My Pet Knew I Was Pregnant

Thursday, August 31st

Turns out pets can tell when you're pregnant, and they do all sorts of weird things to show it too.


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell ol' ball. It's since pregnancy before you even know. You're right now we want to hear your stories. As Jeff just heard I. Really freaky one he's gonna stand here and just a second I experienced. And desire. Desired. We got a whole winter Amanda's Colin out hey Amanda in Atlanta. I don't. Shall not I was pregnant and I went into balance and I and my water broke and my god just with. Barking nonstop I was telling team got him to shut up. I got 28 China image got Archie and my a lot of broken English and sound eight. He knew. From Indiana and he announced from a from a guy's point of view it. Is that blotter break in kind of like. It's not as dramatic as it is played out in TV or movies it candy but it isn't always sometimes it's a slow. I just envision it being like a wonderful yeah rocked out here and that's Powell and right now but it's not always like. Her dog near the ankle fascinating Amanda another mandate and tequila. Hi I Doreen. Webb with a you know all. Oh my gosh it is slick so we aired shifter around me and I security guard by standard and try and my stomach. And I'm a very early on and I especially like none told her no it into my belly button. A strange. But should try and it went into the door should get really protective and and then I met me at their. She hit it really just a I could those journalists just every curry and then I cannot pry it out by oh my gosh Charlotte yeah. That Amanda's story is exactly my story really yes it's a way it's exactly the same our dog Carolina was muscling her nose in my tummy and see god. Fiercely protective of our house this is before you even narrow before we even now. Yeah and it and then there fiercest stayed all the way through pregnancy and now that we have kids like if somebody comes to the door and I'm like it's okay it's okay like. She's still doesn't back down to me she's just been fierce since the day I got pregnant with her own yeah. For her babies to room. It's really yeah. Well this is how I know our our dog Lily are younger it isn't mad woman like she she will jump I knew we just can't train her not to be a jumper on people come and how she's like on pogo stick yelling my leg hanging lighting my height I hi I she does this thing where she I'm. She advise your hand but it doesn't. But that's hurting it. Relations almost assure us that I hate hate hate like. Hold your hand seems like a Jack Russell but in a different Bonnie Wright yes. Right and we feel so bad some reaction to put her on a leash and stand on the leash were trying to teach us anyways. Who's pregnant. The swear to god the only person Lilly has never jumped on and win they were sitting there. I Lilly came over to this woman leaned up against her put her head on her lap. But the entire time stayed with the error so Lilly who normally is so nuts was gentle and can kind and sweet completely different behavior. So that happened and then Cassidy who used to work here at this radio station. Is now in Saint Louis right next shot GA is pregnant and has been posting pictures. Of her cat who comes every night in just lies on her belly has never done that before so just lies and answering shall we suppose is featured a slope. Our bellies it's like they can hear the heartbeat is what I think it is. That they can hear it before. Anything else because don't dogs have that. And of hearing so many cents and cats so it's neat autumn in Atlanta. Eight. So I was actively trying to get pregnant. But earlier we can actually hear it aren't that Ali sat on the floor start to beat them instead of going up against Italy had only done. And that they really can't get a pregnant again. You know positive and I was pregnant prior to that I got up the first. Now all online gossip false negative ads torture. Special when you dream that's crazy in your dog new alleged that. Yeah. I tie wearing tennis you me the last colonists could not going to be this one. Well my don't and I found out that we're trying to get into it during that week or so now we're or she was trying to catch us. Are dark started following are a lot more instant started producing milk. And started lack Qaeda. I. He had yeah I don't know what I wanted to get sued is a bit she's so connected race you know why don't murder goes. We raised a resume like six weeks old we got our way too young so she against saint state my girlfriend was pregnant sort of black paint and try to produce Beltran help or out. Wow that is incredible fascinating they're so cool little what does audiences behind it with the reasoning. Awesome awesome Riordan win Tyler's girlfriend delivered baby shinji had a litter of eight. It's Ali is able to come in handy. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and.