News About Waynes Over Cats

Thursday, January 4th

It's exactly what it sounds like. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. This is Jeff contention so it's it's it's timing for one and I got to be view I do not understand. What is about to happen I don't understand how you can not understand. A segments. Bruce title is exactly what it is. I don't understand. It's news okay. Forgot that OK news about Wayne's. The really why. Is that true name and a segment. News about waves. When I when he. Because that dream in this segment. The white Canadian news about people named Doug during a segment called muse about Wayne's pants. Okay it in the cat's part yes can you clarify. It's news. Of content and got it about Dwayne. Don't get a people named Dwayne. Okay I got people they blame it's news about Wayne's okay. Well mostly guys write all guys Wayne. Nova iron cat stands. What is confusing. Do all wanes after it's. Not acted. They can. Axis is the music bed though Wayne is this subject then news is what has been reported. Every freaking done and I got to explain this year. God. If your fan evokes little Wayne and porn you're in luck. New Orleans rabbi kind little winging it has been tabbed as the musical guests are the January 2 when he eighteen. Oscars of foreign and at Las Vegas. And sports news hockey legend Wayne Gretzky has sold a house and Westlake Village. 3.4 million dollars. They stately Mediterranean. House that looks at into a golf course fairway takes in the mountains beyond cathedral ceilings. Finely crafted details. For a warm army guys to the 5500 square foot home. Well. That's what happened today sorry we're interacting each and laughed during your student and elude segments. The hand that. Very important I. Wayne playing. Playing playing playing great great great playing. The voice winner Craig Wayne boy ate it while I am. Baby boy Craig Wayne Boyd who won season seven of the voice of and his model wife Keller Bora lands plane win. Welcomed their second child together on December Tony it is country singer shared the news of course I seems to Graham. It was a serial killer. Now going to serial colors it's a stereotype that when trying to shake it's really is filming. And Wayne Boyd. Until now I don't NN. I zones. He's out of us. Between the chain will keep better known as grid is. Age 71. Died peacefully at his home in Estes Park Colorado. In November graduated from Boone high school was a thirty year member of boiler maker unit number 83 out of Kansas City. The rapid. I I don't know I'm glad the medicine did you get. Invest it and Ed. I hope we have a little respect for Wayne Oki. At an eight acre. Is preceded in death by his father's mother's sister is nephew. I am surviving are five other sisters. Got it green has had a gang signs like was. Hot I play. Bonnie cherry. Jammed Marlon and Lisa urban now just going to be missed by eighteen nieces and nephews and countless friends and Brothers from the union. A celebration of his life and yes these are American legion post number 119. Potluck begins at 1 PM for the friends or your page. Please bring the sides. There will be a later date passed and his brother. And finally Manny Bruce Wayne has eaten too holy for foreign and when he consecutive days. That may. Mean. He wears a mask while he says. The cemetery uses for it and 26 thing in a row the last record holder slash crazy person do this head ordered one to bully actually for 425 days straight. Oh win in a new location was announced in his hometown Tipton. Bruce Wayne news Asa got for Santa Cruz conducted research. Find the record. And he has documented his entire. Journey of 426. Can take it easy chipotle and is NC Graham account acts. Mr. Wayne a Max. Think it's smells like a cat litter box clean when. Claims we will. We learn. News about winds over cat. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.