New Years Resolution Fails

Tuesday, January 9th

We know it can be hard to keep resolutions, but Jeff and plenty others have ALREADY totally failed. 


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell all the now. Here one week ended Tony eighteen and already at the New Year's resolutions you set when he Willis and assess your. It's cool in the. That is window. Could just add the confession to make it's gonna help you be really honest about your confession 40463094. YE. Before I tell you my story Sherry and Atlanta it is called to give me a hug it through the found. The fifth because she and guy Eric kindred spirits. What was your resolution sharing. Shell I decided that I know there are only worked for 2008. Or what police had video chilling words even and that's the yeah yeah. You're well power I'm gonna do the army moved it out we aren't bad you've been up and well I haven't exactly alike I don't agree and I made a real. I. Vegetarians are saying that they can it's in exile. There's a Lebanese Syrian or seven and I and Daniel are you everything. I I'm a vegetarian and Biggio brings refrigerators you luxuries like how I got a head of lettuce goes. Pretty solid hour. And you're down you are. Oh you know I don't question though mom are we are now. Should thank you think you say we're yellow pantsuit. Brag about your epic a resolution fail join the club for a 14630941. I can start things off because I normally don't. Major New Year's resolutions. You are resolute I make resolutions on my birthday. On I think it into the whole big faux philosophical thing with me like. It's too easy. To Sally it's Canada's hip thing to do to blow your New Year's resolution yeah I mean like Hulu went two weeks who have cigarette. They spoke for packed fifteen minutes and fifty. If I lost time right separate cell I just don't I don't know I did and now so I'm like a rebel. I'd like to see myself as a rebel but I'm not really a rebels say do little things like. And air pollution and but the issue is different Jan says the why was this your timing difference I think as I forgot to Hubert that resolutions attempt so I was like in I don't have a lot of stuff but I decided. That. I was gonna just not eat fast food and when he eighteen Y actually I take that back. If I was going to eat fast food I was gonna park and go into the restaurant. What I wasn't gonna do it that was a need you anymore fast food meals in the drive through eat in your car. Because just wasn't gonna do that they'd take us inside the decision Hawaii because it's too easy to get fast food and but it's just too easy and ordered the wrong thing. And you go through the drive through and it goes so my OK so I just decided and Jane refers. Allegedly ended in December 31 whatever web UMass festive meal on and I'm just not gonna. Odd go through a fast through drive through any mourned 28. So January 1 Mac crushed it. Nothing. Not go to one facet. January 2. Wiest man the entire day meeting here at the radio station. And programmers and our consultants and we are well ahead. And everything is great January 2 act stick. January 3 the meetings continued. Did not get one fast food meal on January. There have been here is your. Wow you know men around. Generate. Or do you guys think thing I wouldn't really tried through huge. Let's talk about. Yeah what college you then it was at the waffle Fries. While prize now Jesus calming image of that stuff out. And you did he said come homes on on hundreds if I'll have that. Yeah. She's been rejoined the flying until it has meant what it always is on. Oh man I should play so hard is my kids at 20 so it's can't eat and I can't pretend I'm not gonna go there and get exactly what airline candidates I don't Ewing got a laugh as that passed through there I. Did you play is not stated what's what how is it not inside that held his version of facets of you organ around me in that your resolution all little. Jeff I would encourage you. To do it by eaten six politely says okay I'm real fast that's what you gotta tell yourself I know it sees. It will not solve a year that I earned thirty hours never even passed it again up at six Blake. An aggressive manner why did I think I'm sorry yeah hasn't kept it a dead at least and you can't what you think Kelly's arguments those in the lower calories he's. And they do not count and. Borrow boards six theory 94 line Paymah shallow and Camden. Hi I'm minding your revolution let's just start going to the gym it's great this year. Well when today I would that Democrats and I tore my calf my apple. It's a criminal locking bit the next eight weeks. Envelope I'm tired is Bernie king Barry you know. You could have the right. I beg you Michelle at bay hill you gotta laugh yourself yeah. You try your eyes at that if you did. I have 40 lord sees it Syria and I'm flora line if you wanna brag about your epic New Year's resolution bail and one week and Tony AT and exactly yeah. And she I'll still are far. Have you already broken your New Year's resolution and that the most fantastic. Magna is the way we wanna hear 40426309401. Is our number Jeff just confessed. I mean at 100 dollars into when he eighteen to. My New Year's resolution was to not use drive throughs that fast food restaurant I was mad hungry. I would pull into a parties trying to walk into the restaurant. You know that's a work out. Get some fitness. Gives you time to think about what you gonna make a batter healthy choice right so it's now you just pulling up 20 Hutus they get the concept of a fast address traveling. You're pulling up to a window in L like throws some potatoes Sammy. Now literally tied and I. Throw fried potatoes in my car. Yet some sweets drink ago and a milk shake put it all break my car. And maybe it would the only thing that would make eighties here's if you recline your seat open your sunroof and reported amount. So anyways I just decided that dads are now as a deal out a hundred hours into. I'd 2018 I went to chick filet and I went to the drive through. Twice on the same. Affect. Hi Gina. Are. I had my need yet my new you resolution once he eat healthy and aggregate day and I worked. Very hard. Had them all out public Kelly just to explain at Torrey super healthy and is healthy. I did very well be but now I know the option to undermine your baggage ready does but I Howard Hawks. By the 500 light on again culprit. Yet there's healthy options on every menu by US Arab waffle Fries that government military. And only during the holiday. Yeah I just waffle Fries alone I could probably drive through and avoid giving everything else but awful for guys that called to me yeah and the I don't think it's like brushing your teeth and everything about that. 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