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Thursday, December 7th

Jenn's friend went on a date, and the guy practically flashed a certain item of protection that he brought with him. Is that cool?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Can you remember her away and post divorce for each of us we read. Get back into you today's dating game and we have new boyfriends and girlfriends and it was so we heard it. So strange. It was so weird and I've got a friend who is going through that right now she lives in Texas and we're talk on Antonio and and she's like. OK I don't even know how to do any of this she was married to full. Her let's say you like this is like eighteen years tank so they married when they were young and didn't work Al cynic I'm through the divorce and she's now back dating again. Trying to figure out. Apps it's been a figure out all right so why is that the way to go. Oh is that how to meet people is it not yet and that she went out on the first day. Think your grandmother trying to set a digital clock I don't even know what these buttons bail. What is that how I bumble someone. Hi all. Riddler I'd put up bumble it highlight the guy that's active. Just feels awkward about the whole thing in the whole experience of dating again like is not me but I house said and get back out I have to just. Shake it up and realizes my new reality okay got it is so she goes out on the day with a guy I got do you pitch with the aquariums. On Tuesday with a guy did it off really good and and things are gone dead and conversations easy whenever. And they decide to go from one place to the next place and then after that as there are leaving the second place. You know I don't know who's a bar what whenever wherever else they went. Day. He says to her that he has something. In his wallet that they might need. Like tip for the right. It's kind of but. Not. And I've piece of equipment that is they might need to opt out candles to some bottle opener. I love and malaria and is why does go with here OK so she her question to me it's like I like it. Turner off. And she just like ended the day or whatever yeah and went. It's like a UK he used prime prepared. We lights. Yeah it's nice way to phrase it. Soul what I'm asking you know is that normal all should she has her she's conflict sick and in the moment. I was like turn off. Went home date over not sure if I wanna go out with a guy again but she's like I'm not on the dating scene. I don't know if this is normal now should I actually commend him for. Being prepared or does that mean that he. Is a total player and does this all the time. If she didn't hit the player vibe still doesn't get the player vibe from him. What does she do it is just I guess the question is is that normal or not but he just haven't won right. You don't have an up and ask Amanda the senate canceled his car. I'm pretty sure it's only one since anyway if you can answer that question. Maybe I don't know give some guidance for 042630941. Is our number. I would just love to be able to crowd source some counseling for her and and send it back away. I tell you have been out at a Gator to yesterday. But. Kelly cheeses are resident singled out. I RA I think you can apply that guy firm practicing safe Ian out and you can appreciate that. But so flashing an engine shows that you're prepared all gravy are ran. I ask me mignon now let me well I have. Her if like that conversation had gone in that direction said it was deathly in a more flirting direction. When it came it wasn't out of the Bolero the wasn't light. Came out now. I'm paying you know and I'm saying there cursing them yeah I think it was like towards the end the first day I mean any out there right I have. I Cali. We ask you this and you're out with a guy right and you guys are talking and it's Conan interaction or whatever direction isn't an Elvis and he has. We know we can then. We can go bowling I've got my balls right here. Pulled up not down on your show here hearing Sarah I'm being serious 'cause that's what is ready creepy that he's prepared to go bawling. Bonobo bowling is way different in their own ball and she uses than their drunk I don't know. Professional bowler I don't know what it's like to validate this competitive bowler probability you're competitive and other things we have this equipment ready to go to and maybe she should. Take it that he's professional. At that probably somebody with a mustache. But also of guys that I've got my balls here I and I am and they take that Saturday pervert what. What if it's like hey we go back to my house and bake a cake I've got my sister. All clothing or her parents have bake your cake is now Tracy and noon and creepy but cool. They can't she just don't our state (%expletive) you get the net them wander or eat they had a rapid repair the X. They were going. They also fits flirting the conversations going that way he don't have lays that out and saying hail and on yeah. 404263094. Line this is a friend of jams. Who needs advice about getting back in the dating world after being married for fifteen plus years. Yeah she did she come many are condemned him and even let it grew above your advice. Except just out and Orlando yeah. Star in 941. Clean and on the jet engine show failing this morning foursome crowd sourced counseling. Girlfriend of mine has been may was married for about fifteen years and recently divorced. And we're talking on the phone the other day I'm Susan Texas and she went out on and first date and that it was done really good they went from the first places second place. And the conversation got really flirty. And at one point he showed her. What was in it. So her question is that she's like. Things I don't know is this is how it goes now like these days she's like Arab and how does scene for a long time. Does everybody have this is this normally he has his urges this shows that he is a total play there should be creeped out by this guy or should I. Commend him for being prepped to. And if so. Our resident professional Gator on the show Kelly achieves is waving the creepy flag high in the scattered rain. If you count treasuries I'm insane thing flash enough and that and that way to me it's designed well I look you think it means he's a player. That's she's trying to figure out here another player are clean and I should know about him and either means your player warrior creep. I appreciate I appreciate you being insane is that right I don't wanna date a player or creeps. As we as a leader is and I did that didn't have one in the wall on though he had on but then when it and those things naturally happen and then in you bring it out Lannan supposed to be out and said you bring it up like. Have a great dinner and Morgan a little overly flirty look let's in my while. I why. Look so why she's. An. I'm back from my favorite days of the ones where. Kelly Jesus approve Enron Sandra. Go ahead and explain how Kelly Jesus way out of line for calm as creepy. And I don't think jelly GR. A at all. I'm an acclaimed Barry girlfriend I'd get judged. Yes I did get a cab age dependent here. I don't know how old girlfriend is back and keeps your worksheet you know forty or through her I think greatly. And he'll appreciate that gap being prepared action but she's going to be entry as well arched. Yes to teach you don't weird we're seeing or I'll wait a minute. Isn't there I'm. At some point whereas somebody wouldn't just have to worry about than anyone. What. Women this is against the disease. Well I gosh I understand your sank. Our faith in Douglass bill. Completely disagrees with Kelly. Now I'm right there with Kelly. Admit it. In your wallet but did so weird employ around they had they beat the black. Matt. Insisting is legged man mr. Durbin in the past OK. Yeah. Bat bag right and his war rom and tackling them as friends and. Edges and button when shared images he says that Bob. Puffy chest hair and not all played in it is all about these days and hundred. I Hannity did you guys have my guarantee you'll see them prepare for tonight. A half moon. Kerry and McCain Milton. I hate I I think it's great. Pressure. But I don't think that's the issue and issue more is if you got there on the dating thing she does not that compromise our moral compass. And that's what's popular now even without it whatever in there and the fact that she called her friend and said hey. What's up with this that we keep not OK with it and it should not call him again. Yeah okay that's really get advice Karen thank you. Gotta have a good day that's the difference I think between now women goes to worsen and coast and I was like moral compass could have thought a it is had a Yahoo!'s publisher as a fire while reset banquet I'm Danielle in Atlanta. I am I need to completely creepy and production let I mean I don't want Matt had actually getting hit while personality are gonna say. Could be completely not they plan. On that nasty oh yes exactly draw in app anyway but also analysts. Yeah you got a look at the other way I could look at that flag how. It makes you know going to do that aren't they won't do that birthday and I promise you have been out with my printer from 24 urged imported wine each. And we know I don't even hit a birthday and curry back. I think she can yell at her purse and gut instinct and dumped it and don't call him back and their when he died when you're singled tracked me. Tiffany and smells hill a 100% disagrees with Kelly. I can't really creates creepy and I am I just in a single game I thought after ten years and let that much competent on the first aids she could. That Ericsson. I think that's me. I'd like I found near lake you are so great. You at all. Dress and. He bought a oysters to put her in the mood huh. I told her that on the first states like I bet she said at the guys that he was and lead extras to put her in the news now I'm my beef. Good. I. I Louisiana irony if I'm Sarah oh. Troy does and I have few good beer is Kelly Jesus think Lamar can't just refine this going to be worth people. Christine and Lawrence a creepy or not. Iowa obviously it hasn't happened on the first day but not creepy because that is literally and that's what. Uploading all. A year so basically issued rebuilding their relationship she should've totally honestly say that I eight. A little bit and are telling that I do that don't don't. Order relationship show him how she. Currently she's looking for now. He probably shouldn't the data on the first day but he did add that that's that probably they can work aren't built and Larry went. So Chris thank you're out there on the dating scene and he said this is. This is Norma. Yeah I'd be really does happen a lot I don't think it does pray each edit. And rarely like everybody. Like follow. About Burr what it is like brighter I'm drink it change your ego and yourself. And basically that's and you dating early tender and that really. Good at it ever see any thing about new yard. TD. Getting back into dating (%expletive) shouldn't. Port like on what you wish we aren't able Errol are or how about soaps have what are they do. Thank you Christina. All learn to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.