gonna have that what are you going to be doing shots of tequila. And hang that on your living room all. I don't. Whiskey. And annoy her name's Chad tough hello. Kevin and Jeff. I. Think there's a but letting the money. No actually they eat at the first and get heading into eight that ballpark even if you're floating between. And looking at her. And eat nothing else mattered that your first time I've satellite. And I went out there letting him at a wedding where everybody why letting at a monarch butterfly and and really. And the butterfly. Swarmed around men and a very elegant need to weigh in on the beach and actually ordered everybody lives for that moment. You can take that away from your style and that we're grading ethnic centric special moment. And I really didn't. Where do you go along real wedding planner and a day in weaker. Than. And the butterflies were armed Iran and bloomers and and the right. Scheming and lifted trade. Him. Ice on Friday. Olivia you communal last. Okay and paper are here to act idea I have and I did not am I letting. And it perfectly right it everybody was more concerned that drinking and eating an apple app. Now we don't regret it at all in the car. Thank you Olivea Michelle welcome you're not the last comic shall. I. I'm I'm getting married in February and we're having that same debate and I love the thing that I don't want everybody staring at me while regular. That's how he's staying. So I think it's. It's you're lagging today. White dress. Everybody here. All out flat out I think everybody's staring at me that they're looking at me. You know let's flip it up let's make them uncomfortable. Let's make this Michelle what do we do this how to affirm our respective weddings we just stand in the middle that chancellor and we just make out right. And I are from like ten minutes in the just got a one. You know. I think we. That's the plan I'd Visio is bachelor is hot to it and I've seen him uncomfortable. You know believers here for your opinions and serve. Yeah.