News About Waynes Over Cats

Thursday, February 22nd

It's exactly what it sounds like. 

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Star in 941. That I Jen I hate to steal your thunder by it. It's time. I'm due a bonus news segment on the jet engine you know we must've missed these headlines in in the loop yesterday is out what it says I mean now Lisa now that was important numbers aren't a lot of US a lot of stuff out so what your job cut out. Ladies and gentlemen it is time for. Muse about Wayne's. Overt acts. May your segment is news about Wayne's. Overtaxed. What a cast. And he dressed and famous every time. But why way the air if the name of the site that was news about wanes over Catholic while I do this music that. What so just why why Wayne's. Why Wayne's. Because the name of the segment is news about Wayne's overcast. If that Davis segment was news about Carroll's over Big Bang theory themes. And I would use that team in the surgery about Carol. Our wanes like more notable. Urges Wayne just 'cause at Wayne. When I mean. And cap this Wayne have. OK okay. Former Indianapolis Colts receiver Reggie Wayne will become the fifteen member of the Indianapolis colts' ring of honor next season. Date for the ceremony I will not be determined until the NFL schedule is released he's gonna drain a former a former teammates. Marvin not named Wayne and man named Wayne jet slamming into Maine and he's not named Wayne. Now earning the honor a hell I'd joined the man who drafted him in 2001 former executive until Matt and but he seems ready to. Reggie Wayne. I played fourteen seasons a franchise record 211 games I had EDT you touchdown catch. I don't know was innocent and Jimmy winging it country music artists and former Foster kid who wants churches across the country. She's stepping up and help hundreds of thousands of games. And the Foster care system. Somebody has an actual room and house helping kids who said. Give extra money in there and Katie. Jesus came child. This is about the Foster children. Point. We never really get involved to help these kids who are living right around the corner. Clean swing. That's a good lane. Justin went thank you just in Wayne king in Jasper Alabama went home to be with the Florida Monday. He passed away at his residence a celebration of life service. Will be announced later my Wilson's funeral home and crematory and Carmen helps he was preceded in death by his mother Priscilla king. His step mother Bernice King is nephew Michael Clark and his grandparents and you survived by his sons Jeremiah and Jamie. His daughter's Savannah to listen in morning and play what's is Jimmie just in Wayne king. I need is also survived by his father her. Wayne king morning morning. His sister's misty Tammy Tracy's brother Chris Charles and a host of nieces nephews and other relatives and your friends. I'm Wilson funeral home and crematory has arrangements. Wayne came out his client name Miami Heat guard to Wayne telling in enjoyed a short break would have sent you back to work. He's gonna go back home to Miami and as our plane again for at least keep their act or practice until Wednesday. Which have been two days a work as before facing the New Orleans pelicans. On Friday. It's not going to be down in that time used to practice and it to another law mole. Wayne Williams. Morning rain waiting please rain rain playing playing. Seen. It. You turn off for freedom my diploma they know it's her birthday but that you why why one doesn't have to do with the other chant nit. And any Williams promote swing McKittrick to vice president of sales heavy duty division. He's worked there since 2005 he has previously sales manager for the heavy duty division is here and I know. A cats are gonna wane garbage disposal. Ask. Whose rescue him. None of that. A local police department in Wayne Pennsylvania. William swing. Had to get involved as we get after a cat got stabbed and inspired garbage disposal and awaiting house. Police are called to a home in Wayne. Great plains. Well you re playing playing playing playing playing playing. And Saturday for replay of the cast are gonna garbage disposals as frank Hughes got his hands dirty to save the cat. Took part to garbage disposal. And then using some coconut oil was able to Frazier. At the on nine lives were intact well I. Urgent news Wayne Wayne Wayne Dwayne Wayne Wayne Wayne Kramer. And playing it. I'm sergeant. And news. It happened in Wayne Pennsylvania. News about wings over past. Stone can't. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.