New Relationship, New Tree

Wednesday, December 6th

One listener doesn't want to use her boyfriend's old christmas tree and ornaments...because they're all from his first marriage. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Japanese yen shell all now we talk to a woman who needs yours well. She is gay divorce guy hotbed. We just put this Christmas tree in his own tournaments. Never asks why leave so she's gonna question for you can see. I'm finger placed the tree issue allowed to do that. Welcome to the Japanese game show injury ends. So I had days. Happy holidays. Happy holidays you solar her helping me out. So winged it the tree go up. I would let Austria that the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah and cents. You know every time. Every time report currently competing for six months. And that there are currently together. And I really really excited about it camp creek reached but he just got really really act and he hits like want to warehouse and the I used. It was a chewed his ex wife I've got to get an importantly he had better I don't herbal. Craig partner about it. So it's an artificial tree and he brought it out of that attic however. Member who it's about and then he goes and likeness and play stories like distant from me or something. Yeah I he got really quiet it all and he just like you know that people do where they like go inside their head. Like I did well at yearly Christmas week. Isn't there I'm thinking we're decorating her retreating gathered news I didn't and I didn't think about it in because the problem bank. And we decorated I had written Blake he just started to talk about her and I got really. Chela and Blake. Yeah well I mean every about her and every time you see that eating brown heard and only we've got any treaty. Has so many things can have those memories at right attached to them. Right I generally you can just have an idea it could be as simple as old lane and you can relay that lamp reminds me of that person is just got a couple. And so I totally see what you're thinking but that's also a big investment of money to. Redo a tree is he of frugal kinda guy. An act he really really is sad about credit day and that also you don't. Even there's a sentimental like kind of leader of all organized lake is actually you know late. All new ornaments I want all of it gone I didn't the only current end. Our hearts out with his he's got obviously like emotional connection to her to take that into. I hit I mean this is our relationship and I'm really excited. For that and I want to build something together with a guy senator how do they. Think all of these ordered it through the old carriage. Have you said anything to him about this. I have not let it and not directly I've created sort of like in the main Ed Blake Ali you know may be weak good. Take these orders hadn't cut the noise and the credit elk out I guess. Is she pretty react. Don't you think Jack yeah thanks mind saying the panels in. Is insists are rearranging somebody's history with a guy has ornaments are sentimental like I don't know if she's like. There yet. I mean if they even the other a couple of years then I. I feel like you've got more room but isn't she answered a gray area piano on the ark and Indiana. Morrow for T 63094. Once it sounds like Adrian Beasley an opening line. 404263094. Winners are found or permission does she have the right yet. Task gunnery do all our authorities she's had to keep your mouth shut and be supportive and maybe if you are still together next year than you worry about it. Yeah does that are the first Christmas as she. Mean does come across that she's pitching a fit I had my entry I. I have an opinion I'll give you mine and then we'll take your calls for a 146309. For wine I will do that rate after beyoncé Jeff contentious parody for a month. NC I'll still are. Rule Christmas. Yeah I. If you're just trying to sevens and show we just spoke with Adrian he's dating a guy who's divorced have been the other about six months and his Christmas tree ornaments are all permits XYZ. So she wants to know if she can ask him to get a whole new tree this year and ditch all those ornaments. Her she's so it's. Noon gray areas that are coming on T strong. Porsche is not even get address. The trio the ornaments she is cotton. Did it trades. At porch of under the shaft. Guys thank you we try yeah she didn't get rid of the door latch. I mean I don't think they need to fix lunch and would be that big reveal the key is still feeling that way about Chiba XY and let you know event like. Ill holiday nostalgia. Did she happen red flag did she happen to mention how odd things Porsche on the G map and imagine how long they had its sentences to worse. No we can't ask that Sam Aiken has been like eleven years that hatred of salmon Smallville. No that's part of his history that's part of PB is. As a matter panic and even to get my head and I've been together twenty years I had a picture and that our wedding that he looked good in. Al my case absolutely not that's what made him who he is that no he can't do that adds to it but don't take away. Ray through the whole thing is very competent law and clearly. Is that perhaps past doesn't buy you love that unemployed and yeah. Rim allies had to rise even understand this right. So you have a picture that was taken and his first wedding. On your bedside table. I'm glad that I had abandoned tape and he looked really. Well you might know they got divorced or read. We've been together twenty years we had no wonder all I know wondered mainly. What happened that ask me and Jimmy. I love that dare not a lot of pictures that exist in the world where you know. It the person and it did it with someone else that day and that picture. Indicates that leg I'm just saying right. Like there's special product confidence but also. Gianna Bern insurance murdered. Did you play aunt Betty and that I can't have to wait are they let the. Oh no no divorce divorce. So what he had hurt not she's sure continental bank I. Understand why don't we these people want ornament act. Because what woman I mean you're likely or not the tree I S but why does he have it. She should thank each one that you are not back and we can go out there are fresh. Well I think you actually have a point Jennifer because if he held onto it. That means there's not emotional Condit connection to an hour and it's XY. Calendars ornaments UP brown you don't giant does a lot to handle. You you and I both know that when you're going through that. It doesn't necessarily related sometimes you just like god just keep it. In this play is Sara Lee. But I think it means that there's more of a connection to all of it for him than it is for the ex wife adds pressure. I Italian swami. OK so I I kind of agree with the lack collared. About exactly what I was going to be at the beginning it's a good guy usually a woman will take it in a divorce so. It heat if she was like a script I don't want it I don't wanna remember a year. Then. Why would he keep it. He should absolutely offer to give it back and I'm. If she doesn't want it then they shared get rid of that period because otherwise you can pull that howdy drama stuff. Every Christmas. And that's bulls bit resolutely old bull crap out. I didn't love it and sent at a very Christmas he word. Drug company that does not tell us your most. I love the a had been rumored to arm phase and obviously this is a passionate people fired up that. I don't know head over to phase for a basement that count average and channel we'll continue the conversation there. I should he get rid of the Christmas tree that he had sex with his ex wife. Or is she too knew in the relationships six modest is pretty earlier on this are demanding stuff like act. All month old share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.