Named After a Pet

Thursday, June 30th


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When Jeff and Jim. I'm sorry naive or blind them. What my dear friends nurses childhood just had a beautiful baby girl yeah. And she named her after her dog. Severity of the equivalent of me having a human child. And naming the child CD baby because he loves Sadie so much it's mental four year old Beagle rescue mix. She's so cute to Aaron in stick at so cute baby he is Katie posting is much is used to not posing as much time you might as often as she Munis is mind. So these she's just love dogs don't mind. The dogs. It's. It's actually really cute name. Her how her use it for the first name. So it's it's her daughters and I'd pick regular classic beautiful first name but the middle name is the name of the Dodd finally. Amanda snoopy. I think our telephone number is 4047419400. If there's one other person. Who can say that this exists today having human child yes named after an animal yes. Why now let people that pick very human names for their animals. And really cute names for their animals that are. Their pet names that are also human names. I have a friend who is a document that's name is dug in at the greatest thing in the planet. Known ties that that's name is Gary gift certificate. Of one of those White Sox yeah I mean we've orders will be whatever and his name's Kerry he had that's scary. And I know a lot of people with dogs named Cooper uncovers a great person named to go back Cooper's gray area. Like eight X eighty and listen I know a lot of little girls safety but that's a gray area hasn't had a lot of dog doesn't mean. But like I know human boy named wiley. Which is really kind of more of dog name isn't it yeah yeah but this has to be. This test you love your animals so much that you named your kid after his at some different eyes I think it's. I think there's a really cool and they think that the little girl's gonna grow up as a lover. And probably bragged about that would she's in third grade. At. It's that. Hey Aaron welcome to the jet engine shall. You are named after one of their bombs packed. Yes my mom used to race Irish Setter and she'd love that name Aaron and the ash England about amber had a daughter actually there. Central cook. So is that bragging IC med school are you like certain matters diet. I don't like it in my. It's considered the issue really love that name. To fit for this fight. Did you have about pictures of dog airing up in the houses along with pictures of you entering. Yeah but there are pictures of that but there. I hear it in all the pictures. In view and show people like I don't know if you're married and matter when you start dating someone when you say that uses and Irish Setter named after his fifth fifth. I know actually a Lebanese air and semis without the boy out there as well. Actually it's an. Well thank you for the call and and it only takes 1000 times and that's our call. Is that the difference not only friend is not completely and. Think you'd see on your baby and have pollen count writing and what. Once it's a Dodd now. What it's done always dogging your house office. You can just kind of I can't do and you can have at least eighty dollar how to I ever the eighty dollar I don't I ever say to humane namely that it. You think it. Now what I needed to meet when they become three years old people's you know lots just flickered up he's down dehydrated Turkey's entry if and star in 941.