A New Jeff and Jenn Show Holiday Tradition

Wednesday, December 14th


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And so star in 941. Arnold is their right now please parent fury of happy holiday music at least some. If the maintenance quit and he. Listen we're family now and I'm talking about everybody in this room retirement. I'd JP. And Jen and to mean Kelly. Myself for our family. This isn't family accidents or not why am I here collar families family and it holidays family. Needs a tradition right and we needs. And the needs of tradition and to celebrate every Christmas season. So. I thought. Of a great tradition for a but I think there's one person. On the show who may freeze out. And decide to quit rather than participate. Think that's. Gonna put it out there there's no bad ideas. There that I had yeah and let. And there are well if there are bad ideas let's discover them line on the right Erica I don't I want you guys all the series. She hit it looks quite as a ghost right out yeah. Feel like you know who you think is gonna quit or is it just you think someone has given him and I I it's one I'm a tea. I don't think Hillary chief immediately him. All time like Gary and Amy gobble like it's her unit was happening. Kind of here's the I'd closest thing. Just I I just roasted banana paste and a few days ago and I wrote suggestions on what to talk about on the radiation. Associated over the weekend. Can't shout out. The jet engine issue listener. Erin Norton. Went up Aron and with each day waiting EOK she said you guys should have a Santa Claus sound. We are competing to see who's sounds the most like oh yeah I want and I guy. That's a great that's a great star Aaron up to its. Knees. So I say it. We need to expand. Okay writes I'm gonna give everybody a piece of paper unfold. Day rate to eight of us needs all the notes around and there is not a piece of paper do you want to. And Jan Friday and one of Lawrence books Sharon to continue on for eight okay. A golden books yet and what parkinson's. This is the night before Christmas. It's a little poem that here's our holiday trip. We're going to read was the night before Christmas. You our listeners today rate. It's. On the piece of paper in front of here at. There's a character. Santa and Rudolph and Alf frosty the grange. You have to read your part of the story. As that character. So the way alert used any just and pulled your piece of paper okay and in the character's voice introduce itself. And then began reading. It. Yeah. The glories. I. Human right and look past its. They're great apes and I mean at all. Smooth back. Cool. Note increased to miss Stewart. Even a mouse. I'm sorry to interrupt mr. but. With some users were brainstorming. Just wanna remind you that Sarah is coming down and dirty and toughness on an area yes she's now. The holster just couple pages just in toll in in Ugoh a couple of pages and you see somebody else's name I got okay. The hand about to that person Poland for the paper but the range just seems to be a bit of a slow. Oh the group is big enough. That's right about how he's going to take. This on me all the little to change. Which is an. Act. This stockings were hung by the chimney with care. In hopes. Saint nick do would be day. It changing their own sons pulse NAFTA and she got. In their hand. Mama interpreted. Mainly to. Settle down in time I only hit and and when I'm on the laundry rooms. Thatcher. From head to see what what's the name. Yeah. Awaits them when you look at the sport vision isn't just think it. Yeah. And pulled a page in your character is. Charities. The entire. Yeah and yeah. I just below. When what I want and I should have the bottom it's hey and reindeer. With a little old drivers so lightly and wait. And Eagles do. The team and he. Me she didn't live game. Last year there have an. Accident. Yeah. Cuba. And could soon. Took. The hope. J&J. Well I mean for you are continues. The question I hope that I'm nervous yeah. I don't know I don't know that I am an arrogance with Kelly every hole part part of this whole thing that Kelly cheese. I does not. Farewell. Winning you have to be accidents sound effects. Us any roster next I'm not my main. When I'm having lawyers to do it in mountain and then rocket and then I had my and I have to reform our own narrative and letting it. And Erica. Yeah liquid courage and ended the six back with a three under just about anything to you it's not yet time to pompano open iTunes music character. And I think eight. None it back on Christmas. I. The guy. The it blew and it. I root. Be liberal movement. I. Didn't. The chip is they pick it up. And king. It was an honor me with an. Artist and it just instant. And it. It in his room and opening act. Tonight we didn't game. An hour a day in question for every incident is any whenever seeing Mary Poppins and prostitution so many in the same room at the same time. I have I think there's a chance at the same. It. Like I'm I'm I'm great. Powell was drawn up like a bow and that is to. Hold the fact that I. Yeah yeah. I couldn't tell you. Yeah and that's unfortunate I've practiced a city. Right here. Would you rather have sensor and out. I mean at this point neither here nor there. Yeah you get the out of it I think. Oh I have no idea what if the next time we Jon and adjective before they character a drunk Santa. And I and I get a appreciate it as an. Initiative that means you get to do it. Old is still what ball well I'm gonna do it. It's gonna circled it public a written. The broad records her round little belly. Shook it off like a ball well I'd add a local. We'll move on. Wrists and I'll call. The old boat. Love what I thought Clemens but a well. But accidentally development. Again that we are coming. And I JP yeah. Are you questioning effort and I. I know at the start of your sand and president might well they might need an opening at the Cumberland mall or something an anomaly and and they bury the kids. We saw the twister as the head soon gave made and no. I hadn't yet it. That's in my class. Well they did and ended up in a nursing home. And and and it. And hands don't edit them and yeah. And I. Think. Yeah I'm an elephant you know it should hire kids. And a great I don't why even have any music and. I think were wrapping up. A little Jeff's engine your holiday tradition. And may go in. And pound and a I am trying on a higher than it does not do it if anybody else talked and I'll let everybody that you. A day and he spoke Mallard island state of alert and bill all the stockings and Tarrant with a generic. And laying his finger aside of his nose tackle landings and music. No no I don't and I know known dead. I'm accompanied at all it's easier for him. All right. It's a little mean and I eureka plant and softly and I can't really. And I flat alsop. I have got. Half half half. Apple's way she is a great and I. OK so I am AM. And ignorant doing that leaves me with another alpha and and laying his being here and I'd of his nose and giving and not a Dick Cheney he role as the candidate is I go higher pitched. I'm half Higgins I think he's. I don't think actually he's. And I candy that. To his teen gable whistle and away they all live pulling out meant as well I think at. I. I'm betting who whose job was done Ricky. I heard him make plain and he threw it out of I ain't happy Chris Nancy and it. Hey it's. It's about everybody yeah. He plus. It's like. I guess I think real quick favour. If she is yard courage if you're still listening could you call us. Just wanted to know if there's anybody still think I'm at apple heard our holiday tradition is rooted their evidence. Did you have everybody banks were county Christmas. He's your drive and knows drown out true. No national duty your boss. Why you're. On starry night before blind.