Names You Hate

Wednesday, May 18th


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Hey Amy welcome to the jet engine shop how are you. Hello good morning Paula hello good morning glad to hear your well what's going on. I gave the day is illicit bit. More specifically laying. If I hear that name I cringed. Really forever tree fruit and forever yet. My now husband who is my boyfriend at the time basically he's an idol it girl public eye and but what really makes it worse than that she lost her virginity to him. Issue is pretty much like elaborate and then continue to communicate or interact a relationship that's like. Immediately. I these notes it was so and so and whatever. At that point where. After we got married she contacted him again. And prefectural. And I communicate it was terrible had a few choice words and she basically was a quote really you are used because you got pregnant at government. It you know it sounds to me like give you really work through that you're cool with everything. That it sounds to me like you're really in a good place we solve this. Drama I I. When you meet a lay is inside of your mind you always grown yet. No matter who it is it to be a pharmacist. At the drugstore hey can you tell me or the analyst sure you look at any tag list. Are accurate. I after all saying well I'm glad you found some peace finally. I think at at at and we're talking about this because when we're doing ghost timing it was Heather who wanted to track down and a who shoes transit in college yeah. Heather and I are friends anymore because she hooked up with a Anna's boyfriend now husband same situation. And Jen made the joke only prominent name her daughter Heather. Got a lot of times because there is a ruling forever and then producer Kelly brings an hour phone number 4047419400. Would love to hear from you. The name that is ruined for you. And lie. Producer Kelly has one of these. Yeah I have to one's a Rachel and once met again. Yeah leg I Rachael Ray Allen and how well racial is that girl that two my boyfriend's cooked up plan after we broke same regular every child inspirational rebound Rachel yeah. That is so okay. Yeah and see lingers too on top of that and I see very silly that if she had like apologize even it's just like tainted you can ever you guys are broke my memory you broke out. Yeah that we were her and I were friends so I. Like Saturday night that my that it academia that record now and all of our friends than an hour or so the girl code violation yeah him as it is unthinkable but she was cool as Garland girl crown as the saying. You know we all like to hate on each other but she came to apologize. But then name is still forever tainted Savannah down Rachel and why Megan meg means I'm wagon man mean girl meg and I got bullied in high school my meg imminent Amanda. And meg and I just mean from a little Amanda isn't mean it is right why is that it is. Yeah isn't an annual mean girl Amanda yeah some of that film. NASA's meal all bets are always packed crazy and that does not Elizabeth like shortened event just in bed just math crazy that. Seriously yeah Amanda's aren't mean Amanda's her late father and that you've got to look at. You are demanding US color Maine Andy huh. Half a man musical may well hundreds I mean at Atlanta and Brian my brain and Obama. I reevaluated all the Amanda sat out. What about breasts. That's are greatly I don't know why they're just crazy have you ever had. Had a name replaced in your life by somebody else who like erase the bad memory of some else and a few it's. Things are what are yours please somebody tainted a guy name. And and someone else with that same name is in my life now who replaced I'll Mary deemed it the name David neat redeemed and completely redefined it. Hey Katie welcome to the shall. You who is terrible universally terrible. In my experience. On the cold are universally terrible. I don't disagree with that I man. I think all of the great added. That yeah it's not clear what had let me yeah they're just. They didn't they aren't happy them. Same personality from a I mean this is like a cat it really glad that I don't. They have all just did incredibly rude insult which. Hopefully areas isn't he went about it sorry to hear in a cult that is all right and throw some other names OK what about Heather. Heather. They know nothing to Indiana are getting had a feeling what about half. Sweet CEO of news and hazard like the party girls that you don't know that they party kind of thing like well look and having it now yeah. If there's an and I'm calling random and a half an ash it's terrible person that would not be able to defense. Hey Emily welcomed the Asia Karl what's the name that's ruined for. The name and I ran. And while I don't plan and his father in my back that he or by another earnings higher at right now. No I don't but that is. They're not and that working out however that name. It makes me cry and and the funny thing is all the product coming in all I cannot. And a bit because my sort of private democratic opponent and the name I read it in the name of his genetic. Don't every time you. The doctor. They ask. How was his glove above a lot iris blah blah blah yeah. I haven't gotten. Mike I was gonna ask you to the new popular name or something on us hey Amanda. This is I know we're sorry it happened this is so awkward. An. Angle and a. Amanda has named its ruin for her it's only in Jan fifth fifth fifth. Fifth fifth. All I would be for a I had a boyfriend that she probably would have broached and everything Oprah. I've ever met and it just didn't step up and not and I am glad you did Baffert. Do you think here do you think there's a chance that your life. What's it called projecting that's negative energy can you had a bad Brooke experience now I would try to break most of the press that I've known have been snotty. But yeah truly insecure underneath. Yeah oh my gosh that is and a priceless is coming onto and it was all about and security as he deflected on everybody around. Jeff I. Rugs and they're both very sweet thing. I noticed we brought to you by the Brooke is Vernon in my brain is crazy for a nap and. Wow all right 40474. Line 9400 if you were a broker a nickel and a mandate you wanna call on the think your name. We can take those phone we love a guy named CEO I'm mostly women's names meats and dining incident ruined forever for a 47419400. We'll take your phone calls that means that have been ruined by in the past and accountant next and the damage engines. Jesse James shall. Suns are now before one.