Name That Song

Thursday, June 14th

The Jeff and Jenn show squad try (and fail) guessing pop music titles.

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. I think game that on a play and I don't know how it's gonna goes so a late or early morning friendly to evaluate it. We're gonna do a practice round of our game that we're gonna play at 7 o'clock this morning and it's all about music right it's all about music and IE say apps that I've found that allows you to rebuild your favorite songs. Reno held them rakes them all down into little parts cool okay so. I just wanna be able to play the parts for you can see how long it takes you to guess with us on news. We hear name being your buzzer JP you know the answers so you'll decide who buys is inferred. That's going to be so hard act okay. Guarantees your enemy in this how many so gonna than I had gene's gonna crash. Hitting me I'll mentioning names everything. Well I'm in there right now I'm going to be horrible again I like it is it is you recognize what's on these are from a guy yeah alliger name and then I ended then identify the song and I'm not gonna be like I'll stickler about Aggies entitling year it came out meaning. I can do that in our care I don't it's just know with us on news. You if you can sing and can tag. Oh my god there's people on their cars now. I and gen Ed's here and castle on the now know you're out and. Does anybody else have a clue if you get your name only figure therefore reliance on Mendez. And the way. On this afternoon. You'll come back Jeanne you're just nervous being on the radio. Our enthusiasm. And and that we much smoother when we do it later Susan thank the most girlish or other sample used to throw. Seen it and then. In right. What is now. And Lori and her in five now and Iran. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Well I had to go right. He's an easy thing it. Reagan yeah. And I feel bad because. Early Townsend Bell. I remember how that music fest on a hit there ever write like why is this sign of the pace. And I feel bad because you don't really do great with that we can use now. Yeah easy games but if you did one with like cartoon theme songs I would rocket. Yeah I would contest or ray yeah I watch a lot of cartoons to. I would be more than my five year old I don't now. And you are an Iranian. It's it's it's it's it's from the it's. Feminine. A phantom. Hey you know I was wrong that's a long and uncomfortable when the candidate that won again. It's. Just looking around there. Everybody like this should be so easy because he's got answered right in front of them. Yeah. On my dad's chain now but yeah. Dave he's back there is that well. Oil and another as yet it's. Are one of the the three gen. Hello there I mean really really want to play that game we're gonna play at 7 o'clock this morning so come on back and mortgage up to the idea before it. Don't I mean you know I'm getting I'm right as I've hated you and I I was Fiat is it to you now. Little clunky all of us learn and I'm Lauren and trying to clogging the. If you think you don't pop music now is the time put that knowledge into the test for a Ford C 63. 090401. He can beat the radio people and our own pop music game. A little bit tougher than you might think Jeff discovered a brand new app that breaks down songs and their different components. So by hearing one of those components of the song can you identify artists and songs. Super easy right. Hulk is impossible for me you know I Jenna I'm gonna start Warren that you definitely should do all its not fair for you say next you're looking at all the answers right in front of its Soo very you are equally bad at these type of games but now you have the answer keys so it's not fair to make the enemy and that he believed that okay all right which bit let's just let him play this and okay well. Hey I'm not gonna get each and you'll get this done right I'm not going to jail I got here we go. I'm not I know it sounds like a video game mrs. Pakistan. That you're doing. That right. Jim frog hair. Super Mario Brothers you've Mary lunged I was Katyusha. Kelly she's yeah. Is that how music you're cheating and I never have gotten easier. Ever totally nice and not using my god doesn't wake up in the morning you know like he. As a haggard and. Maggie UN a try. I listen I got to do is username as your buzzer. Yeah that nice and loud and in the many you gasses at ten million dollars us on time. I and then we have brunch on they think it's doing and our interns or energy needs inherent reason airplanes have played against a big crowd. But it. I hear it. It. I don't know it's. Cool and they're zodiac. A crap. I do that. There are elements should be. Lauren. Oh. I'm Maggie UN idea follow. And that's that mom. Apologies everybody in their car whose school reality. Song out of eighteen out of all. Oh Saturday. And okay here pandemic he ends I think the way they are doing an art and you're doing imminent as misleading. Kelly you know white. Gender and any time into ray Brothers when you got that round. They'll yeah and also came down to her and Lauren is then quite a few of armor right teams got a couple of men they don't seem to be having problems. I still see your hand in the mountains around okay. Point out it's sick everybody give her like a 102 head start LA is nothing real I'm sorry I. I that I got this I am page. I do just because we're going to be fair you're gonna get it checked out of his leg you just get a chance and day. I I don't mean every Syria. I think Amazon you'd get like one thing. And ES page. Right now I am media we have Kelly she's gets this wrong and you get prime drama I think. April oh if you earned five. How did not hot on London's museums and against. And and and anybody else. And. I don't know if this is not like fifth. Just seen on some countries they called Justin Bieber Maroon 5. I've done. I love how your names for songs are they artists which. And another dozen artists this could just because. Yeah and they've stayed. What we've played earlier and Lauren you're allowed in this you're my Cordero had not just in the untied and have no idea. I area and Amy Grant Hill okay. RI Europe first and then viewed and we'll give you if you say it's getting and then you don't get it. If anybody gets a year the winner OK except for Kelly hello. I love generals keep changing. It is so easy I almost orange and you get the just play but the area. Come on balls and and there are caring and I know I know. And now it all and. Ooh yeah and I have. Yelling Noonan Michael Jackson beat it. Now I said if anybody got my Kelly well. Every shady that you can throw big game today. I was analyst Aaron back. That a man. Okay I I almost don't wanna do this let's do one more round because I know there's people event in their tires screaming their important phases. This isn't Shia and Shia and Shia we got a lot of times are we gonna do this quickly. Torrey where you in your car yelling at the radio. Getting all those rights a perfect in this should be done this should be easy for area. I'd own. They are delicate cap and. It has nothing to do it Hariri airport but that's what. Identical three excuse you son Kelly Chinese. I'm also I'm telling people all day that is I'm gonna rain events of the. All day waiting here like I'm CN on the way. Telecast when the president again you create your new weather name is not Nancy. I bet I Torre's so listen you'll go well I'll just give you just is just free year. Okay we're not even get a clear yet our interns the studio begat I Geneen precision team and Italian Jenin and we're in Benton. Words then none of them are playing is just free because you're so good even in the rain are you ready. Mean this song. It. All of us. Can I Allah and. A. My obligatory and I die I'll maybe it's raining harder race. So easy. Yeah. Like I mean I. Don't know let it run single. Very alana and. And during a llama plants. I knew I deferred instead let the opening up for the studio. I am an eight. Mean do you mean. Is it attention. And does that yeah. Jordan exactly where you're gonna say ray. Lankford had perfect hold our leaders from Russia nights against. It's. Just dropped the phone. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and.