A New Jeff and Jenn Show Holiday Tradition Calls

Wednesday, December 14th


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WQ I. WS ER examining key ones Murdock thanks very counting down under Christmas with the Japanese yen Xian. It's kinda odd that you see him. I just think the good news is. We have at least. Eight people listening to me every phone lines they're all. You know rain and holds at least eight people stuck around and around with us their real bailing them bit there's there's real family that's true family that's real family we'll talk to talked to some of these guys in the second. We got to explain who Sarah days. Because she's coming around with this next and has a huge dilemma. And we were supposed to yesterday and now and we created slowdown we're not gonna blower off today. She got divorced this year in her in laws. Ex mother in law invited her over to their house for Christmas. In her ex husband is not going to be there. And as I understand there are no children involved which means she's yes. She would just be hanging out at them as though their friends. Writes in Hayward the ones who initiated. I already before we even hear the details of her story priority had a round. Like. I wanna hear her out personally and figure out why. Why why what and what I'm saying what why the motivation be lights you'd like her so much you'd like more than. Well remember the whole thing with Brad Pitt. Engine for in a Jennifer Aniston was crazy good friends we've Brad Pitt's mom. Adds yeah moms stayed in touch with Jennifer Aniston long after they divorced and all that stuff and is it close friends even when he was with Angel initially select that happens in the. In the world oceans wanna know what the deal is a Sara while she's joining us not to hear our opinions she's we caught a crowd sourced counseling. She needs. Of a lot of opinions if you're available she's done with a net. And she would love your your import. A seat Selena are you still listening very gone it's okay if I. Toledo oh yeah I I. Pay. I am sitting in my court parking right now at. Noon. Tradition you don't sleep you believed it deep pit. I'm producing and he's as the jets Jesus. That play. Co worker error at me around like harm because I don't hear volley laughing at you guys sit and they like what do laundry you know. Listen to me Salinas is very important element that is very important unit did you need to get into your office because if you get fired for being late and that was the reason. That that's not that that you can never tiny when masters you just got to hang out and get into work and do not let it be responsible for either your claiming you're one of eight once laughed even if you act. Oh yeah have a wonderful day changed in. Tammy in McDonna. It's an old are you guys. Gaga just making Christmas tradition that's it to give it Jen makes cookies with her girls. If I I'd make my mom's Christmas cookie recipe every year and we decorate the tree that day after Thanksgiving and now we Hume eight ourselves that we. The battery. I smell tailored gray light I am driving down the road and literally all my. Black. They don't know. It and you're OK and we. Here light. I really want to hear a job and it. Well that was actually the most brilliant thing that. That that I've heard it in on it a chance arrested in the middle of our reading of the night before Christmas is different characters. We come up with ads. Jay and his agreed to do that use this seemed partners. Will come up and adjectives that Tammy if you have any adjective years just. Bandage and Orson and permanent issues he's a paid some news. Yeah definitely because I guess they have let Blake. The event. A I didn't want I didn't want you to rank them and is on and so. And I'm Mary in Sonoma thanks for sticking through it. I'm crying let's build on me and you know throughout the morning oh great variety Saturday. And that ain't that you know who else is cranked my parents they paid college. TJ. So I'm Selena and her situation because I'm sitting in my school parking lot. I think my butt off dollars in much like I listen yelled at him more to come to school. As I have no other other entertainment on the missile and especially Monday morning. So I'm all electing a segment as this would be most hilarious how people literally staying light while our year. Crying and you ask. Me I think my bought no let's understand that it is but I doubt. That's brands next week and that's. I and it's not etiquette class it's not a contest refuted that. And Kelly achievement and an older than you. Yeah. Today Mac. Yeah if he did an analytical and shoot move a little bit of any longer. I see it DJ. Though the tradition is the reading of the night before Christmas. And is. Different characters. It's different characters the next incarnation is adding it. It appears to be ahead like thank you everybody. Freer we're glad you guys are voting and not our bosses if that would be owed him. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.