NIchole Nordeman's Parenting Story

Tuesday, April 25th

Aw! What an adorable story about parents missing their baby!...oh wait...


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Star in 941. Out jam this may Nicole sort of man or anybody else. Yes she broke that release we. I think I have we need to Megan don't play that sunny in this mother's my gosh is about your kids growing up too fast and has a slowdown. Even just like thinking about it plus I was busy area. I said the name's Nicole in the tournament and I started tearing up just thinking about how sweet that song ends. So arm when we when we talked to her about that song that makes Jane cry. IE sort of following her FaceBook OK she posted something yesterday. Made me laugh out loud is. I shared this morning on my FaceBook page and I'll just George Rogers read it to you OK perfect this is post from a Nicole nordmann a songwriter singer songwriter. And she rode around trees that. I'm sitting in an airport restaurant listening to a young couple face time with their baby and his grandparents. It's so adorable and they are obviously having serious separation anxiety. On their trip. They're cooing. And if god Shane. Enix claiming well lucky you big boy. Still handsome a Jew being so good for now and am pop up of her. Both the and then they flare up one million questions for and and I about the feeding. And the cool things. And how everything's going through it they have reminders about favored blank he's in favorite ways. And then they say let's say goodbye to baby one last time. And they collapse with joy when he's back on the screen mommy and daddy love you you're the best Rory mobile home so soon. Nicole breaks that she is literally crying into her drains his. Because it's so precious. And she turns around. And gets a sneak peek at the baby on the face time screen. And it's a yellow lab. Now I don't. Hash tag your job parenting for really. If you look we'll open championship. Hermosillo where did you go home and he didn't. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants.