News About Waynes Over Cats

Tuesday, February 27th

It really is exactly what it sounds like. 

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So are in 941. It is Tuesday and it is time for an addition of music I wanes over acts. Whose plan. Quick little way bulletin that Wayne was my serve her and the region cocktail club on Saturday in the service was. Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne playing great great great playing. Her. Plus. Fred says McDermott true inspiration for her role as Mildred in three billboards outside adding Missouri. From western star John Wayne. Her ace Francis frank. France's opened up about prepping for her Oscar nominated role in the news feature after the film's. She revealed she was asked to make physical changes for her character's appearance adding a Bandana and a jumpsuit and thousands are mental cues from Wayne Dwayne morning. As you are resented her character's personality. Does she have had. Yeah then. I became. His name the segment is news about wanes over attacks. The names for this. She truly inspiration from John Wayne. Who is an incredible claim to be talking about. Morning morning. The movies to rebuild our subsite having Missouri is a today on Blu-ray and he just. Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne Wayne. Playing great great great playing. Wayne mold their age nine gives Montreal Missouri passed away Monday. And lakeside matters and Austin each. Well here's the. Wayne Molder of Montreal Missouri. Home. Why is he's ninety Jane people died when their old. Winning a grand Wayne Wayne Wayne. Please rain rain rain playing. On May 21 1955. And Max creek at first Baptist Church Wayne was united in marriage. And Jerry Koran Edwards who preceded him and asked in 2015. RP. The net. Wayne was a crowd lifetime resident of Camden county witnessing firsthand all the changes and progress of lake of the Ozarks and surrounding communities. He worked as a mean it's truly are firm Missouri Department of Transportation. Is an avid outdoorsman and injury it is days hunting fishing and horseback riding Yasser enjoyed playing his banjo playing morning traveling in collecting antiques. Did he sing songs on the stranger about. Services are going to be just Saturday it had just got funeral Hong Camden and concerned. In turn that will be a roach union electric cemetery. And Roche has. Seemed like a really adventurous plane. Or encouraging that's I don't get it because it's news about wanes over cap thank you. Oregon State slowdown Arizona and there's and I did in the end it was an announced the beavers missed some crucial shots late in regulation and the fourteenth ranked wildcats. Controlled the overtime period. It was the third time in four games in Oregon State trailed by double digits and came back to at least tie. Over Atlanta our guys get to a point where they know when is a little bit of desperation time and get back on track said beavers coach Wayne jingle. Beavers even. This whole. Win rumored to be. Swinging single and news about Weems. Respect the wing. Nobody's last seen teen and out of Tampa. Vienna look out firm of familiar redheaded stranger Willie Nelson is coming to town for rescheduled show it clear waters Ruth Eckerd hall really. He was sent us is about why he is set to perform their earlier this month proposed gonna recover from the slip. Also keep denials for Lil Wayne in Tampa sense this is our intent is Tampa trial which low Wayne has been known to have you're at. I'm for keyboard and stuff which just proves the fact. That oftentimes when there's a Willie there's a Wayne when. We. I'm great great great playing. Breaking news it's like they just showed there one time and any night. It's been skating and stuff. And young star ready for a one.